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Posted: March 14, 2014

Mother gives birth to twins sharing one body

Twins have separate heads and spines but share one body and all vital organs


Cox Media Group Web Staff

HARYANA, India —

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A mother in India who had no idea she was carrying twins gave birth to an extremely rare type of conjoined twins Wednesday according to multiple news reports.

According to ABC News, the conjoined twins appear to share most of their body below their heads, which are not connected to each other.

ABC News quoted an email received from Dr. Ashish Sehgal who it said is the CEO of Cygnus JK Hindu Hospital.

"Yes, this report is perfectly true, that we have delivered a female baby having two heads," Sehgal told ABC. "She is presently alive and healthy."

According to reports, the mother, 28-year-old Urmila Sharma, couldn't afford an ultrasound during her pregnancy.

The Daily Mail reported Dr. Shikha Malik delivered the baby and said, "The parents are very distressed and we are helping the family the best we can."

There are conflicting reports as to the twins' birth weight. ABC News quoted Dr. Sehgal as stating the babies were a combined  5.3 pounds. The Daily Mail reported the weight to be 7 pounds, 7 ounces.

The twins have separate necks and spines; however, they share the same body and all of their vital organs, making separation impossible.

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