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It's official! Pippa Middleton is engaged, and you have to see her ring

Rumors of Pippa Middleton’s engagement to James Matthews exploded earlier this week, and now the news has been confirmed.

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“Miss Pippa Middleton and Mr. James Matthews are delighted to announce they became engaged on Sunday, July 17 and plan to marry next year,” US Weekly confirmed in a statement from the couple. Middleton’s father, Michael Middleton, also reportedly told the Press Association that he is “absolutely thrilled” for the “wonderful couple.”

The Daily Mail was one of the first news outlets to report that Matthews popped the question over the weekend while the couple vacationed in the Lake District of England.

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Middleton was reportedly “completely and totally surprised."

The rumors began circulating Monday when Middleton stepped out with her new ring.

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The palace has yet to comment on the engagement.

Taylor Swift crashes wedding and it's as epic as it sounds

Looks like Taylor Swift may be moving on after her breakup with Calvin Harris.

Swift crashed a wedding, thanks to tons of planning between a mega fan and the mega singer.

The "Blank Space" performer serenaded happy couple Max Singer and his new bride Kenya Smith with that song ...

... and presented the newlyweds with one of her patented handmade cards that included the song's lyrics and the couple's name and wedding date. 

The plans came to be after Swift found out from Max's sister that the happy couple actually got married in a hospital room so his dying mother could see her son marry. Max danced to "Blank Space" with his mother that day, Mashable reported.

That's when Swift agreed to go to the wedding and the private performance.

Of course it was all documented on social media as the songstress wished the Singers' well on in real life and on her Instagram account

Congratulations Max and Kenya!! A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Jun 4, 2016 at 5:33pm PDT

Third wheel A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Jun 4, 2016 at 5:34pm PDT

Ohio couple marries at Sonic

A Sonic in Ohio was briefly transformed Friday from a car hop, drive-thru restaurant into the setting of a marriage ceremony for a bride and a groom who fell in love while working there.

Chelsea Wood and Ronnie Thompson, both 25, met at Sonic nearly 10 years ago when the store was just opening.

The scene for the nuptials was different to say the least — a ring bearer wearing rolling skates and instead of walking down the aisle, the bride was escorted by her father down a sidewalk by the drive-thru.

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With cars honking approval and shout-outs from passersby, the bride and groom exchanged vows by a menu sign.

“It was absolutely an amazing day and turned out so much better than I thought,” said Chelsea. “I am very fortunate to be able to marry that man that I love. I know this is a different kind of ceremony, but I wanted to do it here where we met. Not somewhere where we wouldn’t even remember the name.”

Ronnie said the couple is looking forward to spending many happy years together in Hamilton.

“We see a bright future with us growing old together and we look forward to being a part of making Hamilton great and being a part of the community more,” he said.

Kris Abshird, general manager, said the wedding was not the usual type of event seen at the fast-food restaurant. Still, he and the manager were glad to host it for the newlyweds.

“It is two people that have started a life that developed from here. They came to me with the idea and thought it would be really cool to come back and get married at the place they met,” Abshird said.

He actually has a Sonic love story of his own.

“Me and my wife Natasha met at Sonic and we got married two years ago … We worked at the same Sonic as Chelsea and Ronnie,” he said.

Gamer surprises girlfriend with 'Super Mario Bros' proposal

"Geeks do it better!"

That's what Shane Birkinbine wrote in the caption for a video that captured his unique proposal to his girlfriend last week.

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In the video, Birkinbine's girlfriend, Pam Edwards, plays the legendary "Super Mario Bros." video game with encouragement from Birkinbine.

Before long, Edwards' Mario character approaches a series of brick blocks.

"What does that say," Birkinbine asks his girlfriend.

"Where?" she answers.

"The blocks," he answers. "It spells out your name."

Delighted, Edwards asks Birkinbine how her name appears in the game.

Birkinbine, a self-proclaimed master gamer, says he built the level on Super Mario Bros Maker.

As Edwards' character continues to navigate through the level, the message is spelled out in full: "Pam, will you marry me?"

"Yes, of course," she says while laughing.

"Alright, go finish (the game) now," he says after the positive reply.

Edwards and Birkinbine met on a year and eight months ago, USA Today reported.

"Pam bought me the game for the Nintendo Wii several months ago," Birkinbine told USA Today. "Being busy with life and working, I had not had a chance to create my own level. So, it came to me to make the very first level a marriage proposal. It just seemed to fit as we both enjoy Mario games. So, over the course of a week, I would work on it after I got home in the evenings when she was fast asleep."

If any other Mario-loving gamer wants to borrow Birkinbine's proposal idea or if anyone simply wants to play through the proposal level, the level code is 7A61-0000-0245-8DE8, Geekologie reported.

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A decade after her wedding, woman realizes cleaners gave her wrong wedding dress

Ten years after her wedding, a Massachusetts woman has discovered that her preserved wedding dress isn't actually hers.

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After celebrating a decade of marriage this week and two kids, Katharine Richall decided to try on her wedding dress.

"Just decided to pull it out and try it on, see if it still fits. I looked down and it was the wrong dress," she said.

Richall was in shock. She never looked at the dress after dropping it off at the cleaners, and for good reason.

"Once you have it preserved, you're not supposed to (look at it). You're supposed to keep it in the box," she said. 

She figured she wouldn't see it again until her daughter is ready to get married -- and that's what stings the most. Richall was thinking that they'd get to imagine that future day together this week.

"As my daughter is waiting outside in the hall, to see her mom in her wedding dress," she said through tears. 

WFXT went to the cleaners where the dress was dropped in May 2006, but it's no longer in business. Around the time of Richall's wedding, the business was sold and sublet several times.

Richall just hopes there's another bride, with another anniversary, with the same question she has. 

"My biggest hope is whoever has my dress, they have mine and we can just make an exchange, and it would be great for the both of us.  For both of us to get our dresses back," she said

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Animal-loving couple ties the knot in front of 1,100 cats

A Canadian couple who found common ground in their love of animals decided to cross over the border into the U.S. and tie the knot in front of a whole bunch of them.

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Louis Veronneau and Dominic Husson, both of Montreal, got married on Tuesday at The Cat House on the Kings, California's largest no-kill cat shelter. Spanning over 12 acres, the nonprofit sanctuary is cage-free and surrounded by fencing.

The ceremony was officiated by the cat sanctuary's founder, Lynea Lattanzio, and attended by the 1,100 cats who currently call The Cat House on the Kings home.

“We were just amazed. We don't have that in Canada,” Veronneau told the Fresno Bee. “It's the biggest cat sanctuary in America and we wanted to do a wedding that reflected our values, our love for animals.”

Veronneau first visited The Cat House on the Kings in 2012, according to KFSN. She fell in love with the sanctuary and made it a goal to return someday.

“We are both animal lovers, and it shows she's a great person, and that's why I wanted to marry her,” Husson told KFSN.

In lieu of gifts, the newlyweds asked friends and family to donate to The Cat House on the Kings.

The couple hoped their wedding would inspire other like-minded couples and generate more attention for the cat sanctuary.

“I hope we're the first (to get married at The Cat House) of many around the world,” Veronneau told the Fresno Bee.

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Wedding guest gets email from bride with 'gift adjustment' request

A wedding gift can be an expensive purchase, but what if you didn't give a large enough gift?

That's the question that's facing one person who posted her conundrum online.

A guest of a recent wedding went to an online forum to express her displeasure concerning an email she received from a bride.

The post stated that the writer was an ex-colleague of the bride. She gave the now-married couple a check for 100 pounds or about $144, The Guardian reported.

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But that may not have been enough for the couple. 

The guest claims she got an email that said, "We were surprised that your contribution didn't seem to match the warmth of your good wishes on our big day. In view of your own position, if you wanted to send any adjustment it would be thankfully received."

The gift giver took to the Internet and asked total strangers what she should do, reply to the email, call them or ignore it. 

Many said she should have canceled the check, while others were a little more vindictive, saying she should tell mutual friends, going so far as to blind copy them on the email gift request.

Do bridesmaids or groomsmen spend more on weddings? The answer may surprise you

And you thought you had it bad, bridesmaids.

According to a new study by financial site GOBankingRates, groomsmen actually spend more money on weddings than their female counterparts. 

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That said, the festivities aren't cheap for anyone. Both bridesmaids and groomsmen spend well over $1,000 each on average, the survey of 502 men and 503 women found

“Of course, it’s an honor to be asked to be a part of a friend or family member’s wedding,” said Cameron Huddleston, columnist for GOBankingRates. “But you should think carefully about whether you can afford the costs of being a bridesmaid or groomsman before saying yes. If you do agree to be part of someone’s special day, you certainly should create a budget and stick to it.”

>> Click here or scroll down to see some of the findings

<iframe src="//;border=false" width="100%" height="750" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe><script src="//;border=false"></script>[View the story "Do bridesmaids or groomsmen spend more on weddings? The answer may surprise you" on Storify]

You can now have a fairy tale wedding by Cinderella's Castle at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Dreaming of a fairy tale wedding? 

A new offering at Disney World's Magic Kingdom can give you just that.

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Disney recently announced that happy couples can become newlyweds in a magical wedding at Disney's Fantasyland at the park's East Plaza Garden.

Brides can ride in Cinderella's horse-drawn carriage accompanied by royal coachmen as trumpeters announce her arrival at the wedding site, right in front of Cinderella's Castle. The park will remain open to regular guests during ceremonies. 

For their receptions, couples can choose among a variety of locations on the resort's property.

"Brides will be able to live out a fairy tale dream like no other," said Korri McFann, marketing and sales strategy for weddings and honeymoons at Disney. 

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings package collections start at $2,500, and custom experiences begin at $12,000. A completely customized ceremony and reception for up to 100 guests at the Magic Kingdom starts at $75,000. 

See more here.

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Must-see: Bride shaves her head on her wedding day in support of terminally ill groom

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A British bride is making headlines for shaving her head on her wedding day in a heartwarming tribute to her terminally ill husband.

According to the Daily Mail, Joan and Craig Lyons of Huyton, England, both 44, have been friends for 30 years but only confessed their feelings for each other 18 months ago.

But their love story quickly took a tragic turn.

In August, doctors diagnosed Craig with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, CBS News reports. He was told he had only nine to 12 months to live.

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The pair decided to make the most of the time they have left together.

"This is our little heaven, enjoying the simple things as long as we're together," Joan told CBS News.

The couple were married earlier this month in a ceremony in Liverpool. At the reception, Joan did something most brides wouldn't dream of doing on their wedding day: She shaved her head in support of her husband.

Craig was touched.

"He told me how beautiful I looked and he was proud of me," Joan told CBS News.

Joan gave her hair to Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for terminally ill kids. They also asked wedding guests to donate to charities.

Photographer Kimberley Struth of Struth Photography told the Daily Mail that the ceremony "was one of the happiest weddings that I have ever had the pleasure of shooting."

"In the face of some really bad news, they are courageous enough to keep raising money for other people," Struth told CBS News. "It takes a really special person to be able to do that."

Read more here and here.

>> Click here or scroll down to see photos and images from the ceremony

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