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    Frye Guy

    You really clicked on this to check it out huh? Well guess I should try and put something interesting in here then. So I am a pure blooded Daytonian. No clue if that's spelled right but I am. Born at Kettering Hospital raised in Centerville and Waynesville. I went to school here, college at WSU, and worked here my entire life! I like Dayton other than winter. I was born in July so I like it hot. I will try anything twice. (big fan of Las Vegas for vacations). So I'm very excited that we will have some casino's in our state once they are built. I had the great opportunity to join K99.1FM early in 2010 and jumped on the opportunity. I think the best thing about radio is it really does keep you young at heart. It's always different everyday and never gets old. I think it makes a lot of people mad that I look forward to going to work everyday because most of my friends don't like their gigs. Makes a big difference to really enjoy something you do and that has always been radio for me. Have met a lot of great people working here and look forward to meeting many more. I have been living in the same house in Dayton for 12 years now. Makes me fseel old, but its home and have always enjoyed it where I am. I have two daughters Smawul, and Furrahy. Yea they are cats but they are spoiled they either get Britta water or bottled water. Hey they are my only kids so what if they drink better water than I do. During my tenure here I was able to interview Miss Ohio 2010 and that was interesting. She was great! But I had a bit of an accident. I was standing in front of our coffee machine. Now the coffee table sits down low on a little table that just so happened to at the same height of my cargo pockets of the shorts I was wearing. I was informed that Miss Ohio was here for the interview. I casually strolled up to the front lobby to bring her back to conduct the interview. While we were walking back from the lobby Miss Ohio and her guest said she smelled smoke. So being the hard working employee I am I began searching for what was on fire. That's when Miss Ohio, or Becky, said "Hey Frye..your on fire." That's when I glanced down at my pants. Seeing smoke and flame coming from my right cargo pocket I was thankful I always carry a bottle of water. So I began dumping my 1.5 litter bottle of water on my self putting the flame out. Now as the whole building is out watching my flaming pants. I stroll into the studio and try and have a normal interview. At least it was an ice breaker. That is a true story by the way. But really thank you for listening to K99.1FM and thanks for clicking on my page!