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Posted: October 04, 2016

WikiLeaks' Assange plans to release 'significant' election-related documents

By Michelle Ewing

Cox Media Group National Content Desk


Hillary Clinton critics hoping for an "October surprise" Tuesday from WikiLeaks were in for a disappointment.

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At the 10th anniversary press conference for the whistleblower organization early Tuesday in Berlin, founder Julian Assange, who spoke via video from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, weighed in on rumors that he would be releasing information that could damage Clinton's presidential campaign.

"I've seen the Internet, and I understand there's enormous expectation in the United States," Assange said. "Some of that expectation will be partly answered, but you have to understand that if we're going to make a major publication in relation to the United States at a particular hour, we don't do it at 3 a.m."

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Assange said WikiLeaks plans to release 1 million documents over the next 10 weeks, spanning three governments and covering topics such as the U.S. election, the war, arms, Google, oil and mass surveillance.

All election-related documents should be published before Nov. 8, he said. When asked whether the information would "destroy" Clinton's campaign, he replied, "There's been a lot of misquoting of me and WikiLeaks publications."

"Are our upcoming publications significant in relation to the U.S. election? Yeah, we think they 're significant," Assange said, adding that the leaks would "show interesting features of U.S. power factions."

The news came one day after Donald Trump surrogate Roger Stone tweeted, "Wednesday @HillaryClinton is done #Wikileaks."

Assange originally had planned to make his speech in person from the Ecuadorian embassy's balcony but scrapped those plans due to "security concerns," NBC News reported.

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