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Game warden saves fawn's life with emergency C-section on highway

An Oklahoma game warden saved a fawn’s life after responding to a report of a deer hit by a car on Highway 123.

>> Heartwarming video: Scared baby deer is rescued from road by mama

According to the Oklahoma Game Wardens Facebook page, Game Warden Ryan Walker arrived at the scene to find a doe and fawn dead on the road. He reportedly noticed movement around the doe’s stomach and realized the deer was pregnant and still had a fawn trapped inside.

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Walker performed a Caesarean section on the doe and got the fawn out within seconds. It was taken to a rehabilitator in Osage County. 

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Southern Living names this resort best in the South

Southern Living recently polled its readers to discover their picks for the top places to visit in the SouthBlackberry Farm, in Walland, Tennessee, south of Knoxville, took home the top prize.

>> Florida beach named nation's best in TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice awards

Southern Living noted, "Blackberry Farm emanates hospitality, from its farm-to-table offerings to the porches on guest cottages."

Blackberry Farm is a luxury hotel and resort situated on a 4,200-acre estate in the Great Smoky Mountains.

There is a spa, brewery and working farm on the property. The resort offers plenty of wine and dining options, musical entertainment, workshops and more. 

Activities include horseback riding, archery, fly fishing, hiking and paintball.

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One Facebook reviewer noted, "Have traveled quite well in my 50+ years, but Blackberry Farm stands out as the BEST of all. They anticipate your every wish and deliver it with cordial efficiency. Understated, approachable elegance. Go there, go there, go there! It is transforming."

Southern Living honored The Barn at Blackberry Farm by awarding it the best restaurant in Tennessee, too.

Florida pet owners wary of deadly toads after heavy rains

Recent heavy rains across Florida are good for yards and snapping droughts, but they also set up a possible lethal hazard for pets, WPLG reported.

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Toxic bufo, or cane toads, are becoming more common in south and central Florida after recent thunderstorms.

The toads expel toxic material from their glands which can cause convulsions and seizures in pets, WPTV reported.

If not treated quickly, pets can die within minutes.

“Even a small sized toad can produce a lot of toxin,” said Jeannine Tilford of Toad Busters.

On some nights, Tilford said, she captures more than 100 toads on one property.

Dogs often chase or try to "play" with cane toads; they may lick, nose-nudge or pick up cane toads in their mouth,” Tilford wrote on the Toad Busters site. “This exposes your pet to a rapid-acting toxin that is then absorbed by the membranes in the dog’s mouth, causing symptoms ranging in severity from drooling, head-shaking and crying. ... to loss of coordination, convulsions and death.”

Local man broke through Anthony Bourdain’s facade during hectic Dayton visit

Downtown Dayton resident Mike Colvin had misgivings about meeting Anthony Bourdain when the celebrity chef, author and TV star brought his “Guts and Glory” tour to the Schuster Center on Nov. 18, 2012.    

In that setting, a VIP meet and greet, Colvin said it seemed a little weird to meet the man who had his dream job and got to eat and drink himself around the world.  

>> World reacts to death of Anthony Bourdain

Colvin is among the many Dayton-area residents expressing grief over the death of Bourdain, the host of CNN’s award-winning series "Parts Unknown." 

Here is how Mike explained it in a Facebook post related to Bourdain’s suicide: 

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>> You don’t have to turn a blind eye

I was shocked to see that there was a meet and greet ticket option when he came to town. Not shocked enough to keep me from immediately exercising that option, mind you, but still… It seemed like exactly the kind of thing he would hate and refuse to do. Spending an evening forced to sit in a room and take photos with a bunch of stuffed shirts who had the economic means to afford a “VIP” experience (and me, who didn’t, but spent the money anyway) really felt like the last thing Bourdain would enjoy, and probably something he was reluctantly enduring because it was part of the contract for his tour or something. 

 At the event, I circled the room, ate finger sandwiches, and generally avoided going near him because it still felt weird to me. My suspicions about his level of enjoyment seemed confirmed, as he appeared to be making minimal conversation with guests, half-smiling for photos, and, without being rude or cold, had a general “let’s get this over with” look to him. I even overheard someone try to tell him that we had a great bourbon bar in town that he should check out, and he replied, “Yes. I’ve heard” with an undertone that indicated this was the 30th person who’d tried to get him to try a Dayton business and the 3 millionth person who’d tried to take him to the best spot in their town, and he was over it. 

>>  Photos: Anthony Bourdain through the years

 The event was almost over, and I decided that, weird or not weird, this was why I was here. So I got in the line of the few remaining people waiting to meet him. Each person approached, said whatever they had planned to say to him, and received a polite but incredibly succinct response as he signed their books and allowed them to pose for photos with him. When it was my turn, I said “Thank you for being here,” paused, and said “and thank you for doing THIS.” Without looking at me, he calmly said, “You’re welcome. Thank you” and we took a picture. 

 As I turned to walk away, I suddenly got the urge to say something to break through the monotony and rote process of his evening and see if I could get a reaction, partially for my own selfish reasons of wanting a better experience with him, but also to try to give him something other than an hour of book signing and photos with people spouting “we watch you all the time” pseudo-praise at him. 

 On his various shows, I had always enjoyed the fact that he couldn’t help himself when it came to making Apocalypse Now/Heart of Darkness references. He’d work a quote in every time he was near a river or in a jungle or anywhere else he could. There was always a comment about Kurtz or staying on the boat or Martin Sheen to be thrown into his own situation in the moment. During his presentation that had preceded the VIP event, he had listed some of the places he’d be going soon to film the upcoming season. One of them was the Congo. 

 My photo snapped and my uneventful interaction with Tony finished, I turned to leave and stopped in my tracks. Over my shoulder, I said, “If you’re going to the Congo, I expect at least 12 references to Heart of Darkness or Apocalypse Now in that episode.” I looked back to see his eyes get wide and a smile come across his face as he looked at me and said, “Oh, hell yeah. We’ll steal the f@$king music, too.” 

 Thanks, Tony.”

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“He had a snarky side and I enjoy that”

“Well, we only met him at the meet and greet thing but he was exactly the way he is on TV, just like you expect: smart, friendly enough, no B.S. So sad for his young daughter,” she wrote in Facebook message. 

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This article contains information from WHIO-TV reporter Caroline Reinwald

New Dayton bakery coming this fall is sweeter for more reasons than one

Although customers won’t know just how sweet St. Anne the Tart’s treats are until fall, they can be sure the owner is a sweetheart with a green thumb.

>>5 reasons you can’t miss the Banana Split Festival

The rustic bakery and coffeehouse coming to St. Anne’s Hill this fall has contributed an urban garden space to the neighborhood in one of the bakery’s first efforts to invest locally through philanthropy. 

>>This new Dayton bakery is aiming for a fall open date

>>Land of Illusion to transform from scream park to water park starting this weekend

“We not only wanted to grow fresh herbs for our own kitchen, but the idea that a passerby could come and pick fresh basil, cilantro or sage for their own dinner really excited me,” said St. Anne the Tart owner Megan Smith. “We have a bus stop right in front of our bakery. How happy it would make me to see those waiting for transportation to be able to smell or snip off some garden herbs.”

Smith, who has worked on humanitarian projects around the globe, said she is launching the bakery with sights not only set on stellar food and atmosphere, but with major philanthropic goals— with the first being an urban garden space that stretches along Fifth Street in St. Anne’s Hill.

“Urban garden space is being attributed to many community benefits, both seen and unseen, around the country. Researchers have found that these communal gardens not only provide stress relief from the concrete jungle, but also show evidence of making communities safer, with lower crime rates and increased property values,” according to a press release.

Wondering why Bradley Cooper was in Yellow Springs? Mystery solved?!? 

Still wondering why Bradley Cooper was in Yellow Springs?  🕵️‍♀️

We aren’t exactly sure, but now suspect Cooper’s 2016 visits could have something to do with the fact that Yellow Springs resident Dave Chappelle will be featured in the remake of  “A Star is Born” as Noodles, a good friend to Cooper’s character. 

>> Why was Bradley Cooper in town... again? 

The official trailer for the film starring Cooper and Lady Gaga was released yesterday.  

The film marks Cooper’s directorial debut and seems like a good one to check out. 

Chappelle — who recently treated local fans, friends and neighbors to his juke joint barn bashes — is all over the trailer.

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>> The best celebrity spottings in Dayton in 2017

It appears Cooper and Chappelle were having a great off-the-screen relationship in the months leading up to the start of filming  for “A Star is Born.”

That happened in April 2017, according to Variety and other media outlets. 

Cooper was among the celebrities spotted at Chappelle’s  juke joint Oct. 8, 2016. 

He popped up in Yellow Springs later that month with Chappelle.  🧐

That November, Cooper was at the Saturday Night Live after-party following Chappelle’s Emmy-winning appearance on the show. 

 >> RELATED: Dave Chappelle caught walking down the street with brand new Emmy

Gayle King was also at the 2016 juke joint. 

She ended up interviewing  Chappelle for “CBS This Morning.” Part of her piece, which appeared on WHIO-TV, was filmed in Yellow Springs. 

>>  RELATED: Dave Chappelle on Yellow Springs: “I have time to think about things”Sam ElliotAnthony RamosBonnie Somerville and Andrew Dice Clay also have roles in “A Star is Born” — set to be released  by Warner Bros Oct. 5. 

From the movie’s synopsis: 

In this new take on the tragic love story, he (Cooper) plays seasoned musician Jackson Maine, who discovers — and falls in love with — struggling artist Ally (Gaga). She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer… until Jack coaxes her into the spotlight. But even as Ally’s career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is breaking down, as Jack fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons.

High-swinging Kettering gym named Dayton’s best is moving

A high swinging local studio is moving.

Femme Fatale Fitness is transiting to a larger space in Kettering, Cassandra Guard, the fitness center’s owner, said.  

At 4623 Gateway Circle, the center will have 5,000 square feet more than it had at its former location, 4049 Marshall Road in Kettering, she said. 

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“We basically ran out of room where we were kicking each other,” Guard said.

Femme Fatale was voted best gym in’s 2017 Best of Dayton people’s choice contest. 

It specializes in pole, aerial hoops, dance, burlesque, aerial silks and other similar aerobic classes. 

Students and instructors routinely perform at local events and shows. 

>> Watch Femme Fatale Fitness heat up Dayton's new library

Guard is awaiting final inspections for the building and plans to invite the public to a grand opening in the near future.

Classrooms will be larger and able to accommodate more students at the new location. 

“New customers were starting to get frustrated,” she said.  “Now we can take them.” 

>> Bloody, bodacious burlesque show to bring out the ghoulish glamour  (Oct. 21, 2016)  

The new studio is located in a former industrial building. It  has a larger student lounge, more restrooms and updated equipment. 

The ceilings are 14 feet high. The old location’s ceilings were 9 or 10 feet tall. 

“Being in the aerial arts, height is a big part of it,” she said. “We can do more tricks. We can do more choreography.”

Founded by Jacqueline Allen, Femme Fatale opened to the public on May 27, 2009. 

Guard purchased Femme Fatale in 2011. 

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Photos: Inside Oprah’s new $8.2M home on Orcas Island

Oprah Winfrey purchased a 43-acre estate on Orcas Island in Washington for $8.275 million.

Frosé at Taco Bell? Restaurant tries to lure millennials with frozen rosé wine

Say hello to the Berry Frosé Twisted Freeze, Taco Bell’s new frozen rosé wine now available at select cantina-style restaurants.

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The California-based fast-food chain announced the millennial-friendly boozy drink as part of a limited test launch this summer.

Taco Bell’s $7.99 16-ounce frosé is made with a couple of ounces of Charles & Charles rosé wine blended with a combination of berry flavors for “a tasty, strawberry-forward, easy-to-sip summer treat” as “refreshing as it is fabulous,” the restaurant told Thrillist.

>> Taco Bell announces new tortilla chips based on its sauces

As of Wednesday, the new Instagram-worthy drink is only available at the Chicago Loop and Newport Beach Cantina locations. But there’s a chance the company will roll out the new item to more restaurants in the coming months.

>> Candlelight vigil held for Alabama Taco Bell that burned down

Last year, Taco Bell announced an expansion of 300-350 new cantina-style locations between 2017 and 2022. The restaurants are known for selling margaritas, sangria, beer and other alcohol-infused concoctions in addition to Taco Bell’s popular late-night food options.

A total of 2,000 new locations are slated for Taco Bell by 2022, according to the company website.

What Had Happened Was podcast: Radio pioneer and DCDC leader on burning crosses and fighting for herself

One of Ro Nita Hawes-Saunders’ earliest memories is watching her 4-foot 11-inch tall mother rise up to set a racist teacher straight.

Growing up as the daughter of local civil rights workers, Hawes-Saunders said she saw crosses burned in her family’s front yard and was told she wasn’t welcome in her neighborhood and that the KKK was going to get her.

Despite that and the challenges she faced afterwards  — including a 10-year battle to launch her former radio station —  Hawes-Saunders says she remains an optimist. 

What Had Happened Was podcast host Amelia Robinson walked down memory lane with the local radio pioneer for a lively episode of the podcast filled with laughter and the advice Hawes-Saunders — now the CEO of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company — said helped transform her from a naive girl into a strong woman. 

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