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Posted: July 21, 2016

K-Quiz Answers

Missed the K-Quiz this morning? Here are the answers you may have missed

K-Quiz for the week of July 11th

  • 7/11--Of all his vices, Toby Keith says which one is probably the worst? Potato chips!
  • 7/12--There are 9.2 million what in the U-S? Cows!
  • 7/13--How does James Taylor relax after a performance? Watch cartoons!
  • 7/14--Less than 2% of the world's population can claim what? Red hair!
  • 7/15--Christopher Columbus is the first person known to have written about what? Raccoons! 

K-Quiz for the week of July 4th

  • 7/4--Happy 4th of July! 
  • 7/5--Hot dogs were the first food ever eaten where? The moon!
  • 7/6--The average American goes thru 77 pounds a year? Sugar!
  • 7/7--34% of us do what every day? Eat pancakes!

K-Quiz for the week of June 27th

  • 6/27--Where does Keith Urban get most of his song writing inspiration? The shower!
  • 6/28--Brett Eldredge said he learned everything he knows about Twitter from who? Blake Shelton!
  • 6/29--What is Maren Morris' after show snack? M&M's!
  • 6/30--Japan is home to the world's largest what? Bowling alley! 
  • 7/1-- This weekend, 94% of Americans will do what? Eat hot dogs!

K-Quiz for the week of June 20th

  • 6/20--At one point, Wynonna dated what country singer? Dwight Yoakam! 
  • 6/21--Who are Dinky and Gidget? Taco Bell dogs!
  • 6/22--One in eight Americans will do what today? Eat pizza!
  • 6/23--What "species is considered endangered? Lawn flamingos!
  • 6/24--Americans consumer 250-billion every year? Pepperonis!
  • 6/23--In some areas, what is considered an endangered species? Pink lawn flamingos!