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Report: Trump considering trip to Mexico Wednesday to meet with Pena Nieto

The Washington Post is reporting that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is considering a trip to Mexico Wednesday, hours before he is scheduled to give a major speech on immigration.

The Post story says  Trump is considering a meeting with Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto. The meeting would take place in advance of a speech many see as an attempt to clarify his stance on undocumented aliens.

According to a report from Reuters, Pena Nieto said earlier in the month he would meet with Trump, despite the fact he has compared the New York billionaire with Adolf  Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

"Yes, I would meet with him," Pena Nieto said, referring to Trump in a pre-taped television interview broadcast on Tuesday night.

"I have never met him. I can't agree with some of the things he has said, but I will be absolutely respectful and will seek to work with whomever becomes the next president of the United States."

According to the Post story, the possibility of a trip was first raised with the U.S. embassy in Mexico City earlier this week, a source said. 

Trump is set to give his speech in Phoenix at 6 p.m. local time. 

Florida woman records close bear encounter, leads to warning from state agency

A Seminole County woman recorded her close encounter with a black bear, prompting Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to warn residents that the bears have become too accustomed to people.

The woman was sitting in her driveway in the Markham Woods area of the county, which FWC said has an abundant bear population.

The video shows the bear walking up to the woman, sniffing her knee and coming close to her face, before calmly walking away.

No one was injured.

The video was turned over to FWC Tuesday.

FWC said bear biologists are conducting a site visit to check on bears in the area.

FWC officers want to urge residents to never get close to bears or allow bears to get close to humans.

“While we are glad that no one was injured during the interaction captured on video, if this was an area where children were playing, the situation could have quickly turned tragic,” FWC said in a release. “People should be mindful that black bears are highly unpredictable, wild animals.”

FWC said there have been four people seriously injured by bears in Seminole County since 2012.

“The video of this very large bear demonstrates that it has obviously lost its fear of humans, most likely because it has learned that food is available in this area,” FWC said. “We urge Floridians to contact us immediately if they see a bear who is exhibiting this kind of behavior. Normal bear behavior is to avoid people.”

Man married 77 years clutches wife’s hand in her final moments

A photo showing a dying woman’s final moments is touching hearts across the country.

The photo posted to Reddit shows a 96-year-old woman clutching her 100-year-old husband’s hand in her final moments. The pair have been married for 77 years, according to couple’s granddaughter who shared the photo.

The picture shows their beds pushed together and their hands resting on a pillow placed between them. The woman is still wearing her wedding ring on her left hand.

According to the photo’s caption, the woman died just hours after this photo was taken.

<iframe src="//;border=false" width="100%" height="750" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe><script src="//;border=false"></script>[View the story "Man married 77 years clutches wife’s hand in her final moments" on Storify]

Chris Brown arrested on suspicion of assault with deadly weapon

Singer Chris Brown has been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon following an alleged confrontation with a woman at his Los Angeles home, according to The Associated Press, citing Los Angeles police.

KNBC reported the arrest comes after what is being called a 10-hour standoff between Brown and officers with the Los Angeles Police Department.

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KTLA reported that Brown refused to come out of his home when police arrived.

Brown posted explicit videos to his Instagram profile about the incident early Tuesday morning, saying he did nothing wrong.

NBC News reported that the investigation involved a felony assault with a deadly weapon report early Tuesday, when police responded to a 3 a.m. 911 call from a woman.

Police said at a 1 p.m. news conference that they obtained a search warrant, which the Los Angeles Times reported police obtained to search Brown's home for a weapon the woman said was used to threaten her.

TMZ Live spoke with the woman who they said was the alleged victim, Baylee Curram, who said she has partied with the singer before. According to Curram, Brown pointed a gun when she was admiring a diamond cross necklace in the singer's home.

"I don’t know if it was Chris’ friend or how he was related, but that’s when he told me to back away from the diamond necklace and started cussing me out and calling me names," Curram told the L.A. Times. "That’s when Chris pulled his gun and told me to get out."

Police said Brown was being taken to LAPD headquarters, where he will be arrested, according to KNBC.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Woman suffers miscarriage, 'humiliated' trying to return items to Babies 'R' Us

A woman in Waterbury, Connecticut, said she was humiliated and hurt when she made returns at a Babies "R" Us.

Jessica Huchko told WFSB that she and her husband were expecting a baby boy but miscarried.

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Huchko said that prior to the miscarriage, she and her husband already had most of what they needed after having three girls, but went to Babies "R" Us to get the latest of some items.

"We pretty much had everything, but with car seats and strollers, you have to update them every five years," Huchko said.

But having those items around after the miscarriage was difficult.

"Every time I would see them, I would either get mad or upset. I needed them out of the house," Huchko told WFSB.

So Huchko went to Babies "R" Us to to return the items to the store. She said she did not have a receipt, which is against store policy. Huchko said that both items were still in the box and she had the debit card she used to pay for them.

"I guess I didn't give (the employee) a good enough answer, so she asked, 'Why are you returning this?' And it triggered something inside of me," Huchko told WFSB.

She said in a Facebook post Thursday that when she told an employee the reason for returning her items, she became overwhelmed and started to cry.

"(The employee) was obviously mortified for asking and continued to do the return. While we were standing there, many people had started to line up behind me. I was so emotional I could not stop crying," Huchko wrote. "I became nervous now that so many people were watching me cry while she was looking up the product. She must have scanned the items over 20 times and could not find them in the system anywhere. All I wanted to do was leave."

Huchko said eventually a manager had to step in, who, according to Huchko's post, could not locate the stroller in the system and could only offer the mother half the price of the car seat.

WFSB reported that the manager allegedly offered Huchko pennies for the $179 stroller.

"(The manager) turned around and said, 'It's coming up as two cents.' I said, 'So you're offering me two cents for a double stroller?' It was worse than a slap in the face," Huchko said. "Now I have to try and control myself while there's a huge line forming behind me."

"We are deeply sorry for her experience in our store, and more importantly for her loss,"  Babies "R" Us said in a statement Monday. "The store leadership has provided coaching to the team members to help ensure similar situations are handled with more care in the future."

Huchko is hoping for a change in store policy. She said the store manager called her Monday and offered to give her the rest of the balance owed for returning the stroller.

Teen dies from a hickey, doctors say

Watch out. Hickeys may be hazardous to your health.

A 17-year-old recently died from complications from a hickey, according to the Daily Mail.

Julio Macias Gonzalez, of Mexico City, went into convulsions at his home and died despite intervention by emergency medical personnel, The Daily Mail reports.

Doctors said "The bruise (hickey) caused a blood clot to form, which then traveled to his brain, causing a stroke," according to the Daily Mail.

In 2011, The Telegraph reported a woman in New Zealand had a "small stroke" and temporarily lost mobility in her arm due to a clot caused by a hickey. 

 Read more at Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

Man dies protecting fiancee, steps in front of oncoming car

A man is dead after being hit by a vehicle on an interstate in Shreveport, Louisiana, while helping his fiancee, who was injured in an accident.

KSLA reported that biker John Newhart Jr. died protecting his fiancee, Kimberly West, from an oncoming vehicle on Interstate 20.

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"He went out a hero, he sacrificed himself to save the love of his life," a friend of Newhart's friend told KSLA.

Police say Newhart and West, both 43, were riding together on Newhart's motorcycle when he lost control of his bike and West fell off.

KTBS reported that Newhart was helping West get out of the lane and into safety when an oncoming vehicle hit them both.

"He tossed her out of the way and he got hit point blank," a friend said.

Posted by KSLA News 12 on Monday, August 29, 2016

West is in serious condition at the ICU at LSU Health Sciences Center, Shreveport.

KSLA reported that the couple got engaged a few weeks ago.

"They were set to be married in May and I'm just heartbroken that isn't going to happen," said Alan Joyce, Newhart's stepfather.

Friends and family say they are having a benefit in Newhart's memory Friday.

Grandfather goes back to school, enrolls at same university as granddaughter

Melanie Salazar is a freshman at Palo Alto College in Texas, and luckily, she has someone familiar by her side: her grandfather.

Eighty-two-year-old Rene Neira is the most popular student on campus, after his granddaughter’s tweet went viral.

“I’m so proud of my grandpa for finishing his first day at PAC this semester!” wrote 18-year-old Melanie on Twitter. “82 years old and not giving up!”

Rene has to finish just one class to earn his associate’s degree in economics.

Melanie told the Huffington Post that she’s thrilled that she can have lunch with her grandpa this semester.

“Honestly, to me it feels normal that I’m going to school with my grandpa,” she told ABC News. “I look at my grandpa and I’m proud of him. This is a normal thing. It feels great and I’m very proud of him.”

Grandpa has no intention of stopping anytime soon. Rene plans on attending the University of Texas at San Antonio to earn his bachelor’s after earning his associate’s degree this semester.

<script>(function(d, s, id) {  var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];  if (d.getElementById(id)) return;  js = d.createElement(s); = id;  js.src = "//;version=v2.7&amp;appId=294997927197681";  fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));</script>“I like to say he’s my best friend and it’s great to have him here with me.”Posted by HuffPost Good News on Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chick-fil-A to test 5 new menu items, including quinoa bowls, healthy breakfast options

Chicken chain Chick-fil-A will introduce new, healthy items to its menu, including quinoa grain bowls and a protein smoothie.

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Two new items will hit test markets across the country on Monday.

The first of many new options to hit select menus are the Harvest Kale and Grain Bowl and the Egg White Grill Grain Bowl.

The Harvest Kale & Grain Bowl features a hearty blend of red quinoa, white quinoa and farro, roasted butternut squash and diced apples on a bed of chopped kale, according to a Chick-fil-A press release. It is topped with a goat and feta cheese blend and tart dried cherries, served with a blend of roasted nuts and a light balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 

The Egg White Grill Grain Bowl includes the same grain blend of red quinoa, white quinoa and farro, plus scrambled egg whites, grilled chicken and a Monterey jack and cheddar cheese blend.

"While we will always serve the classic menu items we're known for, we are also excited to try new ingredients that we hope will satisfy our customers' requests and allow us to stay on-top of new flavor trends," said David Farmer, vice president of menu strategy and development. "Our new Harvest Kale & Grain Bowl and Egg White Grill Grain Bowl are nutritious, hearty options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We hope customers in the test markets think they're delicious; we can't wait to find out what they think to help determine if these items should be added to menus nationwide."

The Egg White Grill Grain Bowl and the Harvest Kale & Grain Bowl will be offered at participating restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Tampa, Florida, and Huntsville, Alabama.

Three other breakfast items will be offered at Chick-fil-A locations in New York, New Jersey, San Diego, Columbia, South Carolina, and Washington, D.C. later this year.

The Hash Brown Scramble, which can be served in either a bowl or as a burrito, the Egg White Grill Bowl and the Berry Protein Blend breakfast smoothie will be offered for a limited time during breakfast hours this fall. 

The Hash Brown Scramble includes Chick-fil-A Hash Browns, scrambled eggs, a Monterey Jack cheddar cheese blend and a choice of sliced Chick-fil-A Nuggets or sausage. It is served with jalapeño salsa. 

The Egg White Grill Bowl contains freshly scrambled egg whites, a Monterey Jack cheddar cheese blend and sliced grilled chicken. It is also served with jalapeño salsa. 

The Berry Protein Blend is a breakfast beverage made with chia seeds, ancient grains, mixed berries and yogurt. It is handspun with a small amount of Chick-fil-A's Icedream ice cream and topped with granola. 

"More people are eating breakfast away from home, and we want to meet the needs of our guests by providing breakfast options that span a variety of nutritional needs, tastes and ingredients," Matt Abercrombie, senior consultant of menu development, said in a press release. "In addition to our classic breakfast offerings our customers know and love, like our Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit or Chick-n-Minis, we're excited to offer three new breakfast items for our customers to try and help us determine whether or not we launch them nationwide."

In July, Chick-fil-A introduced the Egg White Grill, a lower-calorie a breakfast sandwich comprised of egg whites and cheese on an English muffin. It replaced the spicy chicken biscuit. Customers can also order the Chicken Egg & Cheese breakfast sandwich on the newly added English muffin.

A breakfast packed with 25g of protein and only 300 calories. #NotThatCrazy A photo posted by Chick-fil-A, Inc. (@chickfila) on Aug 1, 2016 at 7:12am PDT

The company also altered its sauce flavors earlier this year.

Read more at Chick-fil-A.

Twitter to pay content creators for videos

To stay competitive with Facebook and YouTube, Twitter is going to start paying content creators for videos.

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The service was already paying big entities like the NFL, but this deal is aimed at YouTube-style creators.

And according to ReCode, it's giving them a pretty good deal. That outlet says 70 percent of ad revenue will go to creators and that Twitter is keeping 30 percent for itself.

YouTube actually only pays out about 55 percent to creators, and Facebook only pays certain companies and celebrities to use its live-streaming feature. It doesn't actually pay for regular video.

Although, that doesn't mean Twitter's video content is going to get competitive overnight. YouTube already has a massive and established user base where creators already know they can make money.

But Twitter is doing something pretty smart and allowing creators to monetize content on multiple platforms, making it pretty easy for those already producing content to start posting on Twitter.

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Gladys Knight files lawsuit against son

Music icon Gladys Knight is suing her son, demanding that he stop using her name.

According to the lawsuit, Knight no longer wants her name and image on any signs or promotions for the chicken and waffles restaurants.

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The lawsuit claims Knight licensed her name and memorabilia to her son, Shanga Hankerson, in 1999 for use in connection with the Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles restaurants.

Court documents say that in 2009, Knight considered ending the agreement altogether due to what she perceived as mismanagement, but instead entered a verbal agreement, which was contingent on Hankerson protecting Knight’s name and reputation.

The lawsuit mentions both a state investigation and struggling business operations.

Authorities raided metro Atlanta locations of the resturants in June and arrested Hankerson on charges of theft and racketeering.

Related: Authorities raid Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles restaurants

Hankerson is accused of stealing more than $650,000 in sales and withholding taxes. With penalties and interest, he would owe more than $1 million.

In February one location scored a 56 on an inspection. It passed with a 90 on its re-inspection.

The restaurants are under new management following Hankerson’s arrest.

Some people might be using pets' antibiotics

Apparently, some people are getting prescription medications from a pretty unusual source: Their pets.

Yes, according to a recent study, a small number of people are using their furry friends' meds.

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Scientists stumbled across this odd information while conducting a survey about the prevalence of unprescribed antibiotic use.

Of the 400 people who responded, 5 percent admitted to using off-prescription antibiotics in the past year, and more than 25 percent said they planned to take them at some point in the future.

But things got weird when the participants revealed where they were getting these drugs.

Most of them came from pretty predictable sources: friends and family, leftover prescriptions and even from other countries.

But 4 percent of respondents reported getting antibiotics from their pets. And it wasn't even an option on the survey; they had to write it in.

One of the study's authors told CNN she empathizes with people who use their pets' medicines because the cost of the medication is just too much or they can't see a doctor.

But she doesn't recommend it. She told the outlet, "We metabolize things differently than animals do, and these drugs are formulated for animals."

And taking any antibiotic without a prescription could be a threat to the people around you, too.

Previous research has shown that those who use nonprescription antibiotics can become resistant to the drugs and susceptible to infections that were once treatable.

So the key takeaway here: Paws off your pets' antibiotics.

How would a head transplant be done?

It’s either the stuff of science fiction or the stuff of horror, but either way, according to an Italian neuroscientist, the first head transplant between humans is set to take place within the next year and a half.

A paper published in the June issue of Surgical Neurology International by Dr. Sergio Canavero announced that by the end of 2017, a Russian computer scientist will be the first human to have his head removed from his body and attached to a “donor body.”

The idea of attaching a person's head to another person's body is obviously going to set off all kinds of ethical and moral discussions. Doctors, researchers and religious leaders -- including the Russian Orthodox Church -- are all beginning to come forward with warnings about trying a surgery that many say is hundreds of years in the future, if doable at all.  

Here’s a look at what the procedure involves and what other doctors and religious leaders think of the prospect of putting a man’s head on another man’s body.

What is a head transplant?

A head transplant is where a living head and brain is attached to another person’s donor body.

How does Canavero’s human head transplant work?

Here’s how Canavero proposed to do it:

• Both the donor body and the head and brain to be attached to the body are cooled to between 54.6 and 59 degrees F. This is done to try to keep brain cells alive a bit longer when they are deprived of oxygen during the procedure.

• Next, the tissue around the neck is cut to reveal the major blood vessels.

• The blood vessels are linked using tiny tubes.

• The spinal cord on the donor body and the spinal cord on the body of the head to be transplanted are both severed with a knife sharpened to provide a clean, precise cut.

• This is when the head is removed.

• The two ends of the spinal cords are fused with the help of a chemical called polyethylene glycol. The chemical prompts growth of spinal cord cells.

• The muscles and blood supply are connected to the new body.

What happens if everything goes as expected?

If the head is transplanted and the patient survives the surgery, he is put into a medically-induced coma for the next month.

Here’s Dr. Canavero’s explanation.

What’s the best outcome to expect?

Dr. Canavero says he expects patients will be able to move, feel their face and speak – in the same voice – as soon as they are awakened from the coma. Walking, he believes, would come within a year.

Has a head transplant been tried before?

Not on humans, but it has been done on animals – dogs, monkeys and rats.

>>Who is Valery Spiridonov? 5 things to know about Russian volunteer for first human head transplant

How successful were those attempts?

Successful in that they were completed, not successful in that the animals died rather quickly after surgery.

Does Dr. Canavero have support in the medical community?

No, he doesn’t. Most doctors who have commented on the surgery say they don’t believe it can be done. Dr. Jerry Silver, who witnessed a head transplant on a rhesus monkey, told CBS News it was “bad science,” at best.

"I remember that the head would wake up, the facial expressions looked like terrible pain and confusion and anxiety in the animal. The head will stay alive, but not very long," the Case Western Reserve University neurologist said. "It was just awful. I don't think it should ever be done again.”

Silver says science is “ light years away from what they're talking about. ... to severe a head and even contemplate the possibility of gluing axons back properly across the lesion to their neighbors is pure and utter fantasy in my opinion."

Dr Chad Gordon, professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery and neurological surgery at Johns Hopkins University, told BuzzFeed that, “There’s no way he’s going to hook up somebody’s brain to someone’s spinal cord and have them be functional.” 

“On the conservative side, we’re about 100 years away from being able to figure this out,” he continued. “If he’s saying two, and he’s promising a living, breathing, talking, moving human being? He’s lying.”

Dr Arthur Caplan told Forbes: “I think the most likely result is insanity or severe mental disability.”

According to the Mirror, the Russian Orthodox Church has warned that the man whose head is to be transplanted would be blending souls and “going against God”.

When and where will the first human head transplant take place?

The first head transplant will likely take place before the end of 2017 in Harbin Medical University in China. 

Is there a head donor lined up?

Amazingly, there is. According to Canavero there was “folders” full of people willing to be the first to have his or her head transplanted onto another body. The person chosen is a 30-year-old Russian scientist named Valery Spiridonov. Spiridonov has Werdnig-Hoffman disease – a condition that causes muscle-wasting.

 According to reports, Spiridonov has begun efforts to crowdfund the money required for his procedure. 

Colin Kaepernick isn't the first star athlete to protest the national anthem

San Fransisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick isn't the first athlete to make a public political statement.

The 28-year-old said Friday that he would not stand for the national anthem before games or at any other time. 

"I'm not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color," he said. "To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder."

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Kaepernick received a hailstorm of criticism, but he is one of many celebrities that have used their platform to take a stand. 

In his 1972 autobiography, "I Never Had It Made," Jackie Robinson detailed the moment he realized he could not "stand and sing the anthem" or "salute the flag." 

"There I was, the black grandson of a slave, the son of a black sharecropper, part of a historic occasion, a symbolic hero to my people. The air was sparkling. The sunlight was warm. The band struck up the national anthem. The flag billowed in the wind. It should have been a glorious moment for me as the stirring words of the national anthem poured from the stands. Perhaps, it was, but then again, perhaps, the anthem could be called the theme song for a drama called The Noble Experiment. Today, as I look back on that opening game of my first world series, I must tell you that it was Mr. Rickey’s drama and that I was only a principal actor. As I write this twenty years later, I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag; I know that I am a black man in a white world. In 1972, in 1947, at my birth in 1919, I know that I never had it made."

More recently, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf played point guard for the Denver Nuggets from 1990 to 1996, when he made headlines for his refusal to stand for the anthem. 

Abdul-Rauf said the American flag was "a symbol of oppression, of tyranny" and that supporting oppression would be against his Muslim faith.

He was suspended for one game but was ultimately allowed to stand with his eyes closed and head bent down during the anthem, Sports Illustrated reported.

In 2003, college basketball player Toni Smith made national headlines when she protested the Iraq War by turning her back on the flag during the national anthem. 

A year later, baseball first baseman Carlos Delgado, who was playing for the Toronto Blue Jays, protested the recitation of "God Bless America," which many teams played before games after the Sept. 11 attacks, by staying in the dugout during the song.

"It's a very terrible thing that happened on Sept. 11,” Delgado told the Toronto Star at the time. "It's (also) a terrible thing that happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. I just feel so sad for the families that lost relatives and loved ones in the war."

Delgado ended the protest in 2006 when he was traded to the New York Mets.

In 2014, Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Dion Waiters stayed in the locker room during the recitation of the anthem before a game against the Utah Jazz. He initially said he purposely avoided it because of his Muslim faith but later said that his missing the anthem was a "simple miscommunication."

>> Looks like Colin Kaepernick is sitting through the national anthem for some time

So far, despite the backlash, Kaepernick has said Sunday that he's sticking with his stance. 

"I'll continue to sit," he said Sunday. "I'm going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. To me, this is something that has to change, and when there's significant change -- and I feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent, and this country is representing people the way it’s supposed to -- I'll stand." 

Read more here.

Animal activists condemn university for killing dogs used in research

An organization that seeks to end animal testing is calling out a group of university researchers for euthanizing six young Beagles after a study ended.

According to the study published in the journal Veterinary Ophthalmology, researchers at the University of Missouri sedated the beagles, wounded the dogs' corneas and then tested an experimental acid to see if it sped up the healing process of corneal ulcers.

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The Beagle Freedom Project told the Riverfront Times the dogs shouldn't have been euthanized because the group would have found homes for them.

The organization was in the process of suing the university on claims that it violated the state's open records law when it discovered the study.

Beagle Freedom Project was seeking records on the 179 animals that researchers used at the university. The school apparently responded by saying it would cost the animal rights group over $82,000 to produce those records.

The study concluded the acid didn't speed up the healing process. Beagle Freedom Project said the study was unnecessary since researchers themselves reportedly acknowledged the sample size was too small to "detect a clinically significant difference in healing rates."

A university statement provided to the Riverfront Times reads in part: "Without animal research, we would not be able to answer some of the most important medical questions. ... Veterinarians have provided vital information to physicians and veterinarians treating corneal injuries — which ultimately benefit other dogs, animals and humans, including many of our U.S. veterans who have sustained corneal injuries while defending our country."

Investigators: Father admits to trying to kill unbuckled son by crashing vehicle

A Colorado father was placed behind bars on Tuesday after investigators said he admitted to purposefully not buckling his son into his seat and running the vehicle into multiple other cars.

Nathan Weitzel, 29, buckled his own seat belt at 11 a.m. on Aug. 21, but told deputies he purposefully didn’t restrain his son because he was trying to kill him, KUSA reports. His son, 2-year-old Isaiah, is currently in a cast and “can’t move very well” after Weitzel drove into several cars at 75 miles per hour Tuesday in Arapahoe County, Colorado.

Investigators said Weitzel admitted his plan to them.

"The reason he wanted to kill Isaiah was because being a father was a big responsibility and he did not think he was man enough to raise a child,” investigators said.

"He's in the place that he should be," Isaiah's mom, Nancy Lopez, told KUSA. "He needs to be in jail for a long time."

Weitzel was with Isaiah at the park and “thought of a way to kill” him, and left the child at the park to look for a good place to crash the car, investigators said. He also admitted to authorities that he had been on cocaine that day. A sheriff’s deputy helped Isaiah out of the car following the crash and told investigators that the child was “crying and appeared to be fading in and out of consciousness.”

“I don’t understand why or how he could do something like this, but I’m hoping Isaiah recovers soon; people pray for us and for my son to get better," Lopez said.

Weitzel was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder, child abuse, assault, criminal mischief, possession of a control substance, and vehicular assault.

To help with Isaiah's medical expenses, the family started a GoFundMe account, which has raised more than $11,000 so far.

Read more at KUSA.

Husband surprises wife with pregnancy news after vasectomy

A sneaky husband managed to surprise his wife with baby news before she knew she was pregnant.

A video posted to YouTube by Tim Brummel chronicles the couple's unlikely pregnancy.

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The video starts with Tim explaining how he surprised his wife, Rachel King Brummel. He said for a few days, she had been "acting pregnant," feeling a bit nauseous, hungry and tired. They thought it was impossible, since Tim had recently undergone a vasectomy.

But when Tim called the doctor, he found out it was possible.

Before bed one night, he disabled the water in the house so that the toilets wouldn't flush. The next morning, he tested Rachel's urine in the toilet with a home pregnancy test when she wasn't around.

He broke the news to her with a card, flowers and the positive test.

The couple decided to wait until they knew the baby's gender before posting the video online to share the happy news with their friends and family.

The couple will welcome their fourth child in March.

"I just want it to be a baby girl," the eldest of the couple's three boys said. 

Watch the video below to find out the gender of the baby.

At reputed 145 years old, oldest living person in Indonesia is ready to die

Mbah Gotho has outlived 10 brothers and sisters, four wives and all of his children. At a reputed 145 years old, his closest living relatives are grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. “What I want is to die,” Gotho, who lives in Sragen, Java, told Liputan 6 in a recent interview. >> Read more trending stories Gotho spends most of his time sitting and listening to the radio. He is hand-fed and bathed because he has become so frail. The birth date on Gotho’s official Indonesian identification card is Dec. 31, 1870. The record staff confirms the date; however his early life records are considered unverifiable by world record standards. James Olofintuyi, 171, of Nigeria, and Dhaqabo Ebba, 163, of Ethiopia, are considered older but are also considered unverifiable. Gotho has been preparing for death since he was 122, his grandson Suryanto said. “The gravestone there was made in 1992,” Suryanto said. What's Gotho's secret to long life? “The recipe is just patience,” he said.

Florida man named Vladimir Putin arrested at Publix

A Publix Super Market manager called police last week because Vladimir Putin refused to leave the store, according to authorities in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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The 48-year-old was screaming at employees at the Publix at Rosemary Avenue and Fern Street, the manager told city police on the afternoon of Aug. 21.

City police, too, told the man to leave. Putin, who did not give police a home address, refused, saying he had missed his ride.

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Police charged Putin with trespassing after warning and resisting without violence.

Police originally listed Putin as a John Doe because he refused to give any personal information. A police report lists him as having the same name as the Russian president. 

He is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail on a $1,000 bond, according to court records.

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