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Eagles also sent Las Vegas sports books to defeat

The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII, but props should go to the betting public, too.

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Several sports books in Nevada reported losses after the Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 Sunday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. The William Hill sports book reported a multimillion loss and CG Technology suffered a six-figure loss, the Review-Journal reported.

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Bettors cleaned up on prop bets, and one anonymous bettor won more than $10 million on approximately $7.4 million in money-line bets, the Journal-Review reported. It could result in Nevada sports books losing their third Super Bowl in 28 years.

“It’s going to be close,” CG Technology sports book director Jason Simbal told the Review-Journal. “If I had to bet right now, I would say we’re a small loser. And if it is a winner, it’s like (a) 1 percent (hold).

“The Patriots are not good to the sports books in Super Bowls,” Simbal said. “Whenever we need them, they don’t get there and when we don’t need them, they get there.”

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Wynn Las Vegas sports book officials said they “don’t usually lose” Super Bowls, but this year’s game was an exception.

“Once in a while (we lose),” Wynn Las Vegas sports book director Johnny Avello told the Review-Journal. “Once in a while. The last couple have been tough. Maybe the Patriots won’t be there next year.”

In a huge play for prop bettors, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles caught a TD pass on fourth-and-1 in the final minute of the first half. The odds on Foles to score a TD were 7-1.

“We got buried on that,” Westgate sports book manager Ed Salmons told the Review-Journal. “The props didn’t do very good. Every guy scored a touchdown and every guy went over.”

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William Hill lost $4.6 million on three seven-figure wagers, the Review-Journal reported.

“Great game, (lousy) result,” William Hill sports book director Nick Bogdanovich wrote in a text to the Review-Journal.

Sales of ‘King of Beers’ plunge to barely princely as Bud slips to 4th

Budweiser for years truly was the “King of Beers” in sales, but slipped behind its Bud Light stablemate in 2001, and dropped to third behind Coors Light a decade later.

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Now, in 2017 sales figures released this week by Beer Marketer’s Insights, Budweiser has slipped another notch to fourth place, losing a position to Miller Lite, according to media reports including CNN Money and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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It’s not that Miller Lite sold a whole bunch more beer in 2017. It overtook Budweiser because its sales dropped by less than Budweiser’s.

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Many breweries that are still considered “craft” breweries — such as Boston Beer Co. (Sam Adams) and Sierra Nevada — saw their sales drop as well. 

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While the national retail beer-bubble shows signs of bursting, especially for large breweries, the Dayton area’s brewery scene is rolling right along.

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Not one of the dozen or so “first-wave” breweries that opened across the Miami Valley five years or so ago have gone out of business, and in fact, nearly all have expanded their operations. And now there’s a second wave of new local breweries in the works, including several gearing up to open their doors in 2018. 

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It’s an interesting time to be a beer enthusiast.

Watch: Comedian Hannibal Buress arrested in Miami

A popular stand-up comedian was handcuffed early Sunday in Miami and video of his arrest is going viral.

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“Explain what I’m detained for,” Hannibal Buress asks Miami police officers repeatedly as he leans against a police car while handcuffed.

Buress, 34, was booked into Miami-Dade Jail just before 2 a.m. and released around four hours later after posting bond, according to the Miami Herald.

The details of what he specifically did to be charged have yet to be released. 

In addition to his appearances on stage, the comedian has starred as an actor in “Neighbors,” “Baywatch” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

Get your game on: Bar tosses TVs for board games

A new business in Ohio is throwing the traditional idea of a bar out of the window. 

Gone will be the televisions.

Board games will be on tap for patrons.

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It's called D20: A Bar with Charactersand will offer board games and table-top gaming to accompany drinks. It is planned to open in Kettering, Ohio this fall.

“This will be very different from any other bar in Dayton,” said Andrew Sparks, co-founder of D20 along with Christine Cooper.

The bar will not have any televisions, but will have more than 200 board games and table-top games available, ranging from Candyland to Risk to Axis & Allies, Sparks said. The intent is to create “almost a coffee-shop vibe,” he said. The D20 name refers to a 20-sided die — or dice — used in some role-playing games.

The 2,500-square-foot space, which previously housed a women’s fitness center and a cellphone store, will have occupancy for 60 to 65.

D20 will feature 20 beer taps as well as craft cocktails and wines.

For more information, check out the D20: A Bar with Characters Facebook page.

Metallica's Kirk Hammett hosts inaugural 'Fear FestEvil' in SF

Award-winning Metallica guitarist and horror aficionado Kirk Hammett is showing off his collection of horror-film memorabilia at Fear FestEvil, the inaugural edition of Hammett's new horror and metal convention at the Regency Ballroom this weekend.

The full name of the event is Kirk Von Hammett’s FEAR FestEvil

The inaugural event will feature highlights of Hammett’s world famous Crypt Collection (including some of the most valuable horror collectibles in the world) inside the Regency Ballroom's spectacular former Masonic temple, an extensive array of panels, live music, vendors and special guests. Attendees will also have the opportunity to wander through out the venue and experience various "haunting areas" for one-of-a-kind scares. There will even be a taxidermy class held on-site at the feastival. 

Krik told KTVU his love for the horror genre came from watching 'Creature Features' with Bob Wilkins on Channel Two in the 60's and 70's. "I've come full-circle," said Kirk. "I used to watch Creature Features every Saturday night…Bob Wilkins was one of my big inspirations."

Fear FestEvil will also feature live music with performances by an array of metal bands including headlining sets by local thrash legends Exodus (Hammett's first band before joining Metallica) and Carcass on Friday and Death Angel, Orchid and Death Division on Saturday. Hammett is scheduled to join both Exodus and Death Angel onstage at the festival, and with additional metal luminaries like Anthrax founder Scott Ian, legendary guitarist Slash and Slayer's Kerry King also on hand for Saturday's events, the possibility of a historic thrash-metal jam to close the festival is a distinct possibility.

For more information, visit

Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino opened March 4, 2013


What: Grand opening of the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati

Where: 1000 Broadway St., Cincinnati

When: 8:30 p.m. Monday, March 4

Cost: No admission cost

More info: (513) 252-0777 or

Restaurants include Bobby Flay’s burger place

Starting Monday, southwestern Ohio gamers will no longer have to drive to Indiana or Columbus to shoot craps or play the slots.

The Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati, a two-story, 400,000 square-foot facility located on a 20-acre site on Broadway Commons in downtown Cincinnati will boast 2,000 slot machines, 85 table games and a 31-table World Series of Poker Room.

“There seems to be a lot of excitement,” said Jennifer Kulczycki, communications director for Rock Gaming LLC, a Midwest-based gaming partnership. “Our team has been out talking to people, and we’re seeing some social media chatter. People seem excited about having a casino in an area where they’re already living, working and playing.”

Such localization, Kulczycki said, was part of the strategy from the beginning. With a casino being a 24/7 entertainment venues, it made sense, Kulczycki said, to place a casino in an urban environment where it’s convenient for customers to also patronize surrounding restaurants, hotels and retail businesses, as opposed to current regional Tri-State casinos, which are typically located at a highway interchange outside of town.

“We didn’t do this because it was easy,” Kulczycki said with a light chuckle. “Because casinos attract a lot of people no matter where they are, it’s to the city’s and the public’s advantage to place them near established businesses, instead of away from the city where people just come in for two hours and then go home.”

Serious food

This strategy is evident in the placement of the casino’s restaurants, as well, which will include Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, (Horseshoe Casino founder) Jack Binion’s Steak and Bobby’s Burger Palace, a gourmet hamburger restaurant owned by Bobby Flay, a bestselling author and familiar face on the Food Network.

“Food and beverages are usually in the core of the building, with the gaming surrounding it,” Kulczycki said. “We turned that inside out. We placed three of our largest restaurants on the exterior of the building. People can see movement inside from the street, making it appear more integrated with downtown. Again, we want to encourage interactivity between the casino and other businesses.”

Name entertainment

As with any major casino, live entertainment will be an important element. While the casino’s first floor is devoted to gaming, the second floor will contain 33,000 square feet of flexible entertainment space, which can be used for entertainment or corporate events. The Horseshoe’s first two major shows are already booked. Appearing in April will be comedian Joel McHale, star of cult TV favorite “Community” and E!’s “The Soup,” and Il Divo, the crossover, operatic pop vocal group originally championed by Simon Cowell. Kulczycki said the booking of such talents is one of the advantages of partnering with Caesar’s Entertainment.

“(Caesar’s) has 52 properties, including Vegas,” she said. “So they have their little black book of celebrities.”

When the weather turns warm, the Horseshoe will also open up Event Plaza, a one-acre park situated on the front lawn, to live shows and festivals.

“We’ll have shows there of a similar caliber,” Kulczycki said. “We’ll be announcing the schedule a bit later.”

While the Horseshoe will charge for parking in its 23-acre, 2,500-space lot during normal business hours, parking will be free on weeknights and weekends.

“Like movie theatres, casinos are typically busy the opposite of business days,” Kulczycki said. “That’s entertainment time. But we also want to provide public parking for our non-casino guests during the day. If they go gaming, they can have it validated.”

Area fighters boxing to benefit vets

9 items
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