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Host a Super Bowl Party That's Fun for Every Type of Fan... Haters Included

So you want to host a Super Bowl party, but aren’t quite as into the actual game as some of your friends? That’s a-OK—in fact, you may be a better fit for hosting than the uber-sports fans. You’ll be willing to look up from the TV every now and then.

Hosting can get pricey if you’re not careful, especially for events that involve food, but being on a budget doesn’t mean you’re banned from parties. With a bit of planning (break down the event into categories: food, booze, and vibe), you’ll be well on your way to throwing a Super Bowl blowout with plenty to eat and drink—just maybe no snack stadium this year.

The Food Super Bowl Sunday isn’t the day for a dinner party—but ordering wings for 20 people from your favorite sports bar could be just as expensive. Keep food snacky, finger-foody, and halfway-homemade to stretch your dollar as far as possible.Need some ideas?49 Healthy Dip Recipes That Put Guac to Shame The Best Store-Bought Chips and Crackers for Healthy Snacking 9 Nacho Recipes That Make Game Day a Tad Bit Healthier The Best Salsas You Can Buy at the Store 7 Healthier Wing Recipes Pizza! If the group is still hungry by the halftime show, tell everyone to throw in five bucks for a big ol' pie.Pro tip: We're big fans of putting out half of the food when guests first arrive. Then when halftime rolls around, you can surprise your guests with a new slew of dips, wings, and more dips to dive into. They'll praise you as the best host ever. The Booze Hosting doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money providing everyone’s liquor, but you'll need something to get them tipsy. Before guests arrive, mix up a batch punch with a champagne base. No matter who wins, it's a celebration of good food and good company, so the bubbly is a must. And don't think that champagne will scare the crazy-beer-loving-loud-screaming sport fan away.In this Champagne batch cocktail, we share what else to have on hand so guests can make their drink according to whether they prefer rum, whisky, or just plain champs (pronounced "shamps"). Also, don't forget to channel your inner college student and provide vodka, club soda, and limes, and maybe a bag of frozen cranberries instead of the juice to give it that adulting touch.It doesn’t sound like much, but you’ll change your tune after Dylan, James, and Alexa fill up their Solo cup a third time. (This is where that second bunch of apps come in handy. Drunk guests=major munchies.) And for the most important tip when it comes to booze: Tell everyone who plans on drinking to show up with a six pack or bottle of wine—everyone can try new brews, and no one spends a fortune. Thirsty for more tips? Here's everything you need to know about stocking your bar and drinking on a budget. The Vibe OK, it's the Super Bowl after all, so there are going to be some serious fans. But for others, this is just another Sunday—only instead of doing laundry and meal-prepping, they plan to eat a lot of cheese and day-drink wine with friends. They can remember that epic Beyonce concert from last year and think some sort of game opened for her? But the die-hards want the room silent during intense plays, only to let all hell break loose when their team scores a touchdown. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, we say embrace it. It's a good game to watch, you should pay attention to the commercials since they'll be the talk of your lunch break on Monday, and the halftime show is obviously sometimes the best part. If you have a mix of guys and girls who really care or couldn't care less, be respectful of everyone. Think of your party like a bar, and make sure people can watch the action no matter what room they're in... at different intensity levels.For the serious sports fans: Turn on your TV in the living room and put the volume on high-ish (not so loud that people can't hear themselves chew your tasty apps). They won't miss a beat (or a punt). For the commercial and halftime show fans: Set up a smaller gathering in your kitchen using a live-streaming iPad or laptop, so this group can still be in the know, but it's not so in-your-face. Aren't parties around a kitchen table the best parties anyway? Let the seats you do have fill up, and then everyone else can stand; it's what they'd be doing in a crowded bar. For the ones who ate too many apps: Have a second iPad or laptop? Why not pop it in the bathroom for a full 360-viewing party? Kidding. Sort of. The Takeaway Ultimately, as a host, treat the day with a stress-free attitude. If you’re the one who’s shushing people every six seconds, you probably shouldn’t host a Super Bowl party. On the flip side, if you're rolling your eyes at every cheer, you shouldn't be hosting either. Just remember, Super Bowl is a great excuse to chill with friends and have a drink or two (or five) on a Sunday night. You have to at least try to wake up for work tomorrow, so if you're hungover AF, make these foods your new best friends.

Eddie Long death: Memorial service set for controversial megachurch pastor

The metro Atlanta megachurch led by Bishop Eddie L. Long has set a date for a memorial service for the controversial pastor. 

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, will hold services for Long at 11 a.m. Jan. 25, Elder Craig Heath said during an early morning international prayer call. Long died Sunday at age 63.

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The church had said Sunday that an email would be sent to members with further details.

Heath read from the New Birth in a statement Sunday that Long "is now spiritually healed and home with the Lord.”

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“Bishop Long, senior pastor of New Birth, transitioned from this life early Sunday morning after a gallant private fight with an aggressive form of cancer,” the statement said.

Leaders on the prayer call, which opened and closed with music, at times seemed emotional as they talked about how Long had always “sowed seeds” in them and in others. Heath said the service would celebrate his life, sacrifice and service.

>> Controversial Atlanta megachurch Bishop Eddie Long has died, church says

He acknowledged that members were still is the midst of working out their thoughts and feelings considering the life and legacy of Long.

Also on the call was Elder Carla Stokes and Bishop Kenneth Pearman.

>> Men who sued Eddie Long for sexual misconduct address bishop's death

Long was absent at several services during recent months but was present during Christmas and New Year’s Eve services. His last sermon was during Watch Night Services to usher in the new year.

New Birth members were told of Long’s death Sunday. Some sobbed and cried. Others prayed and leaned on those near them in support.

“Even though we don’t know the details right now, Bishop Long wouldn’t leave us in a lurch,” said longtime member Lela Brooks, a member for 29 years. “His legacy will live on. He did a lot of good and we won’t let that fade.”

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Talis Burrell hadn’t been a member as long. Having joined in 2006, she said even though the congregation held out hope that Long had won the battle with his illness, she wasn’t completely caught off guard at his passing.

“He hadn’t really come back physically," she said.

“I’ve been a member here for 34 years and it’s just devastating,” said Keith Crowley. “It’s sad for the world.”

Crowley, like many members of New Birth, found out about Long’s death when it was announced during Sunday’s service.

WATCH: Good Samaritans save driver stuck on tracks seconds before train approaches

Strangers saved a driver stuck on the tracks Friday in Portland, Oregon, seconds before a light rail train approached — and a KATU helicopter was there for the rescue.

>> Watch the video here

Close call: Car vs. MAX trainWow! Close call between a car and a MAX train: When this driver got stuck on the tracks, a few Good Samaritans rushed to push it out of the way moments before the train came through.Posted by KATU News on Friday, January 13, 2017

The vehicle, a rear-wheel drive Ford Mustang, was one of numerous cars to have trouble with the MAX light rail tracks near NE 99th Avenue and East Burnside Street. Recent snow and the design of the railroad intersection were causing some vehicles to get stuck in ruts where the rails were.

The Mustang stopped on the tracks for a red light – don't do this! – and its wheels settled into the snow. Once the light turned green, the car could only spin its wheels.

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Witness and rescuer Andrew Rasmussen, a physical therapy student at Clarkson College, was at work that day at a physical therapy office nearby. He talked to KATU about jumping into action once he saw the situation unfolding.

“We saw a red Mustang coming down the road. It was fishtailing a little bit. It got to that stop light up there. It went to go across those MAX tracks and got stuck,” he says.

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Four people ran to the stuck car to rock it free of the railroad tracks just seconds before the train came.

“Rear-wheel drive, real low sports car, probably not the best to be on these kind of roads,” Rasmussen said.

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Plan Today, Succeed Tomorrow

Athletes do it. Chess players do it. Novelists, successful scientists and even salespeople do it. These days, everyone who wants to make big things happen is planning ahead in order to succeed. What about you? When it comes to planning ahead to reach your goals, are you falling in line or falling behind? Thinking ahead can help you achieve your goals and, even more importantly, bounce back faster when you’re met with unexpected failures or setbacks.   What can you do today to make sure your health and fitness goals are met tomorrow? Maybe you need to pack a lunch to avoid that daily fast food fix, stock your pantry with healthy snacks so you have something to munch on, make a new bedtime routine so you get all the shut-eye you need, or sleep in your workout clothes so you’ll have no excuse to miss a morning workout.   Thinking "two steps ahead" means utilizing the present to make it easier to achieve your goals in the future. What are you waiting for? Here’s how to do it now, before you waste a few more minutes or lose your motivation altogether.   Think about Your Actions Take some time to envision yourself reaching your long-term goal, whether it's losing 40 pounds, running a 5K, or reducing your cholesterol. All of these big goals can (and should!) be broken down into specific behaviors that will increase your health and wellness. Losing 40 pounds may involve reducing and tracking your calories while also starting a consistent fitness program. Running a 5K starts with your first step, then requires a plan to slowly build endurance over several weeks. And reducing your cholesterol can happen when you make heart-smart food choices and increase your daily activity.   Taking it a step further, each of these action steps requires a plan or "mini goal" if you're going to achieve it.  Maybe you'll aim for a specific number of exercise minutes per week, servings of fruits and vegetables per day, or miles per month. Achieving these goals is easier when you start thinking ahead and formulating a process that fits into your schedule. When you spell out exactly what you’re working on, it will be so much easier to track progress toward your mini-goals and stay on course toward your bigger goals.   Head Off Potential Hurdles: Prepare Your Plan B You’ve planned to exercise three times a week and you're sticking with your program really well. Your workout wardrobe is freshly laundered. You’ve commandeered a babysitter during your evening runs. Best of all, you've scheduled your exercise sessions like appointments in your calendar. You're doing great.   But all of a sudden, a giant work project is dropped in your lap and you realize you’ll need to work from home every night this week to meet the deadline. Sound familiar?   Whether it's a nasty flu virus, a change in your partner’s work schedule, or a car in the shop, there will always be obnoxious and unexpected hurdles that can spring up and ruin your best laid plans. You can either wait for them to derail you or you can think ahead about all the possible scenarios that might get in the way of your goals—and plan how to tackle them in advance.   As soon as you’ve set mini goals for the week and put your commitments on the calendar, the next thing you should focus on is finding room for flexibility. Maybe you can pencil in a morning workout on the weekend as a backup plan, or make a list of healthy take-out options in case you find yourself in a dinnertime crunch. And if you have trouble resisting those donuts in the office break room, you’d better be sure to pack nutritious and delicious mid-morning snacks in your bag. Having a plan B in place before you need it means you're thinking strategically and will be more likely to stay on track.   Commit...and Don’t Quit Committing to any lifestyle change takes time and continued effort. If you’re having trouble implementing your strategic plan (and plan B's), here are some strategies that will help you sidestep obstacles that may arise.

  • Make your commitments public so that everyone around you knows the goals you’re working toward. If your boss, partner and friends have all heard you profess your plan, they’ll be more likely to support you (or at least they’ll know what you’re up to)--and you'll be more likely to stick with it to save face.  
  • Engage your friends and family in some friendly fitness activities. Get your colleagues involved in an exercise challenge, start a walking club after work, or put together a neighborhood gardening group. If you can encourage others to join your wellness quest, you’ll be more likely to remember your commitments. Plus, you may even plant the seeds for others’ health and fitness success.  
  • Keep track of your achievements. Sometimes, when you’re working hard to fit healthy habits into your schedule, it can feel like the rest of the world is against you. Seeing the progress you make toward your own goals will help you notice change and stay true to your healthy self—even in the event that you mess up. Log your workouts online, track your calories and H2O intake, and draw smiley faces on your calendar when you finish each yoga class. Keeping track will remind you how far you've come, which can help you keep the faith when life gets in the way of your best intentions.
Make Friends with Failure Even after you’ve set benchmarks for success, put a halt on potential hurdles, and prepared a plan B, you can still be sure that the road to health and fitness won’t always be smooth and straight. A storm will sweep in overnight and ruin your morning run. That family road trip will be wrought with tempting treats at truck stops. Though these problems may seem counterproductive, getting familiar with failure can be helpful in its own way. When you experience a succession of small setbacks or changes in course, it helps you hone your skills at dealing with issues that are outside of your control. Even the greatest athletes and strategic planners in the world fail—sometimes badly and sometimes publicly. But those who are great don't let failure define them or stop them. They set goals, plan ahead to avoid or minimize mishaps, and get back up and keep going when things don't go according to plan. They roll with the punches—and you can, too!Article Source:

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