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Poll: Most Native Americans are OK with Washington Redskins' name

Do the Washington Redskins have an offensive team name? Well, it depends on whom you ask.

According to a new Washington Post poll, nine out of 10 Native Americans said they aren't offended by it. The poll surveyed 504 Native American adults across every state. It has a 5.5 percent margin of error.

The results are good for "Washington's football team" and owner Dan Snyder, who's been adamant about his position on any potential name change

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Snyder released a statement in response to the poll, saying, "The Washington Redskins team, our fans and community have always believed our name represents honor, respect and pride. Today's Washington Post polling shows Native Americans agree."

Still, there seems to be a lot of people out there who are against the name.

A PSA ad against the name says, "Native Americans call themselves a lot of things. The one thing they don't ..." 

The team name took a big hit two years ago when the United States Patent and Trademark Office canceled the team's trademark on the name, calling it "disparaging to Native Americans."

That meant just about anyone could use the name and logo however they wanted.

"You have no right to use our name to get attention," an animated Dan Snyder said on "South Park."

"Uh, the trademark got pulled, so I'm totally free to use the name actually," Eric Cartman said.

"Look, don't you see when you call your organization the Washington Redskins, it's offensive to us?"

Interestingly, The Washington Post's editorial board voted to stop using the team's name in late 2014. That board is different from the news-gathering operation, which still uses it.

The Post says this recent poll yielded virtually the same results as another one in 2004 from a different organization. The NFL has declined to comment on the new poll.

This video includes a clip from WAVY and images from Getty Images. 

Daughter steals show as NFL's Devon Still marries longtime love

NFL player Devon Still tied the knot Friday evening with longtime love Asha Joyce in a ceremony at the historic New York Public Library in New York City.

Right by their side was daughter Leah Still, who served as the couple’s flower girl. The 6-year-old stole the show several times throughout the night.

After making her entrance, Leah Still walked up to her father and he bent down to kiss her on the cheek several times, E! News reported. She was also called up during the ceremony by her dad, and held both the bride and groom's hands throughout their vows.

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Everyday I'm thankful A photo posted by Devon Still (@man_of_still91) on May 13, 2016 at 11:10pm PDT <script async defer src="//"></script>

It was less than 2 years ago that Devon Still shared with the world that his daughter had been diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma.

The father and daughter’s journey through the battle with the disease and her recovery captivated the country and social media.

>>Beating cancer: Leah Still gets clean bill of health

With his daughter now on the mend, Devon Still said he is excited about this new chapter in his family’s life.

"Having Asha by my side has definitely made it easier to travel down this path. Overcoming the things we've overcome … I'm just looking forward to what the future holds for us. We'll make it through whatever is thrown our way," Devon Still told E!

Stills' wedding day helped to raise money for other families dealing with pediatric cancers by setting up a charity registry in their honor.

NFL's DeAngelo Williams returns daughter's participation ribbon

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams is getting a lot of attention after returning his daughter’s sports participation award and taking to Twitter to defend his position.

Williams, who previously played for the Carolina Panthers, played college football at the University of Memphis and returned there Friday to talk to fans at an event.

The NFL player said his daughter was excited about getting a participation ribbon after she finished fifth or sixth at a recent field day event, telling her father that she had won.

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Williams said he told his daughter, “No, baby girl. You didn't win, you got one for participating. Give me that, you didn't win anything. I'm taking it back."

Williams said he told the organizer he does not believe in participation ribbons, so he doesn't want his daughter to receive one.

"I, for one, feel like this entitlement age for kids started with us and it has to end with us. I'm going to start ending it by giving back all the participation awards," Williams said in a video posted on social media.

Williams said he told his daughter that if she wanted a ribbon then she had to finish in the top three of her next events, and she did. 

Williams said he thinks children today feel entitled, because parents have raised them to feel like they can and should be praised for everything.

In the past, Williams has shown a softer side when it comes to his daughter.

>>Williams braids daughter's hair in winning Super Bowl ad

On Twitter, Williams was quick to respond to critics.

Williams doesn't reserve his philosophy just for the playing field. Here's his response to a student asking for luck on a final.

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2016 NFL Draft: Fashion takes center stage

Seahawks star Richard Sherman, family welcome baby girl

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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has welcomed a baby girl into the world.

Mother Ashley Lillian posted a photo to Instagram after her daughter Avery’s delivery on April 16.

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This past week has been full of blessings for our little family. We were blessed to welcome our daughter Avery into the world April 16th. Hearing Rayden say "sister sister" absolutely melts my heart as he is adjusting to life as big brother. For my birthday, my better half surprised me with the most heart felt gift I could ask for. I don't really post my gifts but this one I felt I had to share. This beautiful ring with an amethyst to represent Rayden's birthday and diamonds for Avery's birthday. He had it for engraved with our initials "RKS" and "ALS", which all four of share. A photo posted by Ashley Lillian (@msmoss22) on Apr 24, 2016 at 12:29pm PDT

The couple also has a son, Rayden, who was born Feb. 5, 2015, a date that coincidentally reflects the cornerback’s jersey number (25).  

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"My son sure does know how to make an entrance! 2/5/15... Is it a coincidence or is he just that clever?! Either way I'm ecstatic!" Sherman tweeted last year.

Sherman posted on Instagram a few months ago about the family's impending addition.

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New addition ...04/27/16 Can't wait *Bart Scott Voice* A photo posted by Richard Sherman (@rsherman25) on Dec 23, 2015 at 3:54pm PST

San Diego Chargers offer glimpse of what could be their future stadium

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The San Diego Chargers are giving fans a first-look at their plans for an expanded stadium and convention center. On Thursday, the team posted renderings of the architect's design on its website and Twitter page.

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"This is a conceptual design intended to convey the Chargers' vision for what the stadium and convention center expansion could look like," the team said on its website.

Project architect David Manica told the San Diego Union-Tribune the design for the 61,500-seat stadium was inspired by "San Diego's mild climate, rugged coastline and sailing culture."

"We want it to be soft, friendly, of San Diego," he told the newspaper. "We want it to feel like a building that has been there for a long time, like a natural evolution of the downtown architecture."

The final design for the stadium will be chosen by a panel set up by city leaders if locals vote to approve of an initiative to raise money for the project, according to the Chargers.

The team will kick off its signature-gathering campaign on Saturday with an event in San Diego's East Village. Among those scheduled to attend are NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, former running back LaDainian Tomlinson, quarterback Phillip Rivers and team Chairman Dean Spanos.

The initiative would have voters raise the price on hotel stays so bonds could be sold to pay for the $1.8 billion project, according to the Union-Tribune. Of those funds, $650 million would come from the team and the NFL, the paper reported.

The initiative will go before voters in November.

Report: Republicans eyeing Tim Tebow for vacant congressional seat

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"U.S. Congressman Tim Tebow" might be closer to being a reality than we realized.

Tebow expressed an opinion a couple of weeks ago that he would definitely be interested in holding public office someday. Tebow, famous for his Heisman days at Florida and his Christian values, would likely be a shoo-in for a ton of open offices around the state of Florida.

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Well, one is opening up soon, and some Republicans want Tebow to campaign for the job.

Eight-term U.S. Rep. Ander Crenshaw, R-Jacksonville, will be retiring at the end of his term in January, which will leave Florida's 4th Congressional district seat open. According to the Washington Examiner, Tebow -- who maintains residence in that district -- would be a dream candidate for the Republican Party.

Republican sources told the Examiner that they are reaching out to Tebow in hopes he will consider a bid. They are even quietly pulling together a potential campaign team that he could use for the upcoming August 30 primary.

The former Florida Gator quarterback is currently out of the NFL and working for the SEC Network. Tebow reportedly still has interest in playing football, but this could finally signal the end of his athletic career and the beginning of a political career -- assuming he takes the leap.

Tebow would have until June 24 to declare and run for the office.

Johnny Manziel passenger in hit-and-run; agent terminates his contract

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Agent Drew Rosenhaus terminated his contract with Johnny Manziel Wednesday -- the same day a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman said the former Cleveland Browns quarterback was involved in a hit-and-run accident over the weekend.

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Drew Rosenhaus told ESPN's Adam Schefter he had terminated his standard representation with Manziel, but said he would be convinced to continue on if the quarterback enters a treatment facility within the next five days. Rosenhaus' representation of Manziel was contingent on the quarterback entering treatment, which he has refused.

"I have informed him that if he takes the immediate steps I have outlined for him, that I will rescind the termination and continue to represent him," Rosenhaus told Schefter. "Otherwise, the termination will become permanent."

Rosenhaus, an NFL agent for 27 years, has never fired a player.

Manziel hoped to play in the NFL in 2016, but that likely won't happen if he remains terminated by Rosenhaus, according to

On the same day, police in Los Angeles revealed Manziel was a passenger in a car that was involved in a hit-and-run incident on April 9. The former Heisman Trophy winner was riding with Ryan Silverstein, a friend, when Silverstein drove into a light pole, according to the LAPD.

Both Silverstein and Manziel left the scene. Manziel left on foot and was eventually given a ride by former teammate and suspended Browns receiver Josh Gordon, according to The former first-round pick eventually returned to the scene of the accident.

The LAPD said an investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed.

The incident happened on the same day Manziel was recorded saying he was rooming with Denver Broncos star Von Miller, which is untrue.

The Browns drafted Manziel late in the first-round of the 2014 draft, sparking hopes the crafty and creative quarterback could duplicate in the NFL the record-breaking success he had at Texas A&M. Manziel struggled off the field for two years and had limited playing time. He was released by the Browns on March 11.

The NFL has yet to rule if Manziel violated the personal conduct policy as a Dallas grand jury investigates if he assaulted his former girlfriend.

Will Smith's wife Racquel was shot first, attorney says

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The wife of slain former Saints player Will Smith was reportedly shot before her husband was killed during an incident on April 9, the Smith family attorney said Wednesday. 

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According to attorney Peter Thomson, Racquel Smith was deliberately shot first by Cardell Hayes, 28, who later shot and killed Will Smith. Racquel Smith suffered gunshot wounds to both legs and remains at University Medical Center in New Orleans, where she is being treated.

Hayes' defense attorney has said that an altercation ensued between Hayes and Will Smith after Smith brandished a weapon, leading Hayes to feel "threatened."

"Smith had a gun and was going to shoot it and Cardell may have saved both of their lives," attorney Tanzanike Ruffin told NBC Sports. "In my mind, this is justifiable homicide. We assume Will Smith is a saint, but he’s not."

>> Will Smith shooting: Guns found, possible stand your ground defense 

A loaded 9 mm handgun was found Saturday night in Will Smith's SUV, but the weapon did not appear to have been fired in the incident, law enforcement authorities said.

"I am not aware of any threats by Mr. Smith to go get a gun," said Thomson, who also said that Will Smith was licensed to carry a concealed weapon but that he never had a chance to take his gun out of a console in his car before Hayes shot him. "I'm aware of nothing that Will Smith did that would cause this killer to be afraid for his life. There's nothing Will Smith could have ever said to have caused that specific intent to shoot and kill him and specific intent to shoot his wife."

According to police, the incident in which Will Smith was killed started when Hayes’ vehicle was rear-ended by Smith’s SUV. Will Smith drove off and Hayes followed, rear-ending Will Smith about a block and a half from the first incident. The two men got out of their vehicles and argued, police said.

"(Hayes) was enraged, yelling and cursing," Thomson said at a news conference, referring to video surveillance that captured the incident.

"(Racquel Smith) was actually telling the shooter, before the shooting occurred, 'Leave us alone. Go back to your car. We have children. This is not worth this,'" Thomson said. "And (she was) holding her hand up to him to ask him to stop."

Hayes shot at Will Smith, striking him in the back eight times, killing him and injuring his wife, authorities said.

"At no time during this event did Will Smith either brandish or carry a firearm," Thomson said.

"Hayes was on the scene when officers arrived and identified himself as the shooter. Detectives detained and questioned Hayes. Based on the interview and evidence gathered from the scene, detectives arrested Hayes and booked him (on charges of) second-degree murder. An additional charge for Racquel Smith's injury is pending further investigation," a statement from New Orleans police said.

>> Will Smith dined with cop accused of killing Cardell Hayes' father

Will Smith, 34, was drafted by the Saints in 2004 and played nine seasons with the team. The shooting happened Saturday night in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans.

>> Family, New Orleans Saints mourn loss of Will Smith

On Sunday, a judge set Hayes' bail at $1 million. He has not entered a plea.   

"(Racquel) asked me to say that Will was a wonderful husband, wonderful father, adored by her and her children," Thompson said. "She considered him her Superman. And that night, as he always does, he was trying to protect her the best he could."

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