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Posted: March 27, 2014

RightNow: What it is, how you can use it

By Digital Staff

See how it works below:

Days of Summer

What is RightNow?

What would your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts look like if they were streamed, in real time, alongside everyone else’s?

It would look like RightNow, a website that you – through your Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram photos – help create:

  • Real time thoughts: The discussions and photos are in real time, centered on a specific topic or story
  • Bigger conversation: Your voice becomes part of the larger conversation in one place, in real time
  • See big picture: Make your voice heard among Dayton Daily News and WHIO reporters, local and national experts and community members


How does it work?

  • Top of page: There’s an image and headline about the topic of discussion. The headline links to a story, photo gallery or collection of stories about a certain topic from DDN so you’re getting news from sources you can trust.
  • Featured content: Here you’ll see three boxes featuring compelling content, important updates on the subject and any relevant hashtags
  • Three columns: that is the meat and potatoes of the page: three columns of information – one for news, one for experts and one for reactions from the public (that’s you!). That’s where the conversation takes place.


How can you view it?

The RightNow layout looks a little different, depending on what device you’re using to view it:

  • Computer/tablet: You’ll see “News,” “Experts” and “Reactions” alongside one another. 
  • Smartphone: The page will show one column by default, but you can easily switch to a different content area by touching the menu bar.

And of course there’s sharing. It wouldn’t be a live conversation without the ability to share or reply. Whether you post to Facebook or Instagram, tweet, retweet, favorite or simply send an email, you can do it all from the comfort of RightNow.

RightNow is happening NOW. Join the conversation.