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Posted: November 04, 2014

Man eats at Olive Garden 95 times over 6 weeks

Paid $100 for ‘Pasta Pass’ for over $1,000 worth of food (so far)


A man in North Carolina managed to eat over $1,500 worth of food at Olive Garden using a "Pasta Pass" he bought for just $100.

Alan Martin "won" his pass in September.  He was noted as saying “I intend on eating there twice a day for the 49 days. The pass is good for — and will attempt to eat 100 free dinners.”  The pass was only made available to 1,000 people.

As of Monday, Martin had managed to eat 95 meals there which total to around $1,500.  He intends to use the pass until the expiration date, Nov. 9.

Read more about him here

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