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Jake Ryan

Hi!  I’m Jake Ryan.  I live in Beavercreek with my wife Kristin, our 2-year old son, Caleb, and 6-month old son Truman.  Yes, our house is crazy, but we love it!  Parenting is still a little new to us, and I love talking about it on the air, because people will call in or comment on Facebook and tell us what to do.  So basically, you have a hand in raising our boys.  I love to go running, try new restaurants, watch the Browns on T.V., am a freak about funny t-shirts, and cook on the grill.   If you smell food burning on a grill in Beavercreek, it’s probably coming from our house.

  • Where were you born? 
    • Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • What is your favorite TV show? 
    • I’m a sucker for “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice”…and any reality show.  Am I still a guy? 
  • What was the first thing you ever wanted to be? 
    • After seeing E.T., I wanted to be Eliot…and be best friends with E.T.
  • How might someone have described you in high school? 
    • Someone who shouldn’t be at the “cool” table at lunch.
  • What was your first job? 
    • Janitor for a Steel Factory…not sure why, but I loved it.  My first paycheck bounced though!
  • What was your first job in radio?
    • Babysitting a computer in a studio and making sure we didn’t go off the air.  I didn’t know what to do if we did, so I took naps.
  • What do you like about your job? 
    • Telling people what’s going on in the world and in Dayton!
  • What might people be surprised to know about you? 
    • I like to snuggle…more than my wife.  I’ll snuggle with a pillow if she’s not interested.  I’m also very hairy.
  • What would be a perfect day for you? 
    • Going to a great restaurant with our family, road trip to the zoo, then to a great Country show in Dayton!
  • What advice would you have for someone wanting to go into the business? 
    • You HAVE to be willing to move.  After that, get as much face time with people as possible.  


  • Favorite book: 
    • How to Be an awesome Dad
  • Favorite food: 
    • Cheesecake
  • Favorite hobby: 
    • Selling things on Craigslist
  • Favorite Miami Valley place: 
    • The Miami Valley bike trail
  • Favorite movies: 
    • The Money Pit, The Town, Old School
  • Favorite music: 
    • Country…and a little bit of Rock N Roll
  • Favorite travel destination: 
    • Anywhere there is a cabin in the woods by water