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Nurse warns about head lice potentially lurking in Halloween costumes

Parents should be aware of the risk of creepy crawlers invading their child's scalp this Halloween season.

Pediatric nurse practitioner Cherie Sexton told WTOL that health officials see an increase in head lice cases during this time of year. Part of the increase is due to school being back in session, but Halloween costumes also play a role in head lice transmission. Sexton said children tend to try on several costumes and masks at party stores, and one person with head lice can spread the annoying bugs to others who try on the costume.

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Sexton recommended being selective when trying on costumes, and wear a swim cap when trying on wigs and masks to create a head lice barrier. Once a costume is purchased, place it in a sealed bag for 48 hours, or if the costume material can be placed in the dryer, do so for 45 minutes on high heat to kill the lice.

Head lice infestations can last for up to a week, so if you become aware of a head lice outbreak in your neighborhood, or at your child's school, make sure to check your child for lice for seven days. Over-the-counter treatment is usually effective in getting rid of head lice.

‘McVegan’ burger makes debut in Finland

McDonald’s introduced its “McVegan” burger on Wednesday, but vegan lovers will have to travel a long way to find it for now.

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The fast-food giant said its newest menu item will only be available at one restaurant — Tampere, Finland — and for a limited time, Elite Daily reported. The burger will be available through Oct. 21, Fox News reported.

The burger consists of mustard, pickles, onion, lettuce, tomato and a soy-based patty on a sesame seed bun. Food & Wine reported the McDonald's Finland also serves vegan fries, but that's just because their fry recipe is vegan by default (McDonald's fries in the U.S. are made with a hydrolyzed milk, and therefore not technically vegan), Fox News reported.

A McDonald’s spokesman told Today that the company was not planning to offer the burger anywhere else — for now.

Photos: Men’s costumes for 2017

Halloween isn’t just for kids. Adults can now get into the act. Take a look at what men may be wearing for Halloween 2017.

Pink Ribbon Girls leader shares inspirational journey on ‘TODAY’ — and gets a BIG surprise

The Pink Ribbon Girls kicked off National Breast Cancer Awareness month with an appearance on national television.

Heather Salazar, the CEO and president of the Pink Ribbon Girls, and her family appeared on the “Megyn Kelly TODAY” program on Oct. 4, to share her inspirational story involving breast cancer and adoption and how she came to help launch the growing organization that works across Ohio to support women fighting cancer.

Salazar and the Pink Ribbon Girls were surprised with a $10,000 donation to help them continue their work.

“That would be about 1,400 meals,” Salazar whispered to Kelly after receiving the news live on television. 

The Pink Ribbon Girls provide free direct service to those with breast and women’s reproductive cancers, including healthy meals for the family.

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“This was such a humbling experience,” Salazar told us after the television appearance. “Thank you for coming together and supporting Pink Ribbon Girls so that WE as a community can help those fighting the toughest battle of their lives! We couldn’t do it without all of you! Truly #thepowerofWE.”


The Pink Ribbon Girls recently received a phone call from NBC/Universal’s TODAY show. One of their producers saw Salazar’s story in Woman’s Day magazine and wanted to feature Salazar, her family and the story of Pink Ribbon Girls on the new NBC program.

Producers flew into the area for a shoot in Ohio, then Salazar and family flew to New York to prepare for the show. 

“To say we are excited is an understatement — humbled doesn’t even touch it,” PRG board chair Vicki Giambrone wrote in an announcement to the organization. “It is amazing to think have far we have come together as a PRG family and we are hoping this would be the exposure PRG needs to go to that next step in the journey to serve more women and families to ensure ‘No One Travels This Road Alone…” 

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Salazar’s story is truly inspirational.

The Tipp City woman and her husband Steve adopted the baby of a woman they didn’t know who was battling stage IV breast cancer. They had three little kids of their own at that time but knew what they were called to do the moment they met Alexis Preston, a young mom who was fighting for her life and needed help raising her baby.

Preston had no support. She was a single mom, age 23. She was taking public transportation to and from treatments.

Preston was looking for someone to help raise her baby while she fought for her life.

When the Salazars learned about Preston, they decided they wanted to meet her. Instantly they knew what they had to do. The Salazars soon gained full custody of little baby Alexis, whom they call Lexi, at 10 months old back in June 2002. They continued to visit Lexi’s mom regularly and supported her until the end of her battle with cancer. She died at age 24.

“It was hard to adjust at first, but life with Lexi became second nature,” Salazar wrote in the Woman’s Day article. “All of our family, but especially Steve and I, just have this immense love for her. To us, she’s no different than our biological kids. We tell Lexi how hard her mom fought and how much like her she is.”

But that’s not the end of this story.

Months later, Salazar discovered a hard lump in her breast during a self-exam.

“When the doctors told me it was cancer, I was screaming in my head, What? My kids are going to lose their mother? And Lexi’s going to lose two moms? I’m always the strong one, but then, I was not so strong. I was mad, I was scared, and I didn’t want to talk about it. Had it not been for Lexi’s mom, I would never have done that self-exam,” Salazar wrote. “She saved my life.”

Salazar had the same form of cancer as Preston.

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After her journey with cancer, Salazar wanted to do something to give back. In 2007, she met Tracie Martin at a young survivors conference and joined the small nonprofit she started, the Pink Ribbon Girls. Salazar helped write a grant that has given the group funds to support women with cancer by providing healthy meals, offering house cleaning services and transporting women to and from their treatments and peer support.

Fast forward to today. Pink Ribbon Girls has expanded its reach to include the greater metro areas of Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus.

In 2016, Pink Ribbon Girls provided 61,000 meals, 900 house cleanings and 2,100 rides to treatment. These programs and services are only possible through funds donated by individuals, sponsors and fund-raising events.

“We have seen the need for our services grow far beyond our expectations and as we serve more and more women with metastatic disease, our resolve to serve and support them grows stronger — even though it will never match their strength. We continue to work to raise awareness and needed resources to serve these incredible women and families,” Giambrone wrote.

What’s next?

“There’s no stopping,” said Sarah Gillenwater, Pink Ribbon Girls’ director of marketing, who accompanied the Salazars on the trip to New York City. “We hope this (national exposure) does more for breast cancer in general. We want word to get out that this is a national need.”

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>> Exercise helps women stay healthy during cancer treatment

More info: WebsiteFacebookHow to make a donation

Mom who refuses to vaccinate son sentenced to jail for decision

UPDATE 9:47 a.m.: Rebecca Bredow was sentenced to seven days in jail and temporary custody was granted to the father of her child to get him vaccinated, a judge decided Wednesday morning. 

ORIGINAL POST: A Michigan mother was told she’d face jail time if she didn’t get her son vaccinated.

Rebecca Bredow is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday to find out if she will be behind bars for standing by her decision to not get childhood shots for her son.

Bredow’s ex-husband wants their son to receive the vaccinations, but as primary caregiver, Bredow has declined.

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“I would rather sit behind bars standing up for what I believe in, than giving in to something I strongly don’t believe in,” Bredow told WXYZ.

She had one week to comply with a judge’s order to get her child his shots, or she could go to jail.

Bredow and the child’s father had made the decision to get their child vaccinated when he was born, but space them out, delaying some. 

“It wasn’t until they started grouping them together that I backed off of doing vaccines,” she told WXYZ.

Skipping or delaying vaccines is permitted in Michigan.

“We’re fortunate in the state of Michigan that’s still permitted, still allow religious, personal and medical exemptions for parents who chose to delay, to skip a vaccine to make various choices,” anti-vaccine advocate Joel Dorfman told WXYZ.

Bredow had a week to have the child brought up to date on his vaccines, according to the judge’s court order. 

How a teal pumpkin can save a child's life

When you have a child with allergies, the fun and excitement of Halloween can become overshadowed by the haunting worry about hidden ingredients and undisclosed allergens in the candy your little one collects.

Some children with ADHD or autism also have certain dietary restrictions that prohibit eating candy, especially in the quantity involved around Halloween.

For these children, Halloween is a time of frustration instead of celebration.

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FARE (Food, Allergy, Research & Education) and the Teal Pumpkin Project understand the challenges parents and children face during this candy-filled holiday, and have continued a nationwide movement to offer an alternative for children who cannot partake in the usual fare.

By encouraging families to offer non-food options this Halloween, like scented pencils, stickers, small toys and erasers, the Teal Pumpkin Project hopes to transform this holiday into something every child can enjoy and participate in.

Want to take part? Here's how you can have a safe and fun Halloween this year!


  • Join more than 100,000 families by pledging your support for the Teal Pumpkin Project.
  • Paint and display a teal pumpkin, which shows that you support allergy awareness and a food-free Halloween. Make sure to print out a free sign from FARE to place next to your pumpkin.
  • Offer only non-food items at your door for trick-or-treaters this year.

If you really want to help take charge of Halloween, you can spread awareness of Halloween-related food allergies by holding your own fundraiser. The Teal Pumpkin Project suggests a few easy ways to raise money, including hosting your own pumpkin walk, a teal pumpkin painting party, a teal-painted pumpkin sale, neighborhood collections, and having a food and candy-free Halloween party.


For more information, contact FARE and Teal Pumpkin Project at 1-800-929-4040.


Professor’s witty T-shirt confuses students

Everybody has a story about that one witty teacher or professor who totally pulled one over on the class, and one economics professor just went viral with his own little inside joke.

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The unnamed doctor wore a shirt joking, There are two types of people in this world: 1.) those who can extrapolate from incomplete data. And, if you can’t guess the second type, then you might just be one of them.

Twitter user Kimberly Boswell posted a photo of the shirt and wrote that two of her classmates (who apparently can’t extrapolate from incomplete data) asked if the shirt was missing a second part. As a helpful bit of background, “extrapolate” is defined as “to infer from data already known.”

Of course, the internet had a field day poking fun at the students who didn’t get the joke; especially when Kimberly explained that it was a post-graduate economics class.

FDA approves first blood sugar monitor without finger pricks

Diabetics who don’t like pricking their fingers to monitor blood sugar may have an alternative method to check their levels.

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Federal regulators have approved the first continuous device that will bypass the finger prick tests, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Current models require users to test a drop of blood twice a day.

Abbott's new FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System, approved Wednesday by the FDA, uses a small sensor attached to the upper arm. Patients wave a reader device over it to see the current blood sugar level and changes over the past eight hours.

“The FDA is always interested in new technologies that can help make the care of people living with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, easier and more manageable,” said Donald St. Pierre, acting director of the Office of In Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health and deputy director of new product evaluation in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. “This system allows people with diabetes to avoid the additional step of fingerstick calibration, which can sometimes be painful, but still provides necessary information for treating their diabetes — with a wave of the mobile reader.”

Most of the 30 million Americans with diabetes use standard glucose meters, which require multiple finger pricks each day and only show current sugar level. More-accurate continuous glucose monitoring devices are used by about 345,000 Americans.

Abbott's device was approved for adults with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and should be available in pharmacies within months, according to The Associated Press. The company, based near Chicago, did not disclose the price of the reader or the sensors.

Woman who got tattoo on eyeball could lose eyesight, warns others

WARNING: Graphic photos below

A Canadian woman who got a tattoo on her eyeball may end up partially blind from the procedure, and now, she has a warning to others considering the idea.

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On Sept. 5, Catt Gallinger, 24, got a scleral tattoo -- which means that she had ink injected into the white section of her eyeball. 

Gallinger, who has a number of tattoos and a forked tongue, said the person who tattooed her was unqualified but convinced her to get the eyeball tattoo, which quickly became infected.

“I have a lot of friends who have had it done and it worked for them,” she told Global News. “I’m not jumping on the bandwagon or anything, but body modification is part of my life. I had been thinking about doing it for a while.”

On the day she got the tattoo, the purple ink ran out of her eye down the side of her face, and the next day, her eye was swollen shut, WGN reported.

“During the first two weeks, he kept telling me it was fine, but I had a feeling that it wasn’t normal,” Gallinger told Global News. “Everyone I know who had this done healed within a week. I reached out to other artists around the world and they agreed on what he had done wrong, and made me aware of how high-risk my situation was.”

Gallinger took to Facebook to warn others of the procedure, saying, “Please be cautious who you get your (modifications) from and do your research.” 

According to Gallinger, who claimed her aftercare was “good,” the infection was caused by ink that was not diluted with saline, use of too much ink, use of a needle that was too big and the needle going too deep into her eye.

Gallinger has been to the hospital three times in hopes of getting the infection cleared up.

After rushing to the hospital, she was prescribed antibiotic eye drops for about a week, but things worsened and her eye had swollen completely shut. Apparently, the medicine spread the infection, causing a clump around her cornea, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Now she has to get surgery, and the tattoo certainly won’t end up like she hoped. She told CTV that the ink will either go away completely or “stay a blurry mess.” Doctors say if the ink reaches the retina, it will cause nerve damage, which may prompt them to remove her eye.

Ophthalmologists have warned against the procedure, with some saying the only way to completely stop the pain is to remove the eyeball. Gallinger may be able to keep her eye, but the experience has left her shaken.

“I took my eyesight for granted and trusted someone I shouldn’t have,” she said in a video posted Monday. “And even if this heals, my eyesight is not going to be back.”

Gallinger plans to press charges of criminal negligence.

Read more at Global News and CTV.

WARNING: Graphic photos below

Scroll down for images.

Children dismissed from private school because parents have open marriage

Akia Brown released her self-published memoir in February. A few months later, she learned her decision to reveal her life in print would get her children dismissed from their school.

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The book, “Beyond Love,” details Brown’s journey from a single parent in Detroit to her current life as a mother of six in Atlanta who said she is happy in an open marriage with her husband.

It took a few months for news of her book to travel to administrators at Mount Paran Christian School in Kennesaw, Georgia, where her daughter had been a student for two years and her son was set to begin pre-kindergarten this fall.

In late July, Brown received a call from two administrators at the school. Via speaker phone, they told her that her daughter would not be allowed to return and her son was being denied admission.

Mount Paran is a private Christian, nondenominational, college preparatory day school that serves students ages 3-12. Parents are required to sign a covenant agreement upon enrollment, school officials said. The admission policy states:

The applicant and his/her parents must express a belief of biblical teachings, and a willingness to follow them, as well as student and parent’s affirmation of faith. Parents and students must read and agree to support the Statement of Faith (p. 4-5 in parent/student handbook on MPCS website), commit to uphold Christian principles in their daily lives, and actively participate in a local church body. As a covenant Christian school, MPCS reserves the right to determine whether Mount Paran Christian School is an appropriate placement for the applicant and/or the family. MPCS reserves the right to deny acceptance, terminate, or suspend enrollment of students at the school’s discretion with non-disclosure of reasons.

In this case, the school did give a reason -- Brown and her husband’s open marriage -- but Brown wanted the opportunity to plead her case.

“They haven’t even read the book. I don’t know how they even found out about the book,” Brown said.

She said her daughter, a shy first-grader, was flourishing at Mount Paran and misses her friends. She and her husband had made sure their children were supported academically and socially, she said.

In the book, Brown describes her nontraditional life. Her husband, Brian Maurice Brown, was incarcerated for almost 10 years on drug charges. In 2012, he started BMB Records, which has hosted a roster of hip-hop artists including Charli Baltimore and Ray J.

According to a recent story in the Detroit News, the company has been under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration since 2013. Brian Maurice Brown has not been charged with a drug-related crime.

Over the years, their relationship evolved from husband and wife to one between her, her husband and at least two other women, which they refer to as “wife-in-laws.” In the vein of urban nonfiction, Brown offers salacious details, but she contends the book is about unconditional love.

Brown said she was able to enroll her children in a new Christian school. She told the school administrators right upfront what happened and explained her views, an opportunity she said she never had at Mount Paran.

“Yes, (the book) discusses open marriage – or what others may consider an open marriage – but the real meaning and everything I have ever talked about is unconditional love and having a forgiving heart,” Brown said.

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