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Man decapitates wife, puts head in freezer, police say

A Texas man emerged from his house covered in blood and said that he had decapitated his wife and put her head in a freezer, according to KWTX. Davie Dauzat, 23, emerged from his trailer on Thursday after a brief standoff, he was covered in blood and confessed to when police took him into custody, according to People. He had barricaded himself inside with their children ages 1 and 3, according to the Waco Tribune. They are being taken care of by a relative, according to KWTX. Police had been to the residence about two hours before Natasha Dauzat was killed, according to KWTX. >> Read more trending stories Davie’s brother, whom police did not identify, called asking for authorities to check on the couple around 8:20 a.m. “His brother informed dispatch he was not sure if his ‘weird statements’ and ‘funny questions’ were drug related,” police said in a release, according to KWTX. However when police arrived, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. “There was no indication from Natasha or Davie that either of them was in distress or in need of police intervention at that time,” police said in a release KWTX reported. “They both appeared calm and expressed their curiosity why the police were there.” David’s brother called again at 11 a.m. and told them “he killed his girlfriend,” according to KWTX. Dauzat was arrested and charged with murder. He is being held at the McLennan County Jail on $500,000 bond.

Dog is trained to detect hospital superbug

It takes a microscope to see what Angus can smell. The springer spaniel is specially trained to track Clostridium difficile, C. diff, considered one of the most common hospital superbugs, at Vancouver General Hospital. “Their sense of smell is above and beyond anything we can even comprehend,” dog trainer Teresa Zurburg told CBS News. >> Read more trending stories The hospital started what is considered the first of its kind program about three years ago when Zurburg started training Angus. He was 10 weeks old. Angus built his skills over time and now is tested in a room where the C. diff odors are hidden. His success rate is 95-100 percent. “If it’s got an odor, I can train a dog to find it,” Zurburg told CBS News. And soon, Angus’ brother Dodger will be trained for similar work.

Plumber caught with pants down in truck logo

Nick Huckson was just trying to do something to get his fledgling plumbing shop some notice.

But he had no idea there would be such an overwhelming response to the design he chose for his business - an animated version of him doing his business.

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“My phone hasn’t stopped ringing,” Huckson told KWQC. “I was just hoping to get some attention here locally. I had no idea the photo would go viral.”

Huckson, who started “The Sault’s Plumbing” six weeks ago, got the idea from his grandfather, who was also a plumber.

He has gotten thousands of comments and emails about the design from people all over the world, according to KWQC.

“I wanted a design for my truck that would be memorable, something that would make me stand out from the other plumbing businesses,” Huckson told KWQC. “(I) had no idea it would lead to all this.”

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'The Songaminute Man' doesn't let Alzheimer's tarnish his tunes

Ted McDermott got the moniker "The Songaminute Man" from the incredible amount of songs he knows.

He worked for years in a factory to support his family. But he always kept singing.

Now McDermott, 80, is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease but he can still hold a tune.

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His son Mac McDermott, 40, has been recording the performances whether on stage or in a car and is sharing them in an attempt to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society, a charity that offers support and funding for dementia research.

"Now it's become a thing that we both do together,'' Mac told the "Today" show. "It's really bonded us. He's become my best mate, and I have a sense I've become his."

<iframe src=";width=500" width="500" height="421" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>

McDermott is in the running for “Creative Fundraiser of the Year” through JustGiving.

Ted recently celebrated his 80 birthday. Attendees joined “The Songaminute Man” as he belted out “You’ll Never Walk Alone” as well as “New York, New York.”

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Southwest Airlines plane diverted after engine blows apart

A Southwest Airlines plane traveling from New Orleans to Orlando, Florida, made an emergency landing Saturday morning after one of its two engines blew apart.

The plane, a Boeing 737-700, made an emergency landing at 9:40 a.m. CT in Pensacola after one of the pilots of Flight 3472 noticed a problem with the No. 1 engine, Southwest Airlines said.

There were no injuries to the 99 passengers and five crew members on board.

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“We have notified the (National Transportation Safety Board), and when authorized, we will be inspecting the aircraft to assess the damage,” the airline said in a release. “The aircraft is out of service, and we will work to accommodate the passengers to Orlando or their final destination as soon as possible.”

The image of the blown apart engine was posted to Twitter by the Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association.

Southwest released the following additional statement later Saturday:

"When we have an operational event that results in aircraft damage and/or passenger or crew injuries, that can trigger a review or investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). When the NTSB decides to launch an investigation, we give the Board our immediate cooperation so that we are able to properly streamline information and avoid speculation (especially this early).

"If you do not see an update from us, that is because we are working behind-the-scenes with the NTSB to follow this process."

The NTSB has called the incident an “uncontained engine failure” and is investigating.

While Dwyane Wade reacts to cousin’s death, Donald Trump politicizes tragedy

While Dwyane Wade and his mother were speaking out about the death of Nykea Aldridge, Wade’s first cousin who was shot and killed on the South Side of Chicago on Friday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attempted to politicize the tragedy.

>> Social media slams Donald Trump for tweet about Dwyane Wade's cousin's death

Wade, who recently left the Miami Heat to sign with his hometown Chicago Bulls, posted a tweet Friday denouncing gun violence.

On Saturday, Wade posted about Chicago needing more help to combat the violence.

Wade’s mother, Jolinda Wade, a pastor at New Creation church, spoke on behalf of the family Friday outside the hospital where Aldridge was pronounced dead.

“Just sat up on a panel yesterday... talking about the violence that’s going on within our city of Chicago, never knowing that the next day we would be the ones that would be actually living and experiencing it,” Jolinda said as she held her sister. “We’re still going to try and help these people to transform their minds and give them a different direction, so this thing won’t keep happening. We’re still going to help empower people like the one who senselessly shot my niece in the head.”

Wade and his mother were part of a series of panel discussions on gun violence hosted Thursday by The Undefeated on ESPN and held at the South Side YMCA in Chicago. Dwyane Wade was not in Chicago for the discussions. He appeared via satellite.

Following the discussion and less than 24 hours before his cousin was killed, Wade posted on Twitter: “Every 16 mins someone in Chicago is killed by a firearm.”

Meanwhile, Trump took to Twitter to attempt to exploit the tragedy connecting the shooting to a reason why African-Americans will vote for him for president. Trump spelled Wade’s first name wrong in his initial tweet.

​It is not the first time Trump has tried to exploit a tragedy. In the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando that left 50 dead, including the gunman, Trump took to Twitter to congratulate himself:

Nykea Aldridge, 32, had recently relocated to an area on the city’s South Side, her family said.

Police said Aldridge, 32, was pushing a baby stroller near a school where she intended to register her children when two males walked up and fired shots at a third man. Aldridge, who wasn’t the intended target, was struck in the head and arm. Police said the baby wasn’t hurt and that a relative has taken custody of the child.

The school is about a mile and a half southwest of the University of Chicago.

Police are questioning two men who they say are persons of interest, according to reports.

The Bulls later issued a statement, saying the organization was “deeply saddened” by the news of Aldridge’s death.

Wade signed a two-year deal worth approximately $47 million last month after spending the first 13 years of his NBA career with the Heat.

Florida man 'remorseful' after gambling $5K on work credit card

Jayrol Abrego said things were finally getting better in his life. He’d been working for an electric company for a year. He got partial custody of his 12- and 15-year-old kids. His girlfriend was finally feeling better after a few surgeries, he told The Palm Beach Post Saturday afternoon.

Then, he said, he threw it all away.

“There was no way I was getting away with it,” he said. “It was a spur of the moment, idiotic decision.”

Abrego, 34, was arrested this week after his employer, Freshwater Electric, said he stole thousands of dollars using a company credit card to gamble. Credit card statements provided by the company to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigators revealed over the course of three days Agrego spent more than $5,700 at the Palm Beach Kennel Club. He was arrested Wednesday on charges of grand theft and released on bail the next day.

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Since then, Abrego said he’s stayed in bed as calls and texts from friends and family flood him trying to figure out what was going through his mind: Why would you something like this? You have a good job, they said. He said he knows he needs to get help for his gambling addiction, even though it’s still hard to admit to himself.

“I kind of still want to say I don’t have a problem,” Abrego said in a phone interview. “But now I feel alone and I’m just very remorseful.”

On Saturday afternoon, he sent The Post an “open letter to friends and family” in which he apologized.

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“Nothing I can say can make up for what I have done but I truly am sorry for my actions and the decisions I have made. My actions took advantage of my friends and family’s trust,” he wrote. “Even though I feel ashamed and depressed about the situation I have put myself in, I will not hide or seclude myself, I will face the consequences.”

Abrego said in a phone interview he doesn’t remember when he started gambling, but it was the rush that kept him going.

“Toward the end (before his arrest,) just being able to gamble was high enough even if I was losing,” he said. “I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, this was the one addiction that got hold of me.”

Heartbroken mother who accidentally ran over baby daughter wants to help community

A mother in Michigan grieving the death of her 10-month-old daughter she accidentally ran over wants to help a family in need.

She wants to donate the SUV that took her daughter’s life to a loving family who could use transportation, according to an interview mother Symone Stewart did with WJBK just over a week after the tragic incident.

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Stewart was moving her Ford Explorer in the driveway of her mother’s house as she prepared to wash it when the incident happened. The mother didn’t realize that her daughter, Jada, who had just learned to walk, had wandered into the driveway. Family members alerted Stewart as soon as the impact occurred, but the baby could not be revived after being rushed to a nearby hospital.

Stewart said she feels like she’s living in a nightmare, and images from the accident keep replaying in her mind. She wants to donate the car because she’s afraid to drive it and it reminds her of the accident. She hopes the car can benefit a family in need, so something good can come out of her family’s loss.

MTV VMA awards: What time, what channel, who’s presenting, who’s performing

Hold on to your streaming device, the VMAs are only hours away.

For the terminally hip and fatally cool among us (which you are not if you call yourself that, so …) it’s the equivalent of Christmas, the feud between Kanye and Taylor and a new drop from Queen Bey, herself, all right there on Spotify.

>> Drake buys Rihanna congratulatory billboard for MTV VMAs honor

Much of the talk in the run-up to MTV's annual award ceremony/fight is centering on Britney Spears and her next “comeback.” The last one on the 2007 show didn’t go over so well, but Spears is in a better place now (her words). Add to that, the incredible coincidence that she released a new album (“Glory”) on Friday and you can expect something good.

Beyonce may get tired going up and down the steps to receive awards – she’s nominated for 11 this year. And, hello, British singer Adele is up for eight awards.

>> Britney Spears 'very nervous' about performing at MTV Video Music Awards

There is no host, but a couple of comedians will keep the night rolling, Rihanna is being honored with the equivalent of a lifetime achievement award -- at 28.

Here’s the particulars of Sunday’s show.

What time is the show?

The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards air live on Sunday, with red carpet arrivals beginning at 6:15 p.m. ET; a pre-show beginning at 8 p.m. ET hosted by DJ Khaled,  and the main event at 9 p.m. ET. 

Where can I watch it on TV?

The show airs live on MTV from Madison Square Garden (there is a tape delay for the West Coast, so it airs at 9 p.m. local time there.) You can watch the show on the MTV and MTV 2 networks. Check with your local TV provider for channel numbers.

What other platforms can I catch it on?

You can watch the show through MTV’s app – with cable authentication. Also, a livestream starts at 7 p.m. Sunday. 

Who is hosting?

There is no host, per se, but comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are being called the masters of ceremonies. They will give a running commentary on the show as their alter egos, The Shamester and Lizard Sheeple.

Who will be handing out the little Moonman trophies?

All kinds of folks are set to hand out the awards. Alecia  Keys, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jaden Smith, Shameik Moore, Fifth Harmony, Tove Lo and Jimmy Fallon, to name a few. Also, the Final Five – the 2016 U.S. Women’s Olympic team – along with Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps, have been asked to present awards.   

Who is scheduled to perform?

It will be a treat for music fans, as Spears, Rihanna – who is being awarded the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award  –  Ariana Grande with Nicki Minaj, the rapper Future, Nick Jonas, The Chainsmokers along with Halsey and Ty Dolla $ign are all expected to perform. And, if history teaches us anything, we can expect a surprise performance by Beyonce. At  least that’s the rumor. 

In memoriam

It seems like this section of the show, if there is one, could last as long as the awards ceremony. We’ve lost a lot of incredible talent this year – David Bowie, Prince and Glenn Frey among them.

Do I need to prep?

The show is not going to watch itself. It’s always good to be prepared. Watch these videos so you can impress your friends with comments like, “Her emotional range is incredible,” or “He’s really grown vocally since the incident with the pet monkey.”

Beyoncé: “Formation” 

Adele: “Hello” 

Drake: “Hotline Bling”

Justin Bieber: “Sorry” 

Kanye West: “Famous” 

Most talked about moment?

At this event, that’s a tough one, but odds are it will somehow be connected to Kanye West. West, in addition to potentially grabbing the mic from any number of people, has been given 4 minutes of “free” stage time to do with as he pleases. What could go wrong with that?

As we said earlier, there is a lot of buzz around Britney Spears’ and Rihanna’s performances.

How can I participate in the show?

Other than playing air guitar or singing into your hairbrush in front of a mirror, there’s only one way – by voting. You still have time to vote for the “Best New Artist.” Remember, they are our future. Click here to vote.

Who is up for what? 

Here is the list of nominees for Sunday’s awards:

Video Of The Year

• Adele — “Hello”

• Beyoncé — “Formation”

• Drake — “Hotline Bling”

• Justin Bieber — “Sorry”

• Kanye West —  “Famous”

Best Female Video

• Adele — “Hello”

• Ariana Grande — “Into You”

• Beyoncé — “Hold Up”

• Rihanna featuring Drake — “Work” (short version)

• Sia — “Cheap Thrills”

Best Male Video

• Bryson Tiller — “Don’t”

• Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna — “This Is What You Came For”

• Drake — “Hotline Bling”

• Kanye West — “Famous”

• The Weeknd — “Can’t Feel My Face”

Breakthrough Long Form Video

• Florence + The Machine — “The Odyssey”

• Beyoncé — “Lemonade”

• Justin Bieber — “PURPOSE: The Movement”

• Chris Brown — “Royalty”

• Troye Sivan — “Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy”

Best Pop Video

• Adele — “Hello”

• Alessia Cara — “Wild Things”

• Ariana Grande — “Into You”

• Beyoncé — “Formation”

• Justin Bieber — “Sorry”

Best Hip Hop Video

• 2 Chainz — “Watch Out”

• Bryson Tiller — “Don’t”

• Chance The Rapper featuring Saba — “Angels”

• Desiigner — “Panda”

• Drake — “Hotline Bling”

Best Electronic Video

• 99 Souls featuring Destiny’s Child & Brandy — “The Girl Is Mine”

• Afrojack — “SummerThing!”

• Calvin Harris & Disciples — “How Deep Is Your Love”

• The Chainsmokers featuring Daya — “Don’t Let Me Down”

• Mike Posner — “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”

Best Rock Video

• All Time Low — “Missing You”

• Coldplay — “Adventure Of A Lifetime”

• Fall Out Boy featuring Demi Lovato — “Irresistible”

• Panic! At The Disco — “Victorious”

• twenty one pilots — “Heathens”

Best Collaboration

• Ariana Grande featuring Lil Wayne — “Let Me Love You”

• Beyoncé featuring Kendrick Lamar — “Freedom”

• Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna — “This Is What You Came For”

• Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla $ign — “Work From Home”

• Rihanna featuring Drake — “Work” (short version)

Best New Artist

• Bryson Tiller

• Desiigner


• Lukas Graham

• Zara Larsson

Best Art Direction

• Adele — “Hello” (Production Designer: Colombe Raby)

• Beyoncé — “Hold Up” (Production Designer: Jason Hougaard)

• David Bowie — “Blackstar” (Production Designer: Jan Houllevigue)

• Drake — “Hotline Bling” (Production Designer: Jeremy MacFarlane)

• Fergie — “M.I.L.F. $” (Production Designer: Alexander Delgado)

Best Cinematography

• Adele — “Hello” (Cinematographer: André Turpin)

• Alesso — “I Wanna Know” (Cinematographer: Corey Jennings)

• Ariana Grande — “Into You” (Cinematographer: Paul Laufer)

• Beyoncé — “Formation” (Cinematographer: Malik Sayeed)

• David Bowie — “Lazarus” (Cinematographer: Crille Forsberg)

Best Choreography

• Beyoncé — “Formation” (Choreographer: Chris Grant, JaQuel Knight, Dana Foglia)

• Beyoncé — “Sorry” (Choreographer: Chris Grant, JaQuel Knight, Dana Foglia, Anthony Burrell, Beyoncé Knowles Carter)

• FKA Twigs — “M3LL155X” (Choreographers: Aaron Sillis, Benjamin Milan, Kenrick Sandy and FKA twigs)

• Florence + The Machine — “Delilah” (Choreographer: Holly Blakey)

• Missy Elliott featuring Pharrell — “WTF (Where They From)” (Choreographer: Hi-Hat)

Best Direction

• Adele — “Hello” (Director: Xavier Dolan)

• Beyoncé — “Formation” (Director: Melina Matsoukas)

• Coldplay — “Up&Up” (Director: Vania Heymann, Gal Muggia)

• David Bowie — “Lazarus” (Director: Johan Renck)

• Tame Impala — “The Less I Know The Better” (Director: Canada)

Best Editing

Adele — “Hello” (Editor: Xavier Dolan)

• Ariana Grande — “Into You” (Editor: Hannah Lux Davis)

• Beyoncé — “Formation” (Editor: Jeff Selis)

• David Bowie — “Lazarus” (Editor: Johan Söderberg)

• Fergie — “M.I.L.F. $” (Editor: Vinnie Hobbs)

Best Visual Effects

• Adele — “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” (VFX Editor: Jonathan Box, MPC)

• Coldplay — “Up&Up” (VFX Editor: Vania Heymann)

• FKA Twigs — “M3LL155X” (VFX Editors: Lewis Saunders and Electric Theatre Collective)

• The Weeknd — “Can’t Feel My Face” (VFX Editor: Bryan Smaller)

• Zayn — “PILLOWTALK” (VFX Editor: David Smith)

Song of the Summer

• Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna — “This Is What You Came For”

• Drake — “One Dance”

• Fifth Harmony featuring Fetty Wap — “All In My Head”

• Justin Timberlake — “Can’t Stop The Feeling”

• Kent Jones — “Don’t Mind”

• Major Lazer featuring Justin Bieber — “Cold Water”

• Nick Jonas featuring Ty Dolla $ign — “Bacon”

• Selena Gomez — “Kill ‘Em With Kindness”

• Sia — “Cheap Thrills”

• The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey — “Closer”

Meter readers find evidence of kids living in sewer

Ken Miller, a 30-year engineering manager with a Washington-based utility company, said he's never seen anything quite like it.

Miller said meter readers with the Lakehaven Utility District spied an open manhole in the middle of a street Friday afternoon.

"They pushed the manhole closed, and then later on they came back and the manhole was open," Miller said.

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The workers contacted the Lakehaven Sewer District, who sent out a crew to investigate. When they looked inside, they were surprised to find clothes, toys, food and other miscellaneous belongings. 

Miller said the crew later made contact with kids nearby who said they had stayed there. 

"This should not happen at all," Miller said. "This is where all our waste goes from our houses and our businesses."

In addition to debris, Miller warns there is limited oxygen and the possibility of vermin and potential gases. 

He said crews that venture down into the sewer wear protective equipment and take other precautions against potential dangers.

"No one should be down there ... this could have been life and death," Miller said. 

Miller said all of the items the crews uncovered have been removed. 


200 items
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