K-Quiz Answers


K-Quiz Answers

K-Quiz for the week of August 19th

  • 8/21--What’s the most common item stolen from grocery stores?  Cheese! 
  • 8/20--25% of 30 year-olds have never bought what?  A stamp! 
  • 8/19--In the last month, a quarter of us have done what in the car?  Spilled coffee!    

K-Quiz for the week of August 14th

  • 8/16--25% of us will buy what at the grocery store this weekend?   Pretzels!  
  • 8/15--The average woman does this ten times a day?  Put on lipstick!  
  • 8/14--50% of  women like to see a picture of men with what?  A fish!   

K-Quiz for the week of July 29th

  • 8/1--89% of us say this is the first thing we do when we get home?   Greet your pet! 
  • 7/31--17% of us have fallen asleep where?   In the shower!! 
  • 7/30--More than 50% of us will do what today?  Use an ATM! 
  • 7/29--Most of us do what for about three days?   Diet!  

K-Quiz for the week of July 22nd

  • 7/26--63% of us will do what at dinner tonight?  Use paper plates!  
  • 7/25--Seven percent of us eat what every day?  Fried chicken!  
  • 7/24--48% of us always leave the house without what?  Cash!   
  • 7/23--52% of men surveyed say they’ve done what at least once?   Worn lipstick!
  • 7/22--31% of parents have taken what from their kids?  Chicken nuggets! 

K-Quiz for the week of July 15th

  • 7/19--35% of us feel good looking when we do what?  Wear sunglasses! 
  • 7/18--5% of vehicles in the U-S have what in common?  Check engine light on! 
  • 7/17--In most homes, the average age of what is over a year?  Salad dressing! 
  • 7/16--What will you find in 75% of American homes?   A junk drawer!!
  • 7/15--Parents like this better than people without kids!  Chocolate milk! 

K-Quiz for the week of July 8th

  • 7/12--10 out of a  hundred people say they’ve done what at a red light?   Ahhh!!
  • 7/11-Over 50 people will get injured by what this year?  A drinking fountain! 
  • 7/10--65% of us have a broken what?  Flashlight!  
  • 7/9--24% of us blame what for breaking a diet?  Brownies!  
  • 7/8--Chances are, you’re already done what today?   Start your car!   

K-Quiz for the week of July 1st

  • 7/4 & 7/5--Happy 4th of July!!! 
  • 7/3--The average person has five?  Perfumes!  
  • 7/2--Most of us do what about 75 times a day?   Check the time!  
  • 7/1--12% of us can’t stand what?   Peanut butter! 

K-Quiz for the week of June 24th

  • 6/28--74% of us have never bought what?  A paint brush! 
  • 6/27--What will you find in 67% of American households?  Popsicles! 
  • 6/24--14% of us use what once a year? A rolling pin!
  • 6/25--25% of us do what every day? Take a nap!
  • 6/26--3 out of 10 millennials have never done what? Ride a bike!

K-Quiz for the week of June 17th

  • 6/21--54% of us have had what happen at work?  Someone stole their lunch! 
  • 6/20--18% of us say we’d go out of our way for what?  Sweet tea!  
  • 6/19--28% of people believe this helped them get a job?   Underwear!!!
  • 6/18--80% of us love the smell, others think it stinks?  the ocean!
  • 6/17--68% of us have no idea how to do what?  Chopsticks!    

K-Quiz for the week of June 10th

  • 6/14--45% of us carry a spare what?  Pair of  pants!  
  • 6/13--20% of women have admitted to what?   Eating in the bathroom!  
  • 6/12--The average person eats seven pounds  a year?  Shrimp!
  • 6/11--Seven percent of us don’t like what?  Picnics!  
  • 6/10--The average American does what over 24 hours a year?  Look in the frig!

K-Quiz for the week of June 3rd

  • 6/7--A recent study found doing what will make you feel better?  Smell a crayon! 
  • 6/6--What do most of us do when we get sick?  Call your Mom!
  • 6/5--25% of millennials still use what?  Juice boxes!  
  • 6/4--The average American will go thru about nine in their lifetime?  Tires! 
  • 6/3--Eight percent of us do what after a bad day?   Eat mac and cheese!  

K-Quiz for the week of May 28th

  • 5/31--89% of us do what every day?  Drop our phone!  
  • 5/30--55% of us do what once a week?  Change towels!  
  • 5/29--12% of us can’t stand what?  Grilled cheese sandwiches!   
  • 5/28--We go thru a billion dollars worth every year?  Lunchables!   

K-Quiz for the week of May 20th

  • 5/24--A recent survey found 97% of us love them?  Chocolate chips!  
  • 5/23--30% of us don’t know what about our partner?  Their favorite salad dressing! 
  • 5/22--The average person will own five in a lifetime?  Laundry baskets! 
  • 5/21--51% of us would change what about ourselves if we could?  Eye color!  
  • 5/20--Nine percent of us have fallen asleep where?  In the shower! 

K-Quiz for the week of May 13th

  • 5/17--83% of Americans have one?  A sibling! 
  • 5/16--35% of men love it when their partners do what?  Burp! 
  • 5/15--25% of us only use one?  Pen!  
  • 5/14--A third of us are ashamed to admit our love for what?  Hot dogs!!!
  • 5/13--Most of us do what about 200 times a year?   Break the law!

K-Quiz for the week of May 6th

  • 5/10--Today is the most popular day of the week to do what?   Go to an ATM!
  • 5/9--40% of you are driving around with a broken what?  Air freshener! 
  • 5/8--14% of us have cried about what?  Traffic!  
  • 5/7--16% of us have done what in a restaurant?  Taken the toilet paper!  
  • 5/6--A recent survey found what is one of the most dangerous things to do behind the wheel?  Eat potato chips! 

K-Quiz for the week of April 29th

  • 5/3--5% of Americans have never done what?  Eaten a taco!
  • 5/2--45% of us have had conversations with what?  Self checkout!  
  • 5/1--10% of pet owners say their animals love what?  Ketchup!  
  • 4/30--What comes in four different sizes?  Chicken nuggets?  
  • 4/29--Fifteen percent of us are terrified of what?  Balloons!   

K-Quiz for the week of April 22nd

  • 4/26--the average American spends $1500 a year on what?   Beer! 
  • 4/25--46% of women never throw what away?   Jeans!  
  • 4/24--29% of millennials don’t do what?  Voicemails!
  • 4/23--Most of us keep what about two years?  Salad dressing!  
  • 4/22--40% of us have done what at least once?  Color our hair!   

K-Quiz for the week of April 15th

  • 4/19--Six percent of women think it’s hot when a man drives what?  A UPS truck!  
  • 4/18--What was breakfast for 52% of us today?   Beer!  
  • 4/17--The average person sees around four thousand a month?  French fries!
  • 4/16--47% of us wish our pets could do what?  Brush their teeth!  
  • 4/15--12% of us have done what with our cell phone?  Took it in the shower!

K-Quiz for the week of April 8th

  • 4/12--Seven percent of us have done what at work?  Xeroxed their butt!
  • 4/11--78% of men have never bought what?   Dental floss!
  • 4/10--Five percent of us do what 30 times a week?  Drink beer!  
  • 4/9--You’ll find what in 82% of American households?  Sprinkles!
  • 4/8--Seven percent of us will gladly pay someone to do what?  Scoop poop!  

K-Quiz for the week of April 1st

  • 4/5--What usually happens around 7:30 at night?  See a spider! 
  • 4/4--The average employee spends 20 minutes daily doing what?  Making coffee! 
  • 4/3--Nearly a half billion are lost every year?  Golf balls! 
  • 4/2--35% of adults claim it’s for their kids but it’s really for them?   Chocolate milk!
  • 4/1--33% of women have called in sick to work for what reason?  They felt fat!  

K-Quiz for the week of March 25th

  • 3/29--Five percent of us have cleaned our teeth with what?  their hair!  
  • 3/28--Americans go thru four billion gallons a year?  Popcorn!  
  • 3/27--50% of us say we do what about once a month?  Lie! 
  • 3/26--Over the next five hours, over 10-million will be purchased?   Pizzas! 
  • 3/25--Most of us have done what by 10am each day?   Cuss!    

K-Quiz for the week of March 18th

  • 3/21--27% of us never leave the house without what?  Gum!  
  • 3/18--A recent survey found eight out of a thousand people can’t stand what?  french fries!  

K-Quiz for the week of March 11th

  • 3/15-When it comes to what product, it’s 75% men versus 25% women?  Potato chips! 
  • 3/14--People post the most pictures of what food on social media?  Shrimp! 
  • 3/13--25% of Millennials have never tried what?  A Big Mac! 
  • 3/12--The average pet owner goes thru about seven?   Collars!  
  • 3/11--American plows through 1.5 billion of what per year?  Potato Chips!

K-Quiz for the week of March 4th

  • 3/5--What do we do about once a year?  Change your pillow! 
  • 3/4--Studies have shown doing what on a first date usually leads to a second?  Eating fried chicken! 
  • 3/6--We change what once a year?  Pillow!
  • 3/7--Most of us will have about 42 of what in a lifetime?  Keys!
  • 3/8--What happens about 9 times per day?  Wash our hands!

K-Quiz for the week of February 25th

  • 3/1--14% of us do what at night?  Go thru the neighbor’s garbage!
  • 2/28--What will you find in 75% of American households?  Chicken noodle soup!  
  • 2/27--What makes seven percent of us cry?  Drinking wine!  
  • 2/26--25% of us always do what in the car?  Eat breakfast! 
  • 2/25--Half of Americans no longer use what?  Bar soap!   

K-Quiz for the week of February 18th

  • 2/22--What have half of us done at least once?  Eaten an entire package of Oreos!    
  • 2/21--Americans say they never get enough sleep.  What else?  
  • 2/20--15% of us say we would change what about our partner?  Their laugh!
  • 2/19--Five out of every 100 people will do what at a stoplight?  Brush their teeth! 
  • 2/18--What averages around 35-hundred?   Feathers on a chicken!  

K-Quiz for the week of February 11th

  • 2/13--According to an article in the Guardian, a recent study said almost half (47%) of all women surveyed said they would not do something with a man with a beard. What is it? Answer: Sleep with him! 
  • 2/12--Most of forget to do what about three times a month?  Use deodorant!  
  • 2/11--75% of owners swear their pets do what?    Smile!   

K-Quiz for the week of February 4th

  • 2/8--A recent survey found 15% of us say this was the best thing to ever happen to us?  Getting our driver’s license! 
  • 2/7--The average person will eat about two miles of what in a lifetime?   Twizzlers! 
  • 2/6--The world record is way over a minute for what?  Longest burp!  
  • 2/5--30% of us purchased what last month?  Mayonnaise! 
  • 2/4--47% of us say it takes a few drinks before we tackle what?  Nachos!    

K-Quiz for the week of January 28th 

  • 2/1--17% of us have admitted to doing what?  Tasting their pet’s food!  
  • 1/31--The average person goes thru $5000 worth in a lifetime?  Vending machine snacks!
  • 1/30--What happens to the average person at least once a day?  Wedgie! 
  • 1/29--Americans do what 10% more now than five years ago?  Honk their horns!  
  • 1/28--20% of us have done what all at once?  Eaten a pie!  

K-Quiz for the week of January 22nd 

  • 1/25--42% of women usually have what in their handbag?  Toothpaste! 
  • 1/24--20% of us can’t remember the last time we went where?  A bank! 
  • 1/23--People do what more in Los Angeles than anywhere else?   Eat hot dogs!
  • 1/22--The average person will go thru 12 gallons in a lifetime?  Gravy!  

K-Quiz for the week of January 14th 

  • 1/18--Most of us will do what over 9000 times in our lifetime?  Eat carrots! 
  • 1/17--it takes about 10 minutes to do what?  Make a Peep!
  • 1/16--Americans go thru 75-million pounds a year?   Tater Tots!  
  • 1/15--Four percent of  people have gone to the E-R for what?  Envelope cut!
  • 1/14--The average person owns five?  Pairs of gloves!  

K-Quiz for the week of January 7th 

  • 1/11--Eight percent have done what at least once?  Split their pants!  
  • 1/10--Four percent of women always have what in their purses?  Nuts!
  • 1/9--35% of adults can’t do what?  Snap their fingers! 
  • 1/8--Less than five percent of us can do what?  Write with both hands!
  • 1/7--68% of us have no interest in trying what?  Lobster! 

K-Quiz for the week of January 2nd 

  • 1/4--Americans will do what 40-thousand times in their lifetime?  Eat cookies!
  • 1/3--Most of us went thru a half pound of what over the holidays?  Cheese balls!  
  • 1/2--The average person does what 10 times a day?  Laugh!

K-Quiz for the week of December 17th

  • 12/17--Most of us do what about 3,900 times per year?  Wash your hands! 
  • 12/18--The average household had 5 of what?  Tissue Boxes!
  • 12/19--What is the most forgotten item around Christmas?  Napkins! 
  • 12/20--We go through 11 Billion of what every year?  Ketchup Packets!
  • 12/21--Most will reach 7,000 of what on Christmas?  Calories!

K-Quiz for the week of December 10th 

  • 12/14--72% of people say they do what when they travel?  Sing! 
  • 12/13--Ten percent of us will do what with our Christmas gifts?  Sell them on E-Bay
  • 12/12--What was Darius Rucker’s favorite childhood pet? Goldfish!  
  • 12/11--One percent of kids like to leave what for Santa?  Jello!  
  • 12/10--the average household will replace what every 10 years?  Toilet seat! 

K-Quiz for the week of December 3rd 

  • 12/7--What is Lauren Alaina’s favorite snack?  Candy canes!
  • 12/6--the  average woman could get by with two, but has around nine?  Sunglasses!
  • 12/5--Dustin Lynch says he really loves what?  Skunk smell!  
  • 12/4--What will you find in 95% of American households?  Cookies! 
  • 12/3--Cole Swindell always makes sure his tour bus is stocked with what?  Ice cream! 

K-Quiz for the week of November 26th

  • 11/30--when it comes to this, most people prefer blue?  Crayons! 
  • 11/29--82% of married couples hide what from each other?   Snacks!   
  • 11/28--The average American will do three a week?  Tacos! 
  • 11/27--The average American will go thru 122 in a lifetime?   Tennis shoes! 
  • 11/26--Two percent of kids have asked Santa to bring them what?    Lion!  

K-Quiz for the week of November 19th

  • 11/22 & 11/23--Happy Thanksgiving! 
  • 11/21--One grocery chain sells over 25,000 gallons of what during the Thanksgiving season?  Cans of corn!  
  • 11/20---Five percent of us do what after a bad day?  Eat mac and cheese!  
  • 11/19---12% of us believe this is a good luck charm?  A feather!   

K-Quiz for the week of November 12th

  • 11/16-the average person goes thru 117 a year?  Cough drops!  

K-Quiz for the week of November 5th

  • 11/7-11/9--No K Quiz!   It’s Radiothon time!  
  • 11/6--52% of women will do what before Christmas?   Diet!
  • 11/5--45% of Americans won’t vote for someone because of what?  A beard!   

K-Quiz for the week of October 29th

  • 11/2--What will you find in just 27% of American homes?  Alarm clocks!  
  • 11/1--Americans throw away more what than anything else?   Bananas!
  • 10/31--The average bag of Halloween candy lasts how long?  A week!
  • 10/30--35% of us have the skill to do what?  Burp the alphabet!  
  • 10/29--What will  you find in 9% of trick or treat bags?  Kit Kats!

K-Quiz for the week of October 22nd

  • 10/26--On average what last about 7.5 years?  A Pillow!
  • 10/25--70% of people can’t do what?  Change a tire!  
  • 10/24--Five percent of little boys went as what last Halloween?  Eric Church! 
  • 10/23--21% of adults have never done what?   Tried coffee! 
  • 10/22--Americans bought 100-million pounds of what last year?  Marshmallows!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 15th

  • 10/19--50% of us have done what?   Seen a ghost!  
  • 10/18--35-million Americans refuse to do what?   Go to the dentist!   
  • 10/17--You’ll find four in the average American household?  Scissors! 
  • 10/16--The average American does what 500 times a year? Chews gum! 
  • 10/15--Over five million Americans did what last year?  Ate Pringles!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 8th

  • 10/12--38% of the population uses what?   Bar soap!
  • 10/11--Americans will spend 600-million dollars on what this year?   Pumpkins!  
  • 10/10--Three percent of 5 year olds say what is their food?   Broccoli!!! 
  • 10/9--What will you find in 65% of vehicles?   Umbrellas!  
  • 10/8--75% of guys do what every day?   Wear mismatched socks!   

K-Quiz for the week of October 1st

  • 10/5--32% of men do what compared with 17% of women?  Use hairspray!  
  • 10/4--Last year, Americans traveled more than 500,000 miles of what?  Tacos!  
  • 10/3--Less than 35% of Americans own what?  A passport!  
  • 10/2--14% of us keep what in our cars?   Peanut butter! 
  • 10/1---over 20 million people will do what this Halloween?  Dress their pet!  

K-Quiz for the week of September 24th

  • 9/28--What does Cole Swindell like to eat after a show?  Pop Tarts! 
  • 9/27--10% of us have admitted to doing what in a public restroom?   Change the TV channel! 
  • 9/26--What was Frye Guy’s original morning show snack food?   Bugles!  
  • 9/25--Experts say doing what four times might make you healthier?   Eat oysters!
  • 9/24--73% of new cooks say this is the hardest thing to learn how to make?  Gravy!
  • K-Quiz for the week of September 17th
  • 9/21--76% of homeowners say they could never be without?   Mops!  
  • 9/20--24% of us buy what every time we go to the grocery?    
  • 9/19--A recent poll of kindergarten boys found three percent of them want to be what when they grow up?   Pirates! 
  • 9/18--14% of Americans would give up coffee for what?  Guacamole!  
  • 9/17--Eleven percent of Americans say soon we’ll have to worry about?  Zombie!

K-Quiz for the week of September 10th

  • 9/14--What do most of us say is the oldest thing in our freezer?  Popsicles!!!
  • 9/13--The average person has five?  Keys!
  • 9/12--What happens at the average business six time a year?   Flowers delivered!
  • 9/11--60% of men have done what at work?  Stolen toilet paper!  
  • 9/10--25% of those surveyed have done what on a first date?  Worn pajamas!  

K-Quiz for the week of September 4th

  • 9/7--What do Burt Reynolds and  noodles have in common?  Elmo! 
  • 9/6--75% of people who’ve tried it, say they’re not good at it?  Frisbee!  
  • 9/5--You will find five what in the average American household?   Boxes of cereal! 
  • 9/4--If you are between 17 and 35 you’ve likely purchased what?   A lawn mower!   

K-Quiz for the week of August 27th

  • 8/31--What does Jason Aldean always bring with him on the road?  Popcorn!  
  • 8/30--What was a billion dollar industry last  year?   Stuffed animals! 
  • 8/29--16% of cars in America contain what?  Bumper stickers!
  • 8/28--68% of people are terrified of what?  Roller coasters!  
  • 8/27--The average woman has 14?  Lipsticks! 

K-Quiz for the week of August 20th

  • 8/24--Just 2 of every 100 homes do what?  Fire drills! 
  • 8/23--the average American household has three?  Rolls of paper towels! 
  • 8/22--12% of us always have what?   Band-aids!  
  • 8/21--10% of people in the market for a house do what first?   Meet the neighbors!  
  • 8/20--Nearly 800-million were consumed last year in the U-S?   Cupcakes!

K-Quiz for the week of August 13th

  • 8/13-- We have about 240 of what ready at home?  Ice Cubes!
  • 8/14-- In one year what happens over 1.2 Trillion times?  Phone pics!
  • 8/15--The average parent does what over two thousand times a year with their kids?    Fight over food! 
  • 8/16--Over 60% of American adults like what?  Rum!! 
  • 8/17--Over 45% of us say we do what every day?   Are late to work!  

K-Quiz for the week of August 6th

  • 8/6--What happens about 2,000 times?  Dish washer runs!  
  • 8/7--The longest what, comes in at 3.17 feet?  Curly Fry!
  • 8/8--300 Million of what are used each year?  Band-Aids!
  • 8/9--We use  2 Billion of what every year?  Pencils! 
  • 8/10-- Most have 20 of what?  Shoes!!

K-Quiz for the week of July 30th

  • 8/3--The average American goes thru twelve?  Jobs!  
  • 8/2--Utah sells more what than any other state?  Jello!  
  • 8/1--What do people forget most often at the grocery store?  Where they parked! 
  • 7/31--What are seven percent of  us deathly afraid of?   Popping balloons !
  • 7/30--Three out of every 10 women do what when they get mad?  throw shoes! 

K-Quiz for the week of July 23rd

  • 7/27--Most of us do what around 175 times a year?  Honk our car horn! 
  • 7/26--24% of adults do what every day?  Watch cartoons!  
  • 7/25--Less than 10% of men do what?  Dip!
  • 7/24--What good luck thing does Frye take with him wherever he lives?  An Eagle!
  • 7/23--14% of American adults routinely do what?  Eat baby food!  

K-Quiz for the week of July 16th

  • 7/20--What can go up to 15 miles an hour?   Bees!
  • 7/19--The average person loses 15 a year?  Socks! 
  • 7/18--What does Lewis Brice always take with him on the road?  A bean bag chair!
  • 7/17--We spend $800 million dollars every year on what?  Peanut butter! 
  • 7/16--What does Lee Brice have to have on the road?  Ketchup!  

K-Quiz for the week of July 9th

  • 7/13--What can you hear miles away?  A tiger’s roar! 
  • 7/12--You’ll find 50-million what in the U-S?  Lawn mowers!
  • 7/11-96% of Americans do what?  Eat ice cream! 
  • 7/10--What unusual item has been found to extend a cat’s life?  Coffee!
  • 7/9--One of the southern states sells nearly 700-thousand every season?  Corn dogs! 

K-Quiz for the week of July 2nd

  • 7/5--23% of people prefer what cold?  Baked beans! 
  • 7/4--Happy 4th of July!  
  • 7/3--Six out of every 10 men do what all year long?   Grill out!  
  • 7/2--58% of us always buy what at the grocery store?  Grape jelly!

K-Quiz for the week of June 25th

  • 6/29--92% of Americans are likely to do what this weekend?  Eat pizza!
  • 6/28--What item do we usually forget to  buy?  Q-tips! 
  • 6/27--Most of us say we buy too much what at the grocery?   Cheese!
  • 6/26--Frye says  the worlds great invention happened in 1995?  Stuffed crust pizza!
  • 6/25--What happens 75 times a second in America?  Hamburgers are eaten! 

K-Quiz for the week of June 18th

  • 6/21--About 20-thousand people worldwide have what last name?  Pancake!
  • 6/20--What do horsetails and peonies have in common?  They’re fireworks! 
  • 6/19--Most Americans wait til they’re 46 for what?  Get a tattoo! 
  • 6/18--When most of us have a “cheat day” we eat what?  Candy!

K-Quiz for the week of June 11th

  • 6/15--35% of us do what every day?  Take a nap!
  • 6/14--Rascal Flatts’ singer Gary LeVox uses what after a performance?  Popsicle!

K-Quiz for the week of June 4th

  • 6/8--There’s a castle dedicated to what?  Corn! 
  • 6/7--What is Darius Rucker’s “pig out” food?  Spaghetti!  
  • 6/6--68% of us ate what yesterday?  Cake!
  • 6/5--What happens four times a minute? Waffle House serves steak! 
  • 6/4--What has an average lifespan of four years?  Cell phone!  

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