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Video: Man surprises girlfriend with LEGO-themed proposal

Finding a unique and meaningful way to propose can be tough for some people, but Ben Anderson decided to go with LEGOs.

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Anderson and his girlfriend, Kirsten Dally, from the United Kingdom were at the movies on a date when a short film made with LEGOs began to play prior to the feature presentation, ABC News reported. In the video, Anderson is portrayed in LEGO form going through his relationship with Dally and ending with a marriage proposal.

To aid with creating the moment, Anderson employed filmmaker Morgan Spence, a 17-year-old who has been featured on television for his LEGO filmmaking skills.

"He had a big plan to propose to his girlfriend in the Electric Cinema in Birmingham," Spence told ABC News. "He wanted me to produce a LEGO animation describing how they met in a film style almost like Forrest Gump sitting on a park bench. It's a bit cheesy, but that just made me like it more."

During the film, Anderson said Dally elbowed him in the ribs and asked me what he had done.

"She was quite overwhelmed," he said.

Dally said, "Yes," and the two are considering placing LEGO figures on the top of their wedding cake, ABC News reported.

Read more at ABC News.

Man honeymoons alone after wife loses her passport

An Indian man embarked on his honeymoon alone after his wife lost her passport two days before the couple was set to travel to Italy.

But Faizan Patel did his best to make his wife, Sana Patel, feel like she was there with him. 

He traveled with a photograph of her and took pictures with the photo on his journey.

"This is how I am traveling with my wife as of now," Faizan wrote on Twitter, tagging Sushma Swaraj, India's minister of external affairs.

Swaraj responded to Faizan on Twitter promising to help remedy the problem.

Before long, a duplicate passport was issued to Sana. 

But even with the passport, Faizan told CNN that Sana wouldn't be able to make it to the two-week honeymoon due to the painstaking process of getting a visa.

"This trip was entirely planned by her," Faizan told CNN of the Italian honeymoon.

Faizan isn't the only newlywed who has traveled on a honeymoon alone. 

Huma Mobin, a woman from Pakistan, posted photos of her husband-less honeymoon to Greece earlier this summer after her husband couldn't get a visa from the Greek embassy.

Couple celebrates 63 years of marriage with sweet photo shoot

A wedding photographer commemorated her grandparents’ 63 years of marriage with a sweet photo shoot. Now that her grandfather’s health has put him in the hospital, she says she’s cherishing the photos more than ever before.

In November 2014, Joe Ray and Billie Wanda Johnson, otherwise known as Mamaw and Pawpa, posed for photos on their Jewett, Texas, ranch.

Photographer and granddaughter Shalyn Nelson posted the photos to Instagram.

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“My mom tells me all the time how much that day meant to my grandparents. They talk about it all the time,” Nelson told the Huffington Post.

Nelson says she learned so much from watching her grandparents’ love blossom even further over the years.

“My husband constantly reminds me that we will be old and gray, like them, walking hand-in-hand,” Nelson said.

Recently, Pawpa has been in-and-out of the hospital. According to an Instagram post, doctors initially told the family he wouldn’t make it though the night. Since then, he’s slowly been getting better.

All the while, Mawma has stayed by his side.

Nelson posted a sweet letter Pawpa wrote to his bride:

“Dearest Wanda, it’s been a long time since I have written you a letter. I think it was when I was working in Canada, that I wrote you last. Anyway, I still love you just as much, probably more. The years have gone by fast. One morning you just wake up and you are OLD. Anyway, I wouldn’t trade them for all the gold in Alaska. We had 3 great kids and lots of fun raising them. Most of the time. We carried them to movies, playgrounds, swimming, ballgames, parties, etc. I wish that we could bring back some of those days. Now they have kids of their own which we have watched them grow, and some now with kids of their own. We must be real old. The days we had at the Freez-It at Fairfield and The Dixie Queen at Jewett and built the Rocket Drive-In with a 30’ rocket ship on the roof, those were the very hard years with lots of hard work and no vacations. I still worked my engineering job in Houston thru the week, and weekends at the drive-in businesses. Later, we got smart and got out of the drive in business. Later I retired, and we moved back to Jewett. We got into the ranching business. We made a lake and called it Hidden Lake Ranch. Found out that was a lot of hard work too. Now that we are in our Golden years, I think that we have turned to rust with all the Dr.’s we see. Anyway, I will close this letter to you saying I love you as much today as the day I married you. And just think, the license only cost $2.00. The best bargain I ever made. With all my love for you, Joe.”

Nelson says she’s praying her grandfather gets better soon.

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Joe Biden officiates wedding for same-sex couple

Vice President Joe Biden can now add another job to his resume: wedding officiant.

According to BuzzFeed, Biden performed the same-sex wedding of two White House staff members, Brian Mosteller and Joe Mahshie, about 4 p.m. Monday at the vice presidential residence. It was his first time officiating a wedding, the outlet reported.

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Biden took to Twitter to share a photo of the happy moment.

"Proud to marry Brian and Joe at my house," Biden wrote. "Couldn't be happier, two longtime White House staffers, two great guys."

>> Click here to see the tweet

Biden's wife, Jill, also shared the photo, tweeting, "Love is love!"

>> Click here to see the tweet

Read more here.

It's official! Pippa Middleton is engaged, and you have to see her ring

Rumors of Pippa Middleton’s engagement to James Matthews exploded earlier this week, and now the news has been confirmed.

>> PHOTOS: Ten of the biggest celebrity engagement rings

“Miss Pippa Middleton and Mr. James Matthews are delighted to announce they became engaged on Sunday, July 17 and plan to marry next year,” US Weekly confirmed in a statement from the couple. Middleton’s father, Michael Middleton, also reportedly told the Press Association that he is “absolutely thrilled” for the “wonderful couple.”

The Daily Mail was one of the first news outlets to report that Matthews popped the question over the weekend while the couple vacationed in the Lake District of England.

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Middleton was reportedly “completely and totally surprised."

The rumors began circulating Monday when Middleton stepped out with her new ring.

>> Click here to see the photo

The palace has yet to comment on the engagement.

Taylor Swift crashes wedding and it's as epic as it sounds

Looks like Taylor Swift may be moving on after her breakup with Calvin Harris.

Swift crashed a wedding, thanks to tons of planning between a mega fan and the mega singer.

The "Blank Space" performer serenaded happy couple Max Singer and his new bride Kenya Smith with that song ...

... and presented the newlyweds with one of her patented handmade cards that included the song's lyrics and the couple's name and wedding date. 

The plans came to be after Swift found out from Max's sister that the happy couple actually got married in a hospital room so his dying mother could see her son marry. Max danced to "Blank Space" with his mother that day, Mashable reported.

That's when Swift agreed to go to the wedding and the private performance.

Of course it was all documented on social media as the songstress wished the Singers' well on in real life and on her Instagram account

Congratulations Max and Kenya!! A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Jun 4, 2016 at 5:33pm PDT

Third wheel A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Jun 4, 2016 at 5:34pm PDT

Ohio couple marries at Sonic

A Sonic in Ohio was briefly transformed Friday from a car hop, drive-thru restaurant into the setting of a marriage ceremony for a bride and a groom who fell in love while working there.

Chelsea Wood and Ronnie Thompson, both 25, met at Sonic nearly 10 years ago when the store was just opening.

The scene for the nuptials was different to say the least — a ring bearer wearing rolling skates and instead of walking down the aisle, the bride was escorted by her father down a sidewalk by the drive-thru.

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With cars honking approval and shout-outs from passersby, the bride and groom exchanged vows by a menu sign.

“It was absolutely an amazing day and turned out so much better than I thought,” said Chelsea. “I am very fortunate to be able to marry that man that I love. I know this is a different kind of ceremony, but I wanted to do it here where we met. Not somewhere where we wouldn’t even remember the name.”

Ronnie said the couple is looking forward to spending many happy years together in Hamilton.

“We see a bright future with us growing old together and we look forward to being a part of making Hamilton great and being a part of the community more,” he said.

Kris Abshird, general manager, said the wedding was not the usual type of event seen at the fast-food restaurant. Still, he and the manager were glad to host it for the newlyweds.

“It is two people that have started a life that developed from here. They came to me with the idea and thought it would be really cool to come back and get married at the place they met,” Abshird said.

He actually has a Sonic love story of his own.

“Me and my wife Natasha met at Sonic and we got married two years ago … We worked at the same Sonic as Chelsea and Ronnie,” he said.

Gamer surprises girlfriend with 'Super Mario Bros' proposal

"Geeks do it better!"

That's what Shane Birkinbine wrote in the caption for a video that captured his unique proposal to his girlfriend last week.

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In the video, Birkinbine's girlfriend, Pam Edwards, plays the legendary "Super Mario Bros." video game with encouragement from Birkinbine.

Before long, Edwards' Mario character approaches a series of brick blocks.

"What does that say," Birkinbine asks his girlfriend.

"Where?" she answers.

"The blocks," he answers. "It spells out your name."

Delighted, Edwards asks Birkinbine how her name appears in the game.

Birkinbine, a self-proclaimed master gamer, says he built the level on Super Mario Bros Maker.

As Edwards' character continues to navigate through the level, the message is spelled out in full: "Pam, will you marry me?"

"Yes, of course," she says while laughing.

"Alright, go finish (the game) now," he says after the positive reply.

Edwards and Birkinbine met on a year and eight months ago, USA Today reported.

"Pam bought me the game for the Nintendo Wii several months ago," Birkinbine told USA Today. "Being busy with life and working, I had not had a chance to create my own level. So, it came to me to make the very first level a marriage proposal. It just seemed to fit as we both enjoy Mario games. So, over the course of a week, I would work on it after I got home in the evenings when she was fast asleep."

If any other Mario-loving gamer wants to borrow Birkinbine's proposal idea or if anyone simply wants to play through the proposal level, the level code is 7A61-0000-0245-8DE8, Geekologie reported.

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A decade after her wedding, woman realizes cleaners gave her wrong wedding dress

Ten years after her wedding, a Massachusetts woman has discovered that her preserved wedding dress isn't actually hers.

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After celebrating a decade of marriage this week and two kids, Katharine Richall decided to try on her wedding dress.

"Just decided to pull it out and try it on, see if it still fits. I looked down and it was the wrong dress," she said.

Richall was in shock. She never looked at the dress after dropping it off at the cleaners, and for good reason.

"Once you have it preserved, you're not supposed to (look at it). You're supposed to keep it in the box," she said. 

She figured she wouldn't see it again until her daughter is ready to get married -- and that's what stings the most. Richall was thinking that they'd get to imagine that future day together this week.

"As my daughter is waiting outside in the hall, to see her mom in her wedding dress," she said through tears. 

WFXT went to the cleaners where the dress was dropped in May 2006, but it's no longer in business. Around the time of Richall's wedding, the business was sold and sublet several times.

Richall just hopes there's another bride, with another anniversary, with the same question she has. 

"My biggest hope is whoever has my dress, they have mine and we can just make an exchange, and it would be great for the both of us.  For both of us to get our dresses back," she said

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