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The life and death of John F. Kennedy

Photos: People's Sexiest Men Alive

Who does People magazine thing is the sexiest men alive? Take a look at the past winners.

Democratic candidates stand by refugee views after Paris

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The attack in Paris Friday has reinvigorated discussion about the possibility of ISIS members using the refugee crisis to infiltrate nations offering asylum. 

That discussion made its way into the second Democratic primary debate hosted by CBS, which altered its format to focus more heavily on foreign policy after the attack. 

Before the debate, frontrunner and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley agreed the U.S. should let in 65,000 Syrian refugees to deal with the crisis. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders agreed America should open its borders but couldn't pick out a magic number. (Video via CBS,Bloomberg,NBC)

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And despite the attacks in Paris, those positions didn't change at all.

"What the magic number is, I don't know because we don't know the extent of the problem but I certainly think the United States should take its full responsibility," Sanders said, starting off the discussion

"That needs to be done, with proper screening. Accommodating 65,000 refugees in our country today of people of 320 million is akin to making room for 6 and a half more people in a baseball stadium with 32,000," O'Malley said

"But only if we have as careful a screening and vetting process as we can imagine, whatever resources it takes. Because I do not want us to in any way inadvertently allow people who wish us harm into our country," Clinton said, agreeing again with O'Malley.

It's a far cry from some of the sentiment from their GOP presidential opponents. Senator Ted Cruz said the U.S. should freeze any plans to bring in any more Syrian refugees. Dr. Ben Carson, drew an even harder line saying he wouldn't allow "them to come here in the first place."

Nations all over the world are grappling with this issue. Poland has decided to close its doors to refugees and wants the EU to revisit its current policy. (Video via Al Jazeera) 

This video includes images from Getty Images.

Hard to look at: Dogs survive porcupine attack

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Three dogs playing outside in Canada found a porcupine, and one of them, in particular, is lucky to be alive after the porcupine responded with a defensive attack.

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The porcupine's quills punctured all three dogs, but Mahalo took the most, with some barbs affecting her heart and lungs. 

She has  had extensive surgeries to save her life, but is reportedly recovering.

Nestah's injuries also required surgery, but he's recovering well, with no permanent damage despite taking quills in the spine and cheeks. 

Soljah had only a few barbs to the chin, and they were removed without surgery. 

A friend set up a GoFundMe account to help with the veterinarian bills, and more than $15,000 was raised. The fundraising page remained open after donations were closed, to keep people up to date on the dogs' recovery.

Man snatches sports souvenir from young fan, kid's reaction is adorable

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It’s fan etiquette 101: Don’t take a foul ball (or a hockey puck) from a kid.

During Thursday night’s hockey game at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one guy learned that the hard way.

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In the second period of the Pittsburgh Penguins versus Buffalo Sabres game, a puck ricocheted into the Sabres' bench.

Coach Dan Bylsma, who spent several seasons behind the bench in Pittsburgh, scooped up the puck and pointed to a young fan sitting a few rows behind the bench.

Bylsma tossed the puck over the glass to the little boy, who was anxiously awaiting a cool souvenir.

Then the unthinkable happened.

An adult snatched the puck before the kid could catch it!

Maybe the guy had good intentions with the puck, but come on, it was clearly intended for the kid.

The crowd at Consol Energy Center booed for quite some time as the man refused to hand the puck over to the kid.

The whole time, the young fan stayed composed and handled himself like a true gentleman.

Bylsma later made things right and flipped the kid another puck.

Then the Penguins took matters into their own hands and got the boy a Sidney Crosby sweater.

Way to go, Pens! 

Professor holds toddler during class to help student mom

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A single mother says she had to bring her son to class with her -- but she didn't expect things to turn out like this.

And shortly after class started, the toddler wandered up to the front of the room in the middle of the lecture. 

Professor Joel Bunkowske looked down to see the boy gesturing to be held and immediately picked him up, according to WKRN-TV in Nashville.

He held the boy during the entire class and continued his lecture. 

His simple gesture of understanding eased mom's embarrassment. 

Professor Bunkowske said everyone has their own struggles and it was OK. 

Many in the DeVry University class are parents, and mom said they were all very supportive.  

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Gap Kids breaks barriers, features model with Down syndrome

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Gap Kids has a new model and who is making headlines as she walks the catwalk.

Kayla Kosmalski is only 9 years old, but she has a big fashion show under her belt. Kayla just walked the catwalk in Miami for the Gap Kids fashion show, WPVI reported. 

Kayla has Down syndrome.

But the show wasn't the only big event for Kayla. 

She also saw a law passed under her name to allow people with disabilities to establish college savings accounts and she made the dance team for the Delaware 87ers.


The app that may end robocalls forever

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Ethan Garr and Bryan Moyles may have the cure for unwanted robocalls infecting mobile phones.

They created a mobile app so promising that the Federal Trade Commission awarded them $25,000 this week to further invest in the development of RoboKiller.

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"I do believe we solved the problem of robocalls," Garr said.

The FTC’s head of bureau consumer protection, Jessica Rich, says the app may also help report illegal robocallers to law enforcement.

“We hope the winners bring their dynamic solutions to the marketplace soon,” Rich said.

RoboKiller answers every call and “tricks” robots to start their prerecorded message.

Within seconds the voice goes through an algorithm to assess if it is human or robotic.

Real callers would hear the common sound of a phone ringing as the app goes to work and examines the call.

Calls determined to be from a robot would be blacklisted to a spam folder in the app, letting mobile phone users browse rejected calls like junk email.

The tool may solve the puzzle of how to stop robocalls without blocking calls from spammers spoofing legitimate phone numbers.

Garr says he’s yet to get a robocall since installing the technology on his own phone.

Fifteen robocalls have gone to his spam folder in nine days.

“Our accuracy in detecting humans versus robots is 98 percent,” Garr said.

The app is in beta testing.

More information is on RoboKiller’s Kickstarter page.

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