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Kobe Bryant: NBA champion, surefire Hall of Famer... Ghostbuster?

There's been plenty of speculation about how Kobe Bryant will spend life after the NBA. The 20-year veteran's $680 million in career earnings mean he shouldn't have to work another day in his life.

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Those familiar with Kobe Bryant's tireless efforts on the court shouldn't be surprised to learn the 37-year-old retiree already has a new gig with a familiar team.

Bryant will join the new "Ghostbusters" squad for a cameo role when the reboot of the '80s classic premieres in July. On Thursday, he gave The Players' Tribune an exclusive first look at his appearance.

This won't be Bryant's first IMDb credit. His rookie year, he made an appearance on the '90s sitcom "Moesha," playing opposite his famous prom date, Brandy Norwood. His next cameo came almost 20 years later, in the 2015 comedy "Daddy's Home."

Although the five-time champion would be a great fit as an NBA coach or color commentator, Bryant's new Mamba suit appears to fit him just fine for now.

A "Ghostbusters" spot featuring Bryant will air during Thursday's NBA Finals.

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NBA jersey ads are here whether you like it or not

We knew the day was coming sooner than later — advertisements on basketball jerseys. 

The Philadelphia 76ers are now the first major American professional sports organization to add sponsorship to their jerseys, announcing a deal with StubHub on Monday. 

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The 76ers, who finished 10-72 this season, unveiled the new jerseys with a small StubHub logo patch on the front left corner. It will be a three-year deal, with the jerseys starting to roll out in the 2017-2018 season.

The 76ers' CEO Scott O'Neil said in a press release, "This marks another groundbreaking first for the Philadelphia 76ers and StubHub. Our brands are now inextricably linked as we create lifelong memories for our fans in Philadelphia and around the world."

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Ads on NBA jerseys have been a long time coming. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver called the move "inevitable" in 2014. 

The league has actually been placing ads on All-Star jerseys for a few years now with little to no kickback from fans. 

"The Los Angeles Clippers! Boom!" Clippers CEO Steve Ballmer said in a Funny or Die video

"That looks like the Carl's Jr. logo," Clippers player Blake Griffin said. 

But it wasn't until recently that owners got together to vote and approve teams to sell 2.5-by-2.5-inch ad space on the jerseys. 

For players, the ads won't affect them too much. Many fans have been wary of them, though, fearing players could soon look like soccer players or NASCAR drivers in the near future. But O'Neil says that won't happen. 

Ads on NBA jerseys are reportedly projected to generate $150 million in annual league revenue with individual teams keeping half the money. 

This video includes images from Getty Images and clips from the Philadelphia 76ers and StubHub

WATCH: Pizza-loving woman chows down, steals spotlight on Hawks' kiss cam

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For some reason, kiss cam hijinks never seem to get old.

A woman at the Atlanta Hawks-Boston Celtics playoff game Tuesday night was dual-wielding pizza when the kiss cam focused in on the couple in front of her.

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She responded in the best way she knew how – by basically making out with the pizza.

Even if this is all staged, what does it matter? This is cheesiest way to deal with the kiss cam, and we love it.

(H/t Mashable)

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NBA commissioner: No plans to move All-Star game despite 'problematic' House Bill 2

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver called for changes to House Bill 2 -- now law in North Carolina -- but said there has been no discussion of moving the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Silver called the law "problematic for the league," and said the NBA would work for change.

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The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce released this statement following Silver's remarks: 

We appreciate and are grateful for the NBA's decision to keep the All-Star Game in Charlotte. We recognize that they, and others, have an expectation that more work needs to be done. Therefore we continue to encourage our representative leadership at all levels to continue to engage in efforts to assure our citizens that they will have the ability to defend their rights related to discrimination in all forms.

The Charlotte Regional Visitor Authority told WSOC that $86 million is up in the air after HB2 was made law. About $60 million of that is from the All-Star Game.

The CRVA said seven events have been canceled, which lost $226,857.

The All-Star Game is set to tip-off at Time Warner Cable Arena next February and the CRVA estimates the event would pump up to $100 million into Charlotte's economy.

The league has expressed concerns after Gov. Pat McCrory passed the non-discrimination law last month.

The NBA has expressed concerns about the bill, which critics say unfairly limits LGBT rights.

The Charlotte mayor also released a statement on the NBA commissioner's remarks:

We appreciate the support of the NBA for its belief in the people of Charlotte and North Carolina. Charlotte shares the NBA’s commitment to equal rights for all and we look forward to working with the NBA and with all of our partners toward constructive change. The NBA and its fans should know that everybody is Always Welcome in Charlotte!  We are honored to host this exciting event, and working hand in hand with the NBA, we will do all we can to make this the most successful All-Star Game ever!

NBA statement regarding 2017 NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte

“During a media availability earlier today following the NBA’s Board of Governors meeting, Commissioner Adam Silver clarified that the NBA remains deeply concerned about its ability to successfully host the 2017 All-Star Game in Charlotte, North Carolina, in light of recent legislation that discriminates against the LGBT community.  At no time did Adam affirm that the league would not move the All-Star Game; rather he stressed repeatedly that the legislation is problematic, that we feel it is best to engage with the community to work towards a solution, that change is needed and we are hopeful that it will occur.”

While the NBA said they are keeping the game in Charlotte for now, Cirque du Soleil announced it has canceled all shows in North Carolina due to HB2.

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Photos: Kobe Bryant scores 60 in final game

Celebrities, athletes reflect upon Kobe Bryant's career

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After 20 years, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant is set to play the final game of his career Wednesday night.

Known as the “Black Mamba,” Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers will face the Utah Jazz at home to finish the season.

After entering the NBA directly from high school, Bryant went on to become one of the league’s premier players, winning five championships, being an 18-time All-Star and ranking third for all-time scoring leader.

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Bryant announced his retirement plans in November 2015 via a poem entitled, “Dear Basketball.”

The accolades are already pouring in from fellow athletes and celebrities on social media.

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'Unbelievable': NBA stars react to NCAA title game's thrilling finish

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The NCAA title game came to an exciting end Monday night as Villanova's Kris Jenkins sank a 3-pointer at the buzzer to give the Wildcats a 77-74 win over North Carolina.

>> PHOTOS: Photos: Villanova's shot nets national title

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The thrilling moment did not go unnoticed by NBA stars, who quickly took to Twitter to share their reactions.

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Former NBA player Dikembe Mutombo survives Brussels terror attack

Basketball Hall of Famer and longtime Atlanta Hawks center Dikembe Mutombo reports he is "fine" after suriving the bombing attacks at Brussels' airport Tuesday.

Mutombo, in Belgium for a conference, wrote on his Facebook account, "God is good. I am in Brussels Airport with this craziness. I am fine."

>>The latest: What we know now about the Brussels terror attacks

He assured fans more than once, "I am fine."

Bombs exploded Tuesday at the Brussels airport and in the city's subway, killing more than two dozen people and wounding dozens, as a European capital was again locked down amid heightened security threats. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

God is good. I am in Brussels Airport with this craziness.  I am fine.Posted by Dikembe Mutombo on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thank you everyone.  I am safe here. God is good.Posted by Dikembe Mutombo on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sticky situation? NBA investigating after Dwight Howard caught using stickum

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Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard is under investigation by the NBA for having sticky fingers — literally.

The Houston Rockets were in Atlanta on Saturday night to play the Hawks when Atlanta's Paul Millsap lined up for a free throw — and noticed the ball was a little stickier than usual. 

Turns out, Howard had just handled the ball and had sprayed his hands with a mysterious substance before checking into the game. Howard used a can at the scorer’s table that was covered with tape, perhaps to hide what it really was. 

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As you might expect, the referees on hand warned both benches about it, and Rockets coach J.B. Bickerstaff soon removed the can from the scorer’s table. Still, Howard didn’t seem too concerned after the game.

A beat writer for the Houston Chronicle tweeted Howard's response: "I don’t know why people are making a big deal out of it. I do it every game. It’s not a big deal. I ain't tripping."

You have to give Howard credit for coming clean, though there’s a chance Howard might not know using stickum is against NBA rules despite the fact referees reminded him during the game. 

While Howard's use of stickum is surprising, the substance has turned up in other sports before. The gloves NFL players use are so tacky the league has considered looking into whether it’s too much of an advantage

As for Howard, we'll just have to wait and see if the NBA penalizes him, which would be bad news for the Rockets. Houston already sits in seventh place in the Western Conference, just a game-and-a-half ahead of missing the playoffs.

This video includes clips from Memorial HermannCNN and ESPN and images from Getty Images.

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