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K-Quiz Answers

K-Quiz for the week of January 15th

  • 1/19--Americans go thru 68 quarters each every year?  Popcorn!
  • 1/18--Americans go thru more than 10-billion a year?  Bowls of soup! 
  • 1/17--A recent survey found 92% of five year olds can’t stand what?  Spinach! 
  • 1/16--What happens nearly 500-million times on Christmas Eve?  Santa eats a cookie!

K-Quiz for the week of January 8th

  • 1/12--the average American eats nearly nine pounds a year?  Pickles!  
  • 1/11--63% of people say once it’s broken, they don’t bother fixing it?  Doorbell!
  • 1/10--16% of Americans would never try what?   Oysters!
  • 1/9--What happens on average 15 times a day?  Someone passes gas!
  • 1/8--17% of American households don’t have what?   A snow shovel! 

K-Quiz for the week of January 2nd

  • 1/5--What happens 145 times a minute?  Waffle House sells a waffle!
  • 1/4--27% of guys say they can’t do what well?  Bake a potato!
  • 1/3--Over a thousand people visit the ER each year due to injuries from what?  Straws!
  • 1/2--What’s the most leftover food after the holidays?  Crackers!

K-Quiz for the week of December 11th

  • 12/15--87% of us have what in our kitchens?  Ice cream! 
  • 12/14--81% of American households have what?  A fake Christmas tree!
  • 12/13--Last year, Americans spent $2.5 billion on what?  Hot dogs!  
  • 12/12--We’ll go thru approximately six million this time of year?  Rolls of tape! 
  • 12/11--Half of us admit we don’t wash what?  Fruits and vegetables!  

K-Quiz for the week of December 4th

  • 12/8--A recent survey found 3% of us hide Christmas presents where?   At work!
  • 12/7--Only 12% of us will decorate our trees with what?  Icicles!
  • 12/6--70’s of us do what on a daily basis?  Read their horoscope!
  • 12/5--The average American does what less than four times a year?  Take a bath!
  • 12/4--the average American eats over 300 a year?  Cookies

K-Quiz for the week of November 27th

  • 12/1--What food is stolen most often?   Cheese! 
  • 11/30--Kids under the age of 5 have trouble saying what?  “Charlie Brown!”
  • 11/29--What public thing would many of us like in our homes?   An ice machine!
  • 11/28--Most Americans say they always buy this, but never use it all?  Bread!
  • 11/27--45% of Americans bought what last month?  Beef jerky!

K-Quiz for the week of November 20th

  • 11/22--What will you find in 82% of American households?  Butter!
  • 11/21--25% of us admit we’ve done what all by ourselves?  Eaten an entire pie!
  • 11/20--40% of us do what at least once a week?  Eat pizza!

K-Quiz for the week of November 13th

  • 11/14--Three out of four people  say this gives them gas?   Turkey! 
  • 11/13--Two percent of people don’t like what?  French fries!

K-Quiz for the week of October 30th

  • 11/3--Less than five percent of Americans are terrified of what?   Elevators!
  • 11/2--The average man does what around 45-minutes a day?   Cook!
  • 11/1--What is the number one astronaut request?   M&M’s!
  • 10/31--33% of us did what this year?  Went to a haunted house!  
  • 10/30--What do women worry more about at night, men in the morning?  Money!

K-Quiz for the week of October 23rd

  • 10-27--What’s the one thing Martina McBride can’t turn down?  Baked beans!
  • 10-26--27% of us don’t do what?  Pass out candy on Halloween!
  • 10-25--26% of us bought what last year?  A pie!
  • 10-24--Last year, Americans ate their way thru a half million miles of what?  Tacos! 
  • 10-23--Japan has more than 200 varieties of what?  Kit Kats!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 16th

  • 10-20--9 out of 10 American kids do what every month?  Eat at McDonald’s! 
  • 10-19--In a recent survey, 45% of men say they prefer what?  Propane! 
  • 10-18--67% of people know how to do what?  Tie a necktie!
  • 10-17--For most of us the average is 2, but for diehards it’s 4?  Meatballs!
  • 10-16--What word is often misspelled?   Scissors!

K-Quiz for the week of October 9th

  • 10-13--What will you find in 2% of American households?   Black cats!
  • 10-12--What flavor potato chip actually exists?  Squirrel!  
  • 10-11--You’ll find what in 92% of American households?   Can of corn!
  • 10-10--Pigs are not very fond of what?   Pretzels! 
  • 10-9--94% of Americans do what on a regular basis?  Eat pizza!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 2nd

  • lists over 15-hundred people with what last name?  Bologna! 
  • 10-5--Eleven percent of children have two?  Middle names! 
  • 10-4--Americans chow down on 4-billion every year?  Tacos! 

K-Quiz for the week of September 25th

  • 9-29--The average American drinks around 58-gallons a year of what?  Water!
  • 9-28--What will you find in 72% of American households?  Cookies!
  • 9-27--Jackson Michelson says he’s addicted to what?  Cookies!
  • 9-26--On average, each container holds about 100?  Pringles!
  • 9-25--What food is sold more at this time of year than any other?  Pie!

K-Quiz for the week of September 18th

  • 9-22---the average child will do what nearly 700 times by their 10th birthday? Crayons!
  • 9-21--16% of people never do what?   Wash their car!
  • 9-20--What will you find in one out of every 20 American households?  Fish!
  • 9-19--MIT offers a certificate to undergraduates in what?  Pirating! 
  • 9-18--What is sold every 12 seconds?   Cheeseburger!

K-Quiz for the week of September 11th

  • 9-15--At one time there was an effort underway to get what it’s own national holiday?   Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!
  • 9-14--What do North Korea and Cuba  have in common?   They don’t sell Coke because of sanctions and trade embargo
  • 9-13--What happens three billion times every year in the U-S?  People send Christmas cards!
  • 9-12--the average American will do what about 35-thousand times in their lifetime? Eat cookies! 
  • 9-11--26% of American households bought what last year?  Apple pie! 

K-Quiz for the week of September 5th

  • 9-8--There are about 25 people with what last name?  Clown!
  • 9-7--Americans do what more than 300-million times a day?  Eat a sandwich! 
  • 9-6--You’re more likely to what at work on a Wednesday?  Fall asleep!
  • 9-5--Americans go thru 70 million pounds every year?  Tater tots! 

K-Quiz for the week of August 28th

  • 9-1--The average American does what 90 times a year?  Eat chicken wings!
  • 8-31--Most Americans do what for an average of four days?  Diet!
  • 8-30--13% of pet owners have done what?   Let someone else name them! 
  • 8-29--37% of Americans do not do what on a daily basis? Drink coffee!
  • 8-28--What do Flossie, Racer and Scratcher have in common?  They were Santa’s reindeer!  

K-Quiz for the week of August 21st

  • 8-25--Chuck Wicks used to start every day with what?  Frosted Flakes!
  • 8-24--46% of men claim they always do what?  Put the toilet seat down! 
  • 8-23--A survey of three year old girls found most of them want to be what when they grow up?  Cinderella!  
  • 8-22--What took nearly 100 years to reach Japan?  Reese’s peanut butter cups! 
  • 8-21--Before Jean Claude Van Damme became an actor, what did he doing for a living?  Deliver pizza!

K-Quiz for the week of August 14th

  • 8-18--The average American does what 250 times a year?  Eats eggs!
  • 8-17--28% of people who order steak do what?  Get a baked potato!
  • 8-16--What has a lifespan of nearly two years?  A pillow! 

K-Quiz for week of August 7th

  • 8-7--What happens every 8 seconds in the USA? - A baby is born!
  • 8-8-- What was invented in 1963? - Smiley Face :) 
  • 8-9--What will cost Americans $5,591.00 in a lifetime? - Items you’ve lost
  • 8-10--The average person goes through 68 of what per year? - Heads of lettuce
  • 8-11--What typically lasts about 7 seconds? - A green crosswalk light

K-Quiz for week of July 31st

  • 8-4--What’s Dustin Lynch’s “go-to” food?  Cheeseburger and fries!  
  • 8-3--Dustin Lynch says his favorite smell reminds him of home!  Skunk!
  • 8-2--The average American will eat the equivalent of 25 in their lifetime?  Pigs!
  • 8-1--Brad Paisley inherited his love for what from his dad Doug?  Donuts!
  • 7-31--What do Americans eat 70 million pounds of each year?  Tater tots!

K-Quiz for week of July 24th

  • 7-28--What does Faith Hill want every year for Christmas?  A letter from “Santa” Tim!!
  • 7-27--Who was Faith Hill going to be married to in a movie?   Mel Gibson (in We Were Soldiers)!
  • 7-26--What do people say is their favorite old time candy?  Suckers!
  • 7-25--Tim McGraw says he tried what for a while, but it wasn’t for him?  Pajamas! 

K-Quiz for week of July 17th

  • 7-21--If all these items eaten by Americans in a year were put in a straight line, they would circle the earth 34 times or more?   Hamburgers!
  • 7-20--Four percent of us had what for breakfast this morning?   Pizza rolls! 
  • 7-19--Americans buy 650-million a year?  Bottles of ketchup!
  • 7-18--75% of us have tried what once and never again?  Caviar!
  • 7/17--Not the most popular emoji, it’s been used over seven million times?  Poop!

K-Quiz for week of July 10th

  • 7-14--Over 500 million pounds of what are consumed every year?  Gum!
  • 7-13--Last year, each American ate four pounds of what?   Potato chips!
  • 7-12--What will you find everywhere but Antarctica?   Corn! 
  • 7-11--People who live in 90% of American households do what?  Eat ice cream!
  • 7-10--What has become a $70-million dollar  business in the U-S?   Gummy Bears!

K-Quiz for week of July 5th

  • 7-6--For every man, woman and child the average per year is 80 pounds?  Fried chicken!  
  • 7-5--What is made up to 45,000 times an hour?   Cans of Spam!

K-Quiz for week of June 26th

  • 6-30--What do Americans do over 800 times per second?  Eat hot dogs!   
  • 6-29--Most kids want to celebrate their birthday in what way?    At McDonald’s! 
  • 6-28--13% of us have never tried what?  Twinkies! 
  • 6-27--One is one of the top three kid approved foods?   Chicken nuggets!  
  • 6-26--20% of us have done what at least once in our lives?   Played in a band! 

K-Quiz for week of June 19th

  • 6-23--The average American will do what 73-hundred times in a lifetime?  Eat eggs!
  • 6-22--Originally, there were 100 members in what family?   Smurfs!  
  • 6-21--Charles and Dave of Lady Antebellum are big fans of what?  Pringles!  
  • 6-20--The average U-S citizen will go thru 44 in a lifetime?  Cell phones!
  • 6-19--Who has close to 17-million friends on Facebook?   Garfield!

K-Quiz for week of June 12th

  • 6-16--When it comes to what, most of us prefer Dad over Mom?  learning to drive!
  • 6-12--What will you find in 87% of American kitchens? Refrigerator magnets! 

K-Quiz for week of June 5th

  • 6-9--What is made every two and a half minutes?  Milkshake!
  • 6-8--47% of people order what at Waffle House?  Omelets!
  • 6-7--Nearly 50% of Americans don’t know where what comes from?  Chocolate milk! 
  • 6-6--Americans have a 30/70% love/hate relationship with what?  Sauerkraut!
  • 6-5--What will you find in 80% of American households?  Ice cream!

K-Quiz for week of May 30th

  • 6-2--There are 27 people in the U-S with what last name?  Cookie!
  • 6-1--What do Americans do five or more times a week?  Buy candy! 
  • 5-31--Two out of 10 Americans do what every day?  Pee in the shower!!
  • 5-30--Every household has at least two?   Rolls of duct tape!

K-Quiz  for the week of May 22nd

  • 5-26--Most of us have done what already three times this week?  Eat a burger!
  • 5-25--A company in the United States makes 4.5 million a day?  Fortune cookies!
  • 5-24--What will you find in 96 countries?  Watermelon!
  • 5-23--What will make 70% of break out in tears?   Onions! 
  • 5-22--Germans do what twice as often as Americans?  Eat candy!

K-Quiz for the week of May 15th

  • 5-19--the average American can take on three a time?  Pancakes!
  • 5-18--92% of the American male population would never be caught dead in?   Panty hose!
  • 5-17--The average person goes thru three a year?  Tubes of toothpaste!
  • 5-16--14 out of every 100 kids have owned what?  Sea monkeys!
  • 5-15--Last year, Americans ate 4.5 billion?   Tacos! 

K-Quiz for the week of May 8th

  • 5-12--What’s the #1 gift Mother’s want on Mother’s Day?  A phone call!
  • 5-11--33% of people have never done what?  Flown on an airplane!  
  • 5-10--Lady Antebellum has a shared love of what?  Pizza!
  • 5-9--What takes an hour from beginning to end?   Oreo cookie!
  • 5-8--In a recent survey, 65% of Americans think what should be the “national food?”  Bacon!!!

K-Quiz for the week of May 1st

  • 5-5--50% of Americans do what every 10 days?  Go to Taco Bell! 
  • 5-4--Luke Bryan says this is one of his hidden talents?  He can do the “dougie!” 
  • 5-3--What is one of Brett Eldredge’s favorite things to do?  Swear!
  • 5-2-- Luke Bryan says he sometimes gets a hankering for what?  Pringles! 
  • 5-1--25% of us will keep what a secret?   

K-Quiz for the week of April 24th

  • 4-28--In the U-S, you’re never more than 100 miles from what?  McDonald’s!  
  • 4-27--What happens every 90 seconds in the U-S?  Flowers are delivered!
  • 4-26--$550 million worth of what are sold in the U-S every year?  Pretzels!
  • 4-25--Seven million Americans live with what?  Heartburn! 
  • 4-24--What do people lie about most at work?   Being in a meeting!

K-Quiz for the week of April 17th

  • 4-21--What will you find outside one in every 200 American homes?  Christmas lights! 
  • 4-20--What is Dierks Bentley’s favorite movie?  “Days of Thunder!”
  • 4-19--Nine out of 10 Americans have no problem with what?  Garlic breath!
  • 4-18--What did Americans spend $500 million on last year?  Twinkies!
  • 4-17--What will you do about 28-thousand times in your lifetime?   Eat eggs!

K-Quiz for the week of April 10th

  • 4-14--What candy do women prefer more than men do?   Hershey kisses!
  • 4-13--Most of us do what about three times a week?  Eat a burger! 
  • 4-12--What’s for dinner in 45% of American households tonight?  Grilled cheese!
  • 4-11--Americans spent $18-billion last year on what? Deodorant!  
  • 4-10--What will you find in 2% of American households?  Rabbits!

K-Quiz for the week of April 3rd

  • 4-7--At any given point, .7% of the world’s population is what?  Drunk!
  • 4-6--Research has found that doing what makes you happy?  Eating spaghetti!
  • 4/5 -- You are likely to do this 35,000 times in your lifetime? -- Eat a cookie!
  • 4/4 -- Americans will go through 255 billion of what this year? -- Kleenex
  • 4/3 -- It’s considered bad manners to eat what with a knife and fork? -- Hot Dog

K-Quiz for the week of March 27th

  • 3/31 -- On Average what lasts 14 seconds -- A bubble
  • 3/30 -- Most will go through around 24.1 gallons of what each year? -- Milk
  • 3/29 -- You will do what around 400 times in a life time? - Cut your nails
  • 3/28 -- 21.2% of Americans use what? A Clothesline!
  • 3/27--On a daily basis, the average woman does what three times more than the average man?  Walks!

K-Quiz for the week of March 20th

  • 3-24--51% of people living in Vermont own at least one?  Cat!
  • 3-23--The average American eats 34 pounds of what a  year?   Cheese! 
  • 3-22--The guys in Lady Antebellum like to cook what?   Cookies!
  • 3-21--The average American will do what 50 times this year?  Eat a hot dog! 
  • 3-20--20% of dogs and 7% of cats do what?  Snore!

K-Quiz for the week of March 13th

  • 3-17--62% of kindergartners surveyed want what for breakfast?  Cake! 
  • 3-16--What will you find in 97% of American households?  Ketchup!
  • 3-15--What do kids mainly dream about?  Animals!
  • 3-14--26% of us purchased one last month?  Pie!
  • 3-13--24% of people have never used what?  An umbrella!

K-Quiz for the week of March 6th

  • 3-10--Chris Lane likes to occasionally indulge in what kind of sandwich?  Ham! 
  • 3-9--What’s a commonly found item in movies?  M&M’s!! 
  • 3-8--What common item is used more often by kids than adults?   Pencil!  
  • 3-7--What do 50% of Americans do every day?  Eat cereal!
  • 3-6--What happens seven times more often in New York than any other city in the U-S?  Coffee is consumed!

K-Quiz for the week of February 27th

  • 3-3--Couples fight over money, family and what?  Stealing food off each other’s plates!
  • 3-2--What happens every five minutes in the U-S?   Someone eats an orange!
  • 3-1--What is a not well known cure for a hangover?  Bacon!
  • 2-28--20% of us are guilty of doing what?  Double dipping! 
  • 2-27--Chris Lane says after a show he will occasionally indulge in what?  Chocolate chip ice cream!

K-Quiz for the week of February 20th

  • 2-21--Granger Smith is a card carrying member of what fan club?  George Strait!
  • 2-20--67% of the male population have tried what at least once?   “Dip!” 

K-Quiz for the week of February 13th

  • 2-17--last year alone, Americans spent $1.65 billion on what?  Tattoos! 
  • 2-16--what happens 350-times per second?  Someone eats pizza!
  • 2-15--Brett Eldredge and his dog Edgar enjoy what together?   Rice Krispies!
  • 2-14--$700 million dollars was spent last year on Valentine’s Day on what?  Pets!
  • 2-13--Over 18-thousand people in the U-S have what last name?   “Pancake!” 

K-Quiz for the week of February 6th

  • 2-10--The average American eats about 10 pounds of what a year?  Cereal!!!! 
  • 2-9--3% of Americans say they would rather eat pizza than do what?   Get married!
  • 2-8--Over 25-million in Britain have been injured by what?  Biscuits! 
  • 2-7--5% of us say this is the only thing that makes them feel better after a bad day?  Mac & cheese!
  • 2-6--It’s very likely you’ll do what 35,000 times in your lifetime?   Eat cookies!

K-Quiz for the week of January 30th

  • 2-3--Top 10 Super Bowl foods--chicken wings is #1, what’s #10?  Cookies!
  • 2-2--13% of Americans will do what today?  Watch “Groundhog Day!”
  • 2-1--What’s the best selling flavor of potato chips?  Barbecue!
  • 1-31--A recent survey found what animal among the top five best pets?   Chickens!
  • 1-30--42% of us will have what for dinner tonight?  Fried chicken!

K-Quiz for the week of January 23rd

  • 1-27--55% of Americans will do what this weekend?  Order pizza!
  • 1-26--After Santa Claus, who is the world’s largest distributor of toys?  McDonald’s!
  • 1-25--In the courtroom, what type of defense is based on a person’s diet?  Twinkie!
  • 1-24--What carries 18% more bacteria than a toilet handle?   Cell phone! 
  • 1-23--Worldwide, you’ll find what in 1.2 million homes?  Rabbits!

K-Quiz for the week of January 17th

  • 1-20--Most of us do what every six minutes?  Check your phone!
  • 1-19--41% of women say they dread what?  Valentine’s Day! 
  • 1-18--This industry goes thru 300-million pounds of what every year?    Cheese!
  • 1-17--There are over 400 known varieties of what out there?  Chili! 

K-Quiz for the week of January 9th

  • 1-13--What word do toddlers struggle with the most?   “Spaghetti!”
  • 1-12--Americans went thru 52-billion what last year?   Burgers!
  • 1-11--What will you find growing in every state?  Apples!
  • 1-10--25% of boys between the ages of 6 and 19 do what every day?  Eat pizza! 
  • 1-9--14% of us admit we can eat how many cookies in one sitting?  20!

K-Quiz for the week of January 3rd

  • 1-6--2.3 trillion gallons of water are used every year for what?   Showers!  
  • 1-5--273-million Americans used what last year?   Mayonnaise!
  • 1-4--2% of us do what every day?  Buy a lottery ticket!
  • 1-3--36% of us blame TV for what?   Eating!

K-Quiz for the week of December 12th

  • 12-16--A man named Patrick set the world record for eating 72 what in just over six minutes?   Cupcakes!
  • 12-15--What happens 300-million times during the holidays?   Cookies Santa eats!
  • 12-14--Kelsea Ballerini says this is her favorite movie?   "Frozen!" 
  • 12-13-- We throw away 3 billion of what every year? - Batteries
  • 12-12--During the holiday shopping season, one is sold every 28 seconds!  Legos!

K-Quiz for the week of December 5th

  • 12-9--Zac Brown was thought about doing what for a living?  Dentist!
  • 12-8--Kip Moore says when it comes to this, he can out eat anyone!   Krispy Kreme Donuts! 
  • 12-7--What was one of Keith Urban's early odd jobs?   Collecting eggs!
  • 12-6--Miranda Lambert has a big collection of what?  Salt and pepper shakers!
  • 12-5--What is one thing Kenny Chesney does not own?   A tattoo!

K-Quiz for the week of November 28th

  • 12-2--Most kids will go thru 800 what by the time they turn 10?  Crayons! 
  • 12-1--Ohioans have more what that any other state?  Speeding tickets!
  • 11-30--Americans go thru two million tons every year?  French fries!
  • 11-29--What happens 350 times per second in the U-S?    Someone eats pizza!
  • 11-28-Five percent of the population says what is their favorite food?   Broccoli!

K-Quiz for the week of November 21st

  • 11-24 & 11-25--Happy Thanksgiving!!
  • 11-23--What's the least popular food item at Thanksgiving?   Cornbread!
  • 11-22--Americans spend nearly $2 million a year on what?  Cat food!
  • 11-21--How is Cookie Monster different from the other Muppets?  He has five fingers! 

K-Quiz for the week of November 7th

  • 11-7--What's one thing Dierks Bentley is not fond of?  Ice cream!
  • 11-8--Dierks Bentley says if he could change one thing about himself, it would be what?   He'd be smarter!
  • 11-9--What happens more often on Wednesdays?  Babies are born!
  • 11-10--Cole Swindell says he's a sucker for what?  Watermelon!
  • 11-11--What does Jon Pardi look forward to most during the holidays?   Pie!

K-Quiz for the week of November 1st

  • 11-2--Antarctica the only place in the world you won’t find what? Pumpkins!
  • 11-3-- The average American goes thru 250 a year? Eggs!
  • 11-4--What do we do 300 million times every day?  Eat a sandwich!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 24th

  • 10-24--What will Americans do 52 million times this year? Make a pumpkin pie!
  • 10-25--There are 11 people in the White Pages with what last name? Donut!
  • 10-26--87% of us always have what in our homes? Ice cream! 
  • 10-27--We usually go thru 23 pounds of what per person every year? Cheese! 
  • 10-28--What are we more likely to do during the weekday than on the weekend? Eat bacon!

K-Quiz for the week of October 17th

  • 10-17 - 62% of us do what at least once a week? Eat pizza!
  • 10-18 - 46% of Americans have two? Pumpkins!
  • 10-19 - 22% of us don't like what with our burgers?   Buns!
  • 10/20--Most people are afraid of public speaking first, what's second?   Heights! 
  • 10-21--What do couples argue about what the most?  What to eat!!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 10th

  • 10-14 - What influenced Easton Corbin to have a country music career? Hee Haw!
  • 10-12 -  Before she became a singer, Carrie worked in a pizzeria, a vet clinic and where? A zoo!
  • 10-11 - What is Carrie Underwood’s favorite movie? “Friday the 13th!”
  • 10-10 - What’s the first thing Carrie Underwood must do every day? Make her bed!
  • 7/7--34% of us do what every day? Eat pancakes!

K-Quiz for the week of October 3rd

  • 10-7 - What is Kelsea Ballerini’s favorite emoji? The salsa dancer!
  • 10-6 - All of Thomas Rhett’s friends told him he was too young to get married at 22, except who? Luke Bryan!
  • 10-5 - What does Thomas Rhett say is his greatest weakness? Steak and shake!
  • 10-4 - Willie Nelson once did a TV commercial for what? Taco Bell!
  • 10-3 - Thomas Rhett says what is one thing he will never do? Dancing with the Stars!

K-Quiz for the week of September 27th

  • 9-30 - Who wears shoes sized 29 EEE? Ronald McDonald!
  • 9/29 - the average American spends $1100 a year on what? Coffee!
  • 9/28 - What is the least favorite car color? Green!
  • 9-27 - The average person will own six of what in a lifetime? Laundry Baskets