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Posted: October 31, 2014

Woman wakes from coma, delivers healthy baby

Doctors call the child a "miracle"


            Woman wakes from coma, delivers healthy baby
Jenny & Angel Quiles 

By Rick Couri


Jenny Quiles was on her way to an appointment with her OB/GYN when a dump truck hit her. Witnesses say Quiles turned at the last second to keep the truck from impacting her stomach.

Quiles was taken to a hospital where she remained in a coma for three weeks.

Then on Wednesday, Jenny stirred when she heard her husband’s voice. The Tampa Bay Times writes, Quiles “pulled him close as if she was trying to tell him something."

Jenny went into contractions almost immediately.

Four hours later, Angel Noemi Quiles was born.

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"Out of all the negativity, finally something positive," husband Angel told the paper.

Despite being a month early, the “miracle baby” -- as doctors are calling her -- is doing splendidly.

Doctor Jennifer R. Gilby told the Times Jenny has a brain injury, but “she's improving every day."

Gilby added, "I think now that she doesn't have to support a whole second entity, hopefully we'll see some improvements.”

Quiles hasn’t held the baby yet, something her husband thinks may help.

"I want Jenny to see the baby," he began. "Hopefully, that will snap her out of this. I need her back in my life."

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