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It was another amazing Radiothon and all of us at K99.1FM want to thank you from the bottom of our hears for your generous support this year. Recap everything from the 2015 K99.1FM Cares For Kids Radiothon with our Radiothon guide.


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K-Quiz Answers

K-Quiz for the week of July 11th

  • 7/11--Of all his vices, Toby Keith says which one is probably the worst? Potato chips!
  • 7/12--There are 9.2 million what in the U-S? Cows!
  • 7/13--How does James Taylor relax after a performance? Watch cartoons!
  • 7/14--Less than 2% of the world's population can claim what? Red hair!
  • 7/15--Christopher Columbus is the first person known to have written about what? Raccoons! 

K-Quiz for the week of July 4th

  • 7/4--Happy 4th of July! 
  • 7/5--Hot dogs were the first food ever eaten where? The moon!
  • 7/6--The average American goes thru 77 pounds a year? Sugar!
  • 7/7--34% of us do what every day? Eat pancakes!

K-Quiz for the week of June 27th

  • 6/27--Where does Keith Urban get most of his song writing inspiration? The shower!
  • 6/28--Brett Eldredge said he learned everything he knows about Twitter from who? Blake Shelton!
  • 6/29--What is Maren Morris' after show snack? M&M's!
  • 6/30--Japan is home to the world's largest what? Bowling alley! 
  • 7/1-- This weekend, 94% of Americans will do what? Eat hot dogs!

K-Quiz for the week of June 20th

  • 6/20--At one point, Wynonna dated what country singer? Dwight Yoakam! 
  • 6/21--Who are Dinky and Gidget? Taco Bell dogs!
  • 6/22--One in eight Americans will do what today? Eat pizza!
  • 6/23--What "species is considered endangered? Lawn flamingos!
  • 6/24--Americans consumer 250-billion every year? Pepperonis!
  • 6/23--In some areas, what is considered an endangered species? Pink lawn flamingos!