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Apple employees keep walking into glass at the new Apple Park campus

The glass walls surrounding Apple’s new Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California, are so clear that employees are actually smacking into them and hurting themselves.

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According to MarketWatch, the company has even had to call emergency services to help multiple employees, some of whom suffered minor cuts to the head.

“While the issue might seem humorous, there are workplace regulations that Apple could be violating,” the site noted. For example, California labor code states that employees should be protected “against the hazard of walking through glass by barriers or by conspicuous durable markings.”

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The new Apple headquarters features 45-foot-tall and curved panels of safety glass. According to Time, some staffers started to stick Post-It notes on the glass doors but were asked to remove them because “they detracted from the building’s design.” Another person familiar with the situation told Time there are other markings on the panels to identify the glass.

If the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration finds Apple has violated the law, the company could be subjected to fines, a spokeswoman from the California Department of Industrial Relations said.

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According to the Verge, this wouldn’t be the first time the company got in trouble for putting its “architectural vision before prioritizing safety.” In 2012, an 83-year-old woman sued Apple after walking into a clear door at an Apple Store and breaking her nose.Built by famed architect Norman Foster, the building is designed to house about 13,000 employees.

Last year, Wired magazine called the structure a “statement of openness, of free movement.” In 2011, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs called the vision “a little like a spaceship landed.”

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The new campus was slated to open last year, but several employees began moving into the structure early this year.

Statistic claiming there have been 18 school shootings in 2018 is misleading

A statistic that claimed the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, was the 18th this year is a misleading one, according to The Washington Post.

The number appears to have originated from a nonprofit gun control group called Everytown for Gun Safety. The group tweeted the statistic Wednesday, the day of the South Florida shooting.

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“Our hearts are with all those impacted by the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida today,” the tweet read. “This is the 18th school shooting in the U.S. in 2018.”

Still, the statistic was quickly spread, being included in tweets from Sen. Bernie Sanders, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and a number of news organizations, including NBC News, ABC News, CBS News and the BBCaccording to The Washington Post.

Everytown’s definition of what constitutes a school shooting is the reasoning for the number, which the publication says is inflated.

A school shooting, according to the Everytown website, is defined as “any time a firearm discharges a live round inside a school building or on a school campus or grounds.”

“Everytown uses a straightforward, fair, and comprehensive definition for a school shooting,” the site said.

The organization’s website lists one incident on Jan. 31 in which a man shot and killed himself in a parked car outside of an elementary school that had been closed for since June 2017. It was a shooting at a school, but neither students nor staff were there.

Another incident, at a Los Angeles middle school Feb. 1, was called an accidental shooting by police. Five people were injured.

Eight other incidents listed fall under the organization’s “Gun fired but no one injured” category.

Such variables make solid numbers on gun violence and school shootings murky. The definition of a school shooting varies by organizations, and the latest data on school-associated violent deaths in U.S. schools is from 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Who are the top 10 recipients of NRA money?

Following the horrific attack on a Florida high school, a comedy writer decided to call out U.S. House and Senate members who offered prayers and condolences to the families of those who lost loved ones in the shooting.

Bess Kalb, a comedy writer, began answering the growing number of tweets from legislators to the victims’ families with cold, hard numbers. Kalb, using information compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics and The New York Times, answered each legislator’s tweet of prayers or condolences with a tweet that listed the value of campaign contributions they had received from the National Rifle Association.

Kalb, along with many who favor stricter federal gun control laws, pointed to NRA campaign spending as a barrier to stronger gun legislation. 

As in the aftermath of mass shootings last fall, renewed calls for gun control measures went out Wednesday. But, as in the aftermath of the shooting at a country music concert – and a church in a small Texas town – not much has been done by federal legislators. 

Kalb’s call-out of legislators has drawn attention to the amount of money the NRA has given to campaigns. The Center for Responsive Politics has compiled a list of NRA contributions made to every member of Congress and what was contributed to the presidential campaigns.

In the 2016 election, the NRA spent $11,438,118 to support Donald Trump’s campaign and donated $19,756,346 to groups opposing Hillary Clinton’s. However, the bulk of the contributions have gone to House and Senate members. Here is a look at the top 10 recipients of NRA contributions.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, “the totals are a combination of money given to the member's campaign or leadership PAC from gun rights or gun control PACs or individuals in the 2016 cycle (2015-2016).

“The total dollar amounts comprise donations made by the National Rifle Association, its affiliates, and its members, as well as “outside money” consisting of campaign spending conducted on behalf of political candidates by NRA political action committees, in all campaign cycles since 1989.

“In addition, money spent by outside groups supporting and opposing these candidates is included in the total.”

Here is a list of the top 10 Senate and House members with the most contributions from the NRA. 

For the complete list from the Center for Responsible Politics, click here.


Former deputy, crime analyst arrested, accused of soliciting prostitute, officials say

former Jacksonville Sheriff's Office employee is in the Duval County Jail after being accused of soliciting a prostitute near a convenience store. 

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According to a JSO report, Gilbert "Gil" Smith, 57, approached an undercover officer and asked them for oral sex in exchange for $20. Smith was taken into custody at 7:22 p.m. on Thursday. He declined to make a statement, JSO officials said.

Smith is well-known in the community as a former spokesman for JSO and has been working as a crime and safety analyst for Jacksonville's Channel 4 since 2014.

Smith served the community as a JSO officer for 26 years.

On Friday, Smith waived his first appearance in court. 

JNCO is closing for good; wide-leg jeans being liquidated

JNCO Jeans, a brand established in 1985 that gained popularity in the 1990s is closing for good.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the company announced it would be closing in a blog post on its website Thursday. It cited licensing issues as the reason for the shutdown.

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“We were honored to serve our vast customer base and with harsh feelings will be winding down operations,” the company said in a statement

JNCO, by brothers Jacques Yaakov Revah and Haim Milo Revah, rose to popularity in the late ‘90s with its alternative fashion, but when the trend faded, so did sales. The company’s main factory closed in 2000.

Despite a revamp in 2017 that included new lines, the company is shutting down.

Sales on the website are concluding and production is ending. Items will be liquidated, the company said.

Those still interested in buying cargos, shorts, wide-leg jeans and other items from the company can get what is left of its inventory on a first-come, first-served basis at the JNCO Jeans website

Manhunt ends after homeowner finds suspect asleep in shed, holds man at gunpoint for authorities, sheriff says

The manhunt for a suspect who fired at a deputy ended when a homeowner found the man in his shed Friday morning and held him at gunpoint until authorities arrived, the Jefferson County Sheriff said. 

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A Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy was called out to a report of a suspicious person around 3 p.m. Thursday. When he arrived, a man wearing a red flannel started firing a gun, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The officer was not hit, although his patrol car was, according to police.

The suspect, who has not been identified, fired the handgun again, although what he was firing at is unknown, and fled into a wooded area, according to the Post-Dispatch.

Police set up a perimeter around the woods. Helicopters flew overhead. However, a homeowner, who noticed an open shed door, investigated and found the suspect asleep inside, according to the Post-Dispatch. No shots were fired as the homeowner held the suspect at gunpoint until authorities arrived, according to the Post-Dispatch. 

“Great work from our community partners,” Sheriff Dave Marshak said in a tweet.

Read the indictment: 13 Russians, 3 Russian entities accused of meddling in US elections

The Justice Department on Friday released a 37-page indictment accusing 13 Russians and three Russian entities of interfering in U.S. elections.

The indictments were part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into allegations that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election.

Read the full indictment below:

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Mueller indicts 13 Russians, 3 Russian entities in election meddling probe

Thirteen Russian nationals and three Russian entities have been indicted by a federal grand jury, accused of interfering with U.S. elections and political processes, the Justice Department announced Friday.

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All clear issued after reports of gunshots prompt lockdown at Washington college

Reports of gunshots heard at Washington’s Highline Community College prompted officials to close the campus for hours Friday morning.

School officials later said the scene was cleared without authorities finding any evidence that a shooting had taken place.

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Mitt Romney announces US Senate run

Former Massachusetts governor and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Friday his plans to run for a U.S. Senate seat in Utah.

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Rumors swirled that Romney would announce his candidacy after Sen. Orrin Hatch, who currently holds the Senate seat, said last month that he would not run for re-election in November.

“I have decided to run for United States Senate because I believe I can help bring Utah’s values and Utah’s lessons to Washington,” Romney said in a video announcing his decision to run. “Utah is a better model for Washington than Washington is for Utah.”

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In a statement obtained by Politico, officials with Romney’s campaign said he plans to visit all of Utah’s counties in the coming months.

Romney has been a frequent and vocal critic of President Donald Trump, despite the fact that the president once considered Romney a candidate to serve as his secretary of state.

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He called Trump a “phony” and “a fraud” during a speech in Utah during the presidential campaign.

"His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University," Romney said in March 2016. "He's playing members of the American public for suckers. He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat."

Romney is expected to win the Senate race due to his popularity among Utah voters, according to CNN. Romney attended Brigham Young University and has deep connections to the Mormon church.

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