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It’s the BIGGEST WEEK of the year in Country Music and Nancy and Frye Guy are in Nashville giving you access to your favorite artists during CMA Awards Week. Follow K99.1FM on Facebook and Instagram all this week for interviews and photos with the biggest names in Country Music. 

We’ve also got CMA Awards night covered. Listen to our official CMA Awards Pre-Show Party airing at 7 p.m. on Wednesday night for everything you need to know leading up to the big show. Watch the show with us on Facebook and Instagram Wednesday and let us know who you want to win and which performances you are most excited to see. 

Nancy and Frye Guy’s adventures in Nashville are sponsored by Joseph Airport Toyota Hyundai and Re-Bath 

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K-Quiz Answers

K-Quiz for the week of November 11/5

  • 11/7-11/9--No K Quiz!   It’s Radiothon time!  
  • 11/6--52% of women will do what before Christmas?   Diet!
  • 11/5--45% of Americans won’t vote for someone because of what?  A beard!   

K-Quiz for the week of October 10/29

  • 11/2--What will you find in just 27% of American homes?  Alarm clocks!  
  • 11/1--Americans throw away more what than anything else?   Bananas!
  • 10/31--The average bag of Halloween candy lasts how long?  A week!
  • 10/30--35% of us have the skill to do what?  Burp the alphabet!  
  • 10/29--What will  you find in 9% of trick or treat bags?  Kit Kats!

K-Quiz for the week of October 10/22

  • 10/26--On average what last about 7.5 years?  A Pillow!
  • 10/25--70% of people can’t do what?  Change a tire!  
  • 10/24--Five percent of little boys went as what last Halloween?  Eric Church! 
  • 10/23--21% of adults have never done what?   Tried coffee! 
  • 10/22--Americans bought 100-million pounds of what last year?  Marshmallows!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 10/15

  • 10/19--50% of us have done what?   Seen a ghost!  
  • 10/18--35-million Americans refuse to do what?   Go to the dentist!   
  • 10/17--You’ll find four in the average American household?  Scissors! 
  • 10/16--The average American does what 500 times a year? Chews gum! 
  • 10/15--Over five million Americans did what last year?  Ate Pringles!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 10/8

  • 10/12--38% of the population uses what?   Bar soap!
  • 10/11--Americans will spend 600-million dollars on what this year?   Pumpkins!  
  • 10/10--Three percent of 5 year olds say what is their food?   Broccoli!!! 
  • 10/9--What will you find in 65% of vehicles?   Umbrellas!  
  • 10/8--75% of guys do what every day?   Wear mismatched socks!   

K-Quiz for the week of October 10/1

  • 10/5--32% of men do what compared with 17% of women?  Use hairspray!  
  • 10/4--Last year, Americans traveled more than 500,000 miles of what?  Tacos!  
  • 10/3--Less than 35% of Americans own what?  A passport!  
  • 10/2--14% of us keep what in our cars?   Peanut butter! 
  • 10/1---over 20 million people will do what this Halloween?  Dress their pet!  

K-Quiz for the week of September 9/24

  • 9/28--What does Cole Swindell like to eat after a show?  Pop Tarts! 
  • 9/27--10% of us have admitted to doing what in a public restroom?   Change the TV channel! 
  • 9/26--What was Frye Guy’s original morning show snack food?   Bugles!  
  • 9/25--Experts say doing what four times might make you healthier?   Eat oysters!
  • 9/24--73% of new cooks say this is the hardest thing to learn how to make?  Gravy!
  • K-Quiz for the week of September 9/17
  • 9/21--76% of homeowners say they could never be without?   Mops!  
  • 9/20--24% of us buy what every time we go to the grocery?    
  • 9/19--A recent poll of kindergarten boys found three percent of them want to be what when they grow up?   Pirates! 
  • 9/18--14% of Americans would give up coffee for what?  Guacamole!  
  • 9/17--Eleven percent of Americans say soon we’ll have to worry about?  Zombie!

K-Quiz for the week of September 9/10

  • 9/14--What do most of us say is the oldest thing in our freezer?  Popsicles!!!
  • 9/13--The average person has five?  Keys!
  • 9/12--What happens at the average business six time a year?   Flowers delivered!
  • 9/11--60% of men have done what at work?  Stolen toilet paper!  
  • 9/10--25% of those surveyed have done what on a first date?  Worn pajamas!  

K-Quiz for the week of September 9/4

  • 9/7--What do Burt Reynolds and  noodles have in common?  Elmo! 
  • 9/6--75% of people who’ve tried it, say they’re not good at it?  Frisbee!  
  • 9/5--You will find five what in the average American household?   Boxes of cereal! 
  • 9/4--If you are between 17 and 35 you’ve likely purchased what?   A lawn mower!   

K-Quiz for the week of August 27th

  • 8/31--What does Jason Aldean always bring with him on the road?  Popcorn!  
  • 8/30--What was a billion dollar industry last  year?   Stuffed animals! 
  • 8/29--16% of cars in America contain what?  Bumper stickers!
  • 8/28--68% of people are terrified of what?  Roller coasters!  
  • 8/27--The average woman has 14?  Lipsticks! 

K-Quiz for the week of August 20th

  • 8/24--Just 2 of every 100 homes do what?  Fire drills! 
  • 8/23--the average American household has three?  Rolls of paper towels! 
  • 8/22--12% of us always have what?   Band-aids!  
  • 8/21--10% of people in the market for a house do what first?   Meet the neighbors!  
  • 8/20--Nearly 800-million were consumed last year in the U-S?   Cupcakes!

K-Quiz for the week of August 13th

  • 8/13-- We have about 240 of what ready at home?  Ice Cubes!
  • 8/14-- In one year what happens over 1.2 Trillion times?  Phone pics!
  • 8/15--The average parent does what over two thousand times a year with their kids?    Fight over food! 
  • 8/16--Over 60% of American adults like what?  Rum!! 
  • 8/17--Over 45% of us say we do what every day?   Are late to work!  

K-Quiz for the week of August 6th

  • 8/6--What happens about 2,000 times?  Dish washer runs!  
  • 8/7--The longest what, comes in at 3.17 feet?  Curly Fry!
  • 8/8--300 Million of what are used each year?  Band-Aids!
  • 8/9--We use  2 Billion of what every year?  Pencils! 
  • 8/10-- Most have 20 of what?  Shoes!!

K-Quiz for the week of July 30th

  • 8/3--The average American goes thru twelve?  Jobs!  
  • 8/2--Utah sells more what than any other state?  Jello!  
  • 8/1--What do people forget most often at the grocery store?  Where they parked! 
  • 7/31--What are seven percent of  us deathly afraid of?   Popping balloons !
  • 7/30--Three out of every 10 women do what when they get mad?  throw shoes! 

K-Quiz for the week of July 23rd

  • 7/27--Most of us do what around 175 times a year?  Honk our car horn! 
  • 7/26--24% of adults do what every day?  Watch cartoons!  
  • 7/25--Less than 10% of men do what?  Dip!
  • 7/24--What good luck thing does Frye take with him wherever he lives?  An Eagle!
  • 7/23--14% of American adults routinely do what?  Eat baby food!  

K-Quiz for the week of July 16th

  • 7/20--What can go up to 15 miles an hour?   Bees!
  • 7/19--The average person loses 15 a year?  Socks! 
  • 7/18--What does Lewis Brice always take with him on the road?  A bean bag chair!
  • 7/17--We spend $800 million dollars every year on what?  Peanut butter! 
  • 7/16--What does Lee Brice have to have on the road?  Ketchup!  

K-Quiz for the week of July 9th

  • 7/13--What can you hear miles away?  A tiger’s roar! 
  • 7/12--You’ll find 50-million what in the U-S?  Lawn mowers!
  • 7/11-96% of Americans do what?  Eat ice cream! 
  • 7/10--What unusual item has been found to extend a cat’s life?  Coffee!
  • 7/9--One of the southern states sells nearly 700-thousand every season?  Corn dogs! 

K-Quiz for the week of July 2nd

  • 7/5--23% of people prefer what cold?  Baked beans! 
  • 7/4--Happy 4th of July!  
  • 7/3--Six out of every 10 men do what all year long?   Grill out!  
  • 7/2--58% of us always buy what at the grocery store?  Grape jelly!

K-Quiz for the week of June 25th

  • 6/29--92% of Americans are likely to do what this weekend?  Eat pizza!
  • 6/28--What item do we usually forget to  buy?  Q-tips! 
  • 6/27--Most of us say we buy too much what at the grocery?   Cheese!
  • 6/26--Frye says  the worlds great invention happened in 1995?  Stuffed crust pizza!
  • 6/25--What happens 75 times a second in America?  Hamburgers are eaten! 

K-Quiz for the week of June 18th

  • 6/21--About 20-thousand people worldwide have what last name?  Pancake!
  • 6/20--What do horsetails and peonies have in common?  They’re fireworks! 
  • 6/19--Most Americans wait til they’re 46 for what?  Get a tattoo! 
  • 6/18--When most of us have a “cheat day” we eat what?  Candy!

K-Quiz for the week of June 11th

  • 6/15--35% of us do what every day?  Take a nap!
  • 6/14--Rascal Flatts’ singer Gary LeVox uses what after a performance?  Popsicle!

K-Quiz for the week of June 4th

  • 6/8--There’s a castle dedicated to what?  Corn! 
  • 6/7--What is Darius Rucker’s “pig out” food?  Spaghetti!  
  • 6/6--68% of us ate what yesterday?  Cake!
  • 6/5--What happens four times a minute? Waffle House serves steak! 
  • 6/4--What has an average lifespan of four years?  Cell phone!  

K-Quiz for the week of May 29th

  • 6/1--Taylor Swift has yet to master the art of what?  Baking a chocolate cake! 
  • 5-31--What ranks top as most annoying sound?  Vomiting! 
  • 5/30--What will you find in 72% of American households?   Juice!
  • 5/29---Over two billion are sold every year?  Popsicles! 

K-Quiz for the week of May 21st

  • 5/25---What will you find in 95% of American households?  Hot dogs! 
  • 5/24--What do Ohio, Indiana and Iowa have in common?  Eggs! 
  • 5/23--Pet owners say dogs like steak and what other people food?   Pizza!
  • 5/22--Dan + Shay share a mutual love for what?  Fritos! 
  • 5/21--Each American goes thru 140 pounds of what a year?   Potatoes!  

K-Quiz for the week of May 14th

  • 5/18--What gas station food does Jon Pardi love to eat on the road?  Egg rolls!
  • 5/17--Sam Hunt says he is a big fan of what?  Cats!
  • 5/16--When Luke Bryan is on tour, what is a must have?  Popcorn! 
  • 5/15--Last year in America,  what was a two billion dollar industry?  Mayonnaise!
  • 5/14--Eleven percent of the population say what makes them sneeze?  Peppermint!   

K-Quiz for the week of May 7th

  • 5/11--What’s the main type of candy moms don’t like?   Lollipops!  
  • 5/10--Chance are, you’ll do what 35-thousand times in your lifetime?  Eat cookies!
  • 5/9--Dentists say 24% of emergency visits are due to what?   Ice cubes!
  • 5/8--On average, they hang around about three months?  Toothbrushes!
  • 5/7--The average person goes thru 20 pounds a year?  Onions! 

K-Quiz for the week of April 30th

  • 5/4--25% of us have never done what?  Dieted!
  • 5/3--If it’s a good one, you can hear it 10 feet away!  Pickle crunch! 
  • 5/2--What is a tour must-have for Brothers Osborne?  Cheetos!  
  • 5/1--Most of us will spend about six months doing what?  Waiting in line!
  • 4/30--What will you find in 50% of American homes?  Bacon! 

K-Quiz for the week of April 23rd

  • 4/27--What happens about 5.2 times per day?  A Toilet is flushed!
  • 4/26--What do maple syrup, cotton candy and coffee have in common?   Jello flavors! 
  • 4/25--For the average person, what numbers 14?  Pairs of underwear! 
  • 4/24--Men in Philadelphia are more likely to do what than anywhere else?  Grow a mustache!  
  • 4/23--39% of us do what fairly often?  Eat pizza for breakfast!  

K-Quiz for the week of April 16th

  • 4/20--4.5 million American families have what?  A swimming pool! 
  • 4/19--What practice has dropped off in recent years?  Hand shaking!
  • 4/18--30% of Americans do what every week?  Go to the laundromat! 
  • 4/17--Over 10% of us do what every night?  Sleep naked! 
  • 4/16--200 is the average number collectors own?   Marbles! 

K-Quiz for the week of April 9th

  • 4/13--What do Steven Tyler, Tiger Woods and Luke Bryan have in common?  They carry good luck charms!  
  • 4/12--What will most of us make at least once a month?  Grilled cheese sandwich!
  • 4/11--what do most women say they worry about?   If their partner is cheating!  
  • 4/10--A new survey found Americans believe women should stop doing what once they reach 35 and guys at age 40?   Wearing jeans!  
  • 4/9--75% of American adults own what?  Stuffed animal!  

K-Quiz for the week of April 2nd

  • 4/6--More of what is ordered in Ohio than any other state?  Sour cream!   
  • 4/5--What did 17% of us have for dinner last night?  Popcorn! 
  • 4/4--the average family has over 40 what?  Light bulbs! 
  • 4/3-- What happens 4,500 times per day? People are served at McDonalds!
  • 4/2--What does Luke Bryan have in common with Thomas Jefferson?  Peanut farmers! 

K-Quiz for the week of March 26th

  • 3/30--For most of us, it will be two?  Eggs not found on Easter!
  • 3/29--Most of us will have 3 of what in our life? Casts
  • 3/28--$290 million is spent on what every year? The tooth fairy! (that’s how much the Tooth Fairy leaves behind every year)
  • 3/27--What can be up to 22 feet long? Worms!
  • 3/26--You will spend 1 year 3 months and 8 days of your life doing what? House cleaning!  

K-Quiz for the week of March 19th

  • 3/23--Walmart sells more what than anything else?  Bananas!  
  • 3/22--What will 62% of Americans have for dinner tonight?  Rice! 
  • 3/21--What has more germs than a toilet seat?  Steering wheel!
  • 3/20--98% of American households contain what?  Ice cream! 
  • 3/19--42% of us ate what yesterday?  Mashed potatoes!

K-Quiz for the week of March 12th

  • 3/16--The average American goes thru 15 pounds of what every year?  Cereal!
  • 3/15--What’s the main thing folks don’t like about chicken wings?  Celery!
  • 3/14--You’ll find what in 92% of American households?  Potato chips!
  • 3/13--24% of Americans have never tried what?  Cabbage! 
  • 3/12--Katy the Kangaroo came before who?  Tony the Tiger!

K-Quiz for the week of March 5th

  • 3/9--The average woman has 22 what?   Nail polishes!
  • 3/8--What do strawberries and smore’s have in common?  They’re candle scents!  
  • 3/7--A recent survey of high schoolers found only 21% fit into what category?  Cool!
  • 3/6--What takes about an hour from start to finish?  To make an Oreo!
  • 3/5--Alan Jackson claims he’s addicted to what?  The Weather Channel! 

K-Quiz for the week of February 26th

  • 3/2--Why do 20% of marriages end in divorce?  Video games!  
  • 3/1--What do Reba McEntire and Kelsea Ballerini have in common?  they were cheerleaders!  
  • 2/28--15% of men say “yes, I have one, but I never use it” for what?  Turn signals!
  • 2/27--Over 75% of people would dump their partner before dumping this?  Bacon! 
  • 2/26--What will you find in 96% of American households?  Bananas!  

K-Quiz for the week of February 19th

  • 2/23--What do Frye Guy and Tom Hanks have in common?  “Bachelor Party!”
  • 2/22--Eight percent of Americans can’t stand what?  Margaritas!
  • 2/21--The average American goes thru 50 feet a year?  Dental floss!
  • 2/20--What happens most often between 7pm and midnight in the U-S?  People eat Doritos! 
  • 2/19--17% of us had what for dinner last night?   Cereal!

K-Quiz for the week of February 12th

  • 2/16--56% of us will do what today?  Eat fish!
  • 2/14--What numbers a dozen?  Arrows in Cupid’s quiver!
  • 2/13--A dozen is the average for most people?  Shrimp!  
  • 2/12--Nearly 30% of us have stolen what from a co-worker?  Chocolate!  

K-Quiz February 9th

  • 2/9--What has become a $400 million a year industry?  Pork rinds!

K-Quiz for the week of January 29th

  • 2/2--Urgent Care says 17% of their visits are due to what?  Q-tips!
  • 2/1--The average American goes thru about 100 a year?  Chicken wings!
  • 1/31--12% of us have done what?  Mooned people! 
  • 1/30--What’s Don Limpio’s claim to fame?  He’s Mr. Clean in Spain! 
  • 1/29--What happens everywhere but Antarctica?  Rice is grown! 

K-Quiz for the week of January 22nd

  • 1/26--What is a $500 million annual business in the U-S?  Pretzels! 
  • 1/25--The average person does what about five times a year?   Fall down! 
  • 1/24--What will you find in 91% of American households?  Peanut butter!
  • 1/23--The average American male can put what away in about an hour?  Pie! 
  • 1/22--Apple is America’s favorite pie, followed by pumpkin and?  Chocolate!  

K-Quiz for the week of January 15th

  • 1/19--Americans go thru 68 quarters each every year?  Popcorn!
  • 1/18--Americans go thru more than 10-billion a year?  Bowls of soup! 
  • 1/17--A recent survey found 92% of five year olds can’t stand what?  Spinach! 
  • 1/16--What happens nearly 500-million times on Christmas Eve?  Santa eats a cookie!

K-Quiz for the week of January 8th

  • 1/12--the average American eats nearly nine pounds a year?  Pickles!  
  • 1/11--63% of people say once it’s broken, they don’t bother fixing it?  Doorbell!
  • 1/10--16% of Americans would never try what?   Oysters!
  • 1/9--What happens on average 15 times a day?  Someone passes gas!
  • 1/8--17% of American households don’t have what?   A snow shovel! 

K-Quiz for the week of January 2nd

  • 1/5--What happens 145 times a minute?  Waffle House sells a waffle!
  • 1/4--27% of guys say they can’t do what well?  Bake a potato!
  • 1/3--Over a thousand people visit the ER each year due to injuries from what?  Straws!
  • 1/2--What’s the most leftover food after the holidays?  Crackers!

K-Quiz for the week of December 11th

  • 12/15--87% of us have what in our kitchens?  Ice cream! 
  • 12/14--81% of American households have what?  A fake Christmas tree!
  • 12/13--Last year, Americans spent $2.5 billion on what?  Hot dogs!  
  • 12/12--We’ll go thru approximately six million this time of year?  Rolls of tape! 
  • 12/11--Half of us admit we don’t wash what?  Fruits and vegetables!  

K-Quiz for the week of December 4th

  • 12/8--A recent survey found 3% of us hide Christmas presents where?   At work!
  • 12/7--Only 12% of us will decorate our trees with what?  Icicles!
  • 12/6--70’s of us do what on a daily basis?  Read their horoscope!
  • 12/5--The average American does what less than four times a year?  Take a bath!
  • 12/4--the average American eats over 300 a year?  Cookies

K-Quiz for the week of November 27th

  • 12/1--What food is stolen most often?   Cheese! 
  • 11/30--Kids under the age of 5 have trouble saying what?  “Charlie Brown!”
  • 11/29--What public thing would many of us like in our homes?   An ice machine!
  • 11/28--Most Americans say they always buy this, but never use it all?  Bread!
  • 11/27--45% of Americans bought what last month?  Beef jerky!

K-Quiz for the week of November 20th

  • 11/22--What will you find in 82% of American households?  Butter!
  • 11/21--25% of us admit we’ve done what all by ourselves?  Eaten an entire pie!
  • 11/20--40% of us do what at least once a week?  Eat pizza!

K-Quiz for the week of November 13th

  • 11/14--Three out of four people  say this gives them gas?   Turkey! 
  • 11/13--Two percent of people don’t like what?  French fries!

K-Quiz for the week of October 30th

  • 11/3--Less than five percent of Americans are terrified of what?   Elevators!
  • 11/2--The average man does what around 45-minutes a day?   Cook!
  • 11/1--What is the number one astronaut request?   M&M’s!
  • 10/31--33% of us did what this year?  Went to a haunted house!  
  • 10/30--What do women worry more about at night, men in the morning?  Money!

K-Quiz for the week of October 23rd

  • 10-27--What’s the one thing Martina McBride can’t turn down?  Baked beans!
  • 10-26--27% of us don’t do what?  Pass out candy on Halloween!
  • 10-25--26% of us bought what last year?  A pie!
  • 10-24--Last year, Americans ate their way thru a half million miles of what?  Tacos! 
  • 10-23--Japan has more than 200 varieties of what?  Kit Kats!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 16th

  • 10-20--9 out of 10 American kids do what every month?  Eat at McDonald’s! 
  • 10-19--In a recent survey, 45% of men say they prefer what?  Propane! 
  • 10-18--67% of people know how to do what?  Tie a necktie!
  • 10-17--For most of us the average is 2, but for diehards it’s 4?  Meatballs!
  • 10-16--What word is often misspelled?   Scissors!

K-Quiz for the week of October 9th

  • 10-13--What will you find in 2% of American households?   Black cats!
  • 10-12--What flavor potato chip actually exists?  Squirrel!  
  • 10-11--You’ll find what in 92% of American households?   Can of corn!
  • 10-10--Pigs are not very fond of what?   Pretzels! 
  • 10-9--94% of Americans do what on a regular basis?  Eat pizza!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 2nd

  • lists over 15-hundred people with what last name?  Bologna! 
  • 10-5--Eleven percent of children have two?  Middle names! 
  • 10-4--Americans chow down on 4-billion every year?  Tacos! 

K-Quiz for the week of September 25th

  • 9-29--The average American drinks around 58-gallons a year of what?  Water!
  • 9-28--What will you find in 72% of American households?  Cookies!
  • 9-27--Jackson Michelson says he’s addicted to what?  Cookies!
  • 9-26--On average, each container holds about 100?  Pringles!
  • 9-25--What food is sold more at this time of year than any other?  Pie!

K-Quiz for the week of September 18th

  • 9-22---the average child will do what nearly 700 times by their 10th birthday? Crayons!
  • 9-21--16% of people never do what?   Wash their car!
  • 9-20--What will you find in one out of every 20 American households?  Fish!
  • 9-19--MIT offers a certificate to undergraduates in what?  Pirating! 
  • 9-18--What is sold every 12 seconds?   Cheeseburger!

K-Quiz for the week of September 11th

  • 9-15--At one time there was an effort underway to get what it’s own national holiday?   Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!
  • 9-14--What do North Korea and Cuba  have in common?   They don’t sell Coke because of sanctions and trade embargo
  • 9-13--What happens three billion times every year in the U-S?  People send Christmas cards!
  • 9-12--the average American will do what about 35-thousand times in their lifetime? Eat cookies! 
  • 9-11--26% of American households bought what last year?  Apple pie! 

K-Quiz for the week of September 5th

  • 9-8--There are about 25 people with what last name?  Clown!
  • 9-7--Americans do what more than 300-million times a day?  Eat a sandwich! 
  • 9-6--You’re more likely to what at work on a Wednesday?  Fall asleep!
  • 9-5--Americans go thru 70 million pounds every year?  Tater tots! 

K-Quiz for the week of August 28th

  • 9-1--The average American does what 90 times a year?  Eat chicken wings!
  • 8-31--Most Americans do what for an average of four days?  Diet!
  • 8-30--13% of pet owners have done what?   Let someone else name them! 
  • 8-29--37% of Americans do not do what on a daily basis? Drink coffee!
  • 8-28--What do Flossie, Racer and Scratcher have in common?  They were Santa’s reindeer!  

K-Quiz for the week of August 21st

  • 8-25--Chuck Wicks used to start every day with what?  Frosted Flakes!
  • 8-24--46% of men claim they always do what?  Put the toilet seat down! 
  • 8-23--A survey of three year old girls found most of them want to be what when they grow up?  Cinderella!  
  • 8-22--What took nearly 100 years to reach Japan?  Reese’s peanut butter cups! 
  • 8-21--Before Jean Claude Van Damme became an actor, what did he doing for a living?  Deliver pizza!

K-Quiz for the week of August 14th

  • 8-18--The average American does what 250 times a year?  Eats eggs!
  • 8-17--28% of people who order steak do what?  Get a baked potato!
  • 8-16--What has a lifespan of nearly two years?  A pillow! 

K-Quiz for week of August 7th

  • 8-7--What happens every 8 seconds in the USA? - A baby is born!
  • 8-8-- What was invented in 1963? - Smiley Face :) 
  • 8-9--What will cost Americans $5,591.00 in a lifetime? - Items you’ve lost
  • 8-10--The average person goes through 68 of what per year? - Heads of lettuce
  • 8-11--What typically lasts about 7 seconds? - A green crosswalk light

K-Quiz for week of July 31st

  • 8-4--What’s Dustin Lynch’s “go-to” food?  Cheeseburger and fries!  
  • 8-3--Dustin Lynch says his favorite smell reminds him of home!  Skunk!
  • 8-2--The average American will eat the equivalent of 25 in their lifetime?  Pigs!
  • 8-1--Brad Paisley inherited his love for what from his dad Doug?  Donuts!
  • 7-31--What do Americans eat 70 million pounds of each year?  Tater tots!

K-Quiz for week of July 24th

  • 7-28--What does Faith Hill want every year for Christmas?  A letter from “Santa” Tim!!
  • 7-27--Who was Faith Hill going to be married to in a movie?   Mel Gibson (in We Were Soldiers)!
  • 7-26--What do people say is their favorite old time candy?  Suckers!
  • 7-25--Tim McGraw says he tried what for a while, but it wasn’t for him?  Pajamas! 

K-Quiz for week of July 17th

  • 7-21--If all these items eaten by Americans in a year were put in a straight line, they would circle the earth 34 times or more?   Hamburgers!
  • 7-20--Four percent of us had what for breakfast this morning?   Pizza rolls! 
  • 7-19--Americans buy 650-million a year?  Bottles of ketchup!
  • 7-18--75% of us have tried what once and never again?  Caviar!
  • 7/17--Not the most popular emoji, it’s been used over seven million times?  Poop!

K-Quiz for week of July 10th

  • 7-14--Over 500 million pounds of what are consumed every year?  Gum!
  • 7-13--Last year, each American ate four pounds of what?   Potato chips!
  • 7-12--What will you find everywhere but Antarctica?   Corn! 
  • 7-11--People who live in 90% of American households do what?  Eat ice cream!
  • 7-10--What has become a $70-million dollar  business in the U-S?   Gummy Bears!

K-Quiz for week of July 5th

  • 7-6--For every man, woman and child the average per year is 80 pounds?  Fried chicken!  
  • 7-5--What is made up to 45,000 times an hour?   Cans of Spam!

K-Quiz for week of June 26th

  • 6-30--What do Americans do over 800 times per second?  Eat hot dogs!   
  • 6-29--Most kids want to celebrate their birthday in what way?    At McDonald’s! 
  • 6-28--13% of us have never tried what?  Twinkies! 
  • 6-27--One is one of the top three kid approved foods?   Chicken nuggets!  
  • 6-26--20% of us have done what at least once in our lives?   Played in a band! 

K-Quiz for week of June 19th

  • 6-23--The average American will do what 73-hundred times in a lifetime?  Eat eggs!
  • 6-22--Originally, there were 100 members in what family?   Smurfs!  
  • 6-21--Charles and Dave of Lady Antebellum are big fans of what?  Pringles!  
  • 6-20--The average U-S citizen will go thru 44 in a lifetime?  Cell phones!
  • 6-19--Who has close to 17-million friends on Facebook?   Garfield!

K-Quiz for week of June 12th

  • 6-16--When it comes to what, most of us prefer Dad over Mom?  learning to drive!
  • 6-12--What will you find in 87% of American kitchens? Refrigerator magnets! 

K-Quiz for week of June 5th

  • 6-9--What is made every two and a half minutes?  Milkshake!
  • 6-8--47% of people order what at Waffle House?  Omelets!
  • 6-7--Nearly 50% of Americans don’t know where what comes from?  Chocolate milk! 
  • 6-6--Americans have a 30/70% love/hate relationship with what?  Sauerkraut!
  • 6-5--What will you find in 80% of American households?  Ice cream!

K-Quiz for week of May 30th

  • 6-2--There are 27 people in the U-S with what last name?  Cookie!
  • 6-1--What do Americans do five or more times a week?  Buy candy! 
  • 5-31--Two out of 10 Americans do what every day?  Pee in the shower!!
  • 5-30--Every household has at least two?   Rolls of duct tape!

K-Quiz  for the week of May 22nd

  • 5-26--Most of us have done what already three times this week?  Eat a burger!
  • 5-25--A company in the United States makes 4.5 million a day?  Fortune cookies!
  • 5-24--What will you find in 96 countries?  Watermelon!
  • 5-23--What will make 70% of break out in tears?   Onions! 
  • 5-22--Germans do what twice as often as Americans?  Eat candy!

K-Quiz for the week of May 15th

  • 5-19--the average American can take on three a time?  Pancakes!
  • 5-18--92% of the American male population would never be caught dead in?   Panty hose!
  • 5-17--The average person goes thru three a year?  Tubes of toothpaste!
  • 5-16--14 out of every 100 kids have owned what?  Sea monkeys!
  • 5-15--Last year, Americans ate 4.5 billion?   Tacos! 

K-Quiz for the week of May 8th

  • 5-12--What’s the #1 gift Mother’s want on Mother’s Day?  A phone call!
  • 5-11--33% of people have never done what?  Flown on an airplane!  
  • 5-10--Lady Antebellum has a shared love of what?  Pizza!
  • 5-9--What takes an hour from beginning to end?   Oreo cookie!
  • 5-8--In a recent survey, 65% of Americans think what should be the “national food?”  Bacon!!!

K-Quiz for the week of May 1st

  • 5-5--50% of Americans do what every 10 days?  Go to Taco Bell! 
  • 5-4--Luke Bryan says this is one of his hidden talents?  He can do the “dougie!” 
  • 5-3--What is one of Brett Eldredge’s favorite things to do?  Swear!
  • 5-2-- Luke Bryan says he sometimes gets a hankering for what?  Pringles! 
  • 5-1--25% of us will keep what a secret?   

K-Quiz for the week of April 24th

  • 4-28--In the U-S, you’re never more than 100 miles from what?  McDonald’s!  
  • 4-27--What happens every 90 seconds in the U-S?  Flowers are delivered!
  • 4-26--$550 million worth of what are sold in the U-S every year?  Pretzels!
  • 4-25--Seven million Americans live with what?  Heartburn! 
  • 4-24--What do people lie about most at work?   Being in a meeting!

K-Quiz for the week of April 17th

  • 4-21--What will you find outside one in every 200 American homes?  Christmas lights! 
  • 4-20--What is Dierks Bentley’s favorite movie?  “Days of Thunder!”
  • 4-19--Nine out of 10 Americans have no problem with what?  Garlic breath!
  • 4-18--What did Americans spend $500 million on last year?  Twinkies!
  • 4-17--What will you do about 28-thousand times in your lifetime?   Eat eggs!

K-Quiz for the week of April 10th

  • 4-14--What candy do women prefer more than men do?   Hershey kisses!
  • 4-13--Most of us do what about three times a week?  Eat a burger! 
  • 4-12--What’s for dinner in 45% of American households tonight?  Grilled cheese!
  • 4-11--Americans spent $18-billion last year on what? Deodorant!  
  • 4-10--What will you find in 2% of American households?  Rabbits!

K-Quiz for the week of April 3rd

  • 4-7--At any given point, .7% of the world’s population is what?  Drunk!
  • 4-6--Research has found that doing what makes you happy?  Eating spaghetti!
  • 4/5 -- You are likely to do this 35,000 times in your lifetime? -- Eat a cookie!
  • 4/4 -- Americans will go through 255 billion of what this year? -- Kleenex
  • 4/3 -- It’s considered bad manners to eat what with a knife and fork? -- Hot Dog

K-Quiz for the week of March 27th

  • 3/31 -- On Average what lasts 14 seconds -- A bubble
  • 3/30 -- Most will go through around 24.1 gallons of what each year? -- Milk
  • 3/29 -- You will do what around 400 times in a life time? - Cut your nails
  • 3/28 -- 21.2% of Americans use what? A Clothesline!
  • 3/27--On a daily basis, the average woman does what three times more than the average man?  Walks!

K-Quiz for the week of March 20th

  • 3-24--51% of people living in Vermont own at least one?  Cat!
  • 3-23--The average American eats 34 pounds of what a  year?   Cheese! 
  • 3-22--The guys in Lady Antebellum like to cook what?   Cookies!
  • 3-21--The average American will do what 50 times this year?  Eat a hot dog! 
  • 3-20--20% of dogs and 7% of cats do what?  Snore!

K-Quiz for the week of March 13th

  • 3-17--62% of kindergartners surveyed want what for breakfast?  Cake! 
  • 3-16--What will you find in 97% of American households?  Ketchup!
  • 3-15--What do kids mainly dream about?  Animals!
  • 3-14--26% of us purchased one last month?  Pie!
  • 3-13--24% of people have never used what?  An umbrella!

K-Quiz for the week of March 6th

  • 3-10--Chris Lane likes to occasionally indulge in what kind of sandwich?  Ham! 
  • 3-9--What’s a commonly found item in movies?  M&M’s!! 
  • 3-8--What common item is used more often by kids than adults?   Pencil!  
  • 3-7--What do 50% of Americans do every day?  Eat cereal!
  • 3-6--What happens seven times more often in New York than any other city in the U-S?  Coffee is consumed!

K-Quiz for the week of February 27th

  • 3-3--Couples fight over money, family and what?  Stealing food off each other’s plates!
  • 3-2--What happens every five minutes in the U-S?   Someone eats an orange!
  • 3-1--What is a not well known cure for a hangover?  Bacon!
  • 2-28--20% of us are guilty of doing what?  Double dipping! 
  • 2-27--Chris Lane says after a show he will occasionally indulge in what?  Chocolate chip ice cream!

K-Quiz for the week of February 20th

  • 2-21--Granger Smith is a card carrying member of what fan club?  George Strait!
  • 2-20--67% of the male population have tried what at least once?   “Dip!” 

K-Quiz for the week of February 13th

  • 2-17--last year alone, Americans spent $1.65 billion on what?  Tattoos! 
  • 2-16--what happens 350-times per second?  Someone eats pizza!
  • 2-15--Brett Eldredge and his dog Edgar enjoy what together?   Rice Krispies!
  • 2-14--$700 million dollars was spent last year on Valentine’s Day on what?  Pets!
  • 2-13--Over 18-thousand people in the U-S have what last name?   “Pancake!” 

K-Quiz for the week of February 6th

  • 2-10--The average American eats about 10 pounds of what a year?  Cereal!!!! 
  • 2-9--3% of Americans say they would rather eat pizza than do what?   Get married!
  • 2-8--Over 25-million in Britain have been injured by what?  Biscuits! 
  • 2-7--5% of us say this is the only thing that makes them feel better after a bad day?  Mac & cheese!
  • 2-6--It’s very likely you’ll do what 35,000 times in your lifetime?   Eat cookies!

K-Quiz for the week of January 30th

  • 2-3--Top 10 Super Bowl foods--chicken wings is #1, what’s #10?  Cookies!
  • 2-2--13% of Americans will do what today?  Watch “Groundhog Day!”
  • 2-1--What’s the best selling flavor of potato chips?  Barbecue!
  • 1-31--A recent survey found what animal among the top five best pets?   Chickens!
  • 1-30--42% of us will have what for dinner tonight?  Fried chicken!

K-Quiz for the week of January 23rd

  • 1-27--55% of Americans will do what this weekend?  Order pizza!
  • 1-26--After Santa Claus, who is the world’s largest distributor of toys?  McDonald’s!
  • 1-25--In the courtroom, what type of defense is based on a person’s diet?  Twinkie!
  • 1-24--What carries 18% more bacteria than a toilet handle?   Cell phone! 
  • 1-23--Worldwide, you’ll find what in 1.2 million homes?  Rabbits!

K-Quiz for the week of January 17th

  • 1-20--Most of us do what every six minutes?  Check your phone!
  • 1-19--41% of women say they dread what?  Valentine’s Day! 
  • 1-18--This industry goes thru 300-million pounds of what every year?    Cheese!
  • 1-17--There are over 400 known varieties of what out there?  Chili! 

K-Quiz for the week of January 9th

  • 1-13--What word do toddlers struggle with the most?   “Spaghetti!”
  • 1-12--Americans went thru 52-billion what last year?   Burgers!
  • 1-11--What will you find growing in every state?  Apples!
  • 1-10--25% of boys between the ages of 6 and 19 do what every day?  Eat pizza! 
  • 1-9--14% of us admit we can eat how many cookies in one sitting?  20!

K-Quiz for the week of January 3rd

  • 1-6--2.3 trillion gallons of water are used every year for what?   Showers!  
  • 1-5--273-million Americans used what last year?   Mayonnaise!
  • 1-4--2% of us do what every day?  Buy a lottery ticket!
  • 1-3--36% of us blame TV for what?   Eating!

K-Quiz for the week of December 12th

  • 12-16--A man named Patrick set the world record for eating 72 what in just over six minutes?   Cupcakes!
  • 12-15--What happens 300-million times during the holidays?   Cookies Santa eats!
  • 12-14--Kelsea Ballerini says this is her favorite movie?   "Frozen!" 
  • 12-13-- We throw away 3 billion of what every year? - Batteries
  • 12-12--During the holiday shopping season, one is sold every 28 seconds!  Legos!

K-Quiz for the week of December 5th

  • 12-9--Zac Brown was thought about doing what for a living?  Dentist!
  • 12-8--Kip Moore says when it comes to this, he can out eat anyone!   Krispy Kreme Donuts! 
  • 12-7--What was one of Keith Urban's early odd jobs?   Collecting eggs!
  • 12-6--Miranda Lambert has a big collection of what?  Salt and pepper shakers!
  • 12-5--What is one thing Kenny Chesney does not own?   A tattoo!

K-Quiz for the week of November 28th

  • 12-2--Most kids will go thru 800 what by the time they turn 10?  Crayons! 
  • 12-1--Ohioans have more what that any other state?  Speeding tickets!
  • 11-30--Americans go thru two million tons every year?  French fries!
  • 11-29--What happens 350 times per second in the U-S?    Someone eats pizza!
  • 11-28-Five percent of the population says what is their favorite food?   Broccoli!

K-Quiz for the week of November 21st

  • 11-24 & 11-25--Happy Thanksgiving!!
  • 11-23--What's the least popular food item at Thanksgiving?   Cornbread!
  • 11-22--Americans spend nearly $2 million a year on what?  Cat food!
  • 11-21--How is Cookie Monster different from the other Muppets?  He has five fingers! 

K-Quiz for the week of November 7th

  • 11-7--What's one thing Dierks Bentley is not fond of?  Ice cream!
  • 11-8--Dierks Bentley says if he could change one thing about himself, it would be what?   He'd be smarter!
  • 11-9--What happens more often on Wednesdays?  Babies are born!
  • 11-10--Cole Swindell says he's a sucker for what?  Watermelon!
  • 11-11--What does Jon Pardi look forward to most during the holidays?   Pie!

K-Quiz for the week of November 1st

  • 11-2--Antarctica the only place in the world you won’t find what? Pumpkins!
  • 11-3-- The average American goes thru 250 a year? Eggs!
  • 11-4--What do we do 300 million times every day?  Eat a sandwich!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 24th

  • 10-24--What will Americans do 52 million times this year? Make a pumpkin pie!
  • 10-25--There are 11 people in the White Pages with what last name? Donut!
  • 10-26--87% of us always have what in our homes? Ice cream! 
  • 10-27--We usually go thru 23 pounds of what per person every year? Cheese! 
  • 10-28--What are we more likely to do during the weekday than on the weekend? Eat bacon!

K-Quiz for the week of October 17th

  • 10-17 - 62% of us do what at least once a week? Eat pizza!
  • 10-18 - 46% of Americans have two? Pumpkins!
  • 10-19 - 22% of us don't like what with our burgers?   Buns!
  • 10/20--Most people are afraid of public speaking first, what's second?   Heights! 
  • 10-21--What do couples argue about what the most?  What to eat!!  

K-Quiz for the week of October 10th

  • 10-14 - What influenced Easton Corbin to have a country music career? Hee Haw!
  • 10-12 -  Before she became a singer, Carrie worked in a pizzeria, a vet clinic and where? A zoo!
  • 10-11 - What is Carrie Underwood’s favorite movie? “Friday the 13th!”
  • 10-10 - What’s the first thing Carrie Underwood must do every day? Make her bed!
  • 7/7--34% of us do what every day? Eat pancakes!

K-Quiz for the week of October 3rd

  • 10-7 - What is Kelsea Ballerini’s favorite emoji? The salsa dancer!
  • 10-6 - All of Thomas Rhett’s friends told him he was too young to get married at 22, except who? Luke Bryan!
  • 10-5 - What does Thomas Rhett say is his greatest weakness? Steak and shake!
  • 10-4 - Willie Nelson once did a TV commercial for what? Taco Bell!
  • 10-3 - Thomas Rhett says what is one thing he will never do? Dancing with the Stars!

K-Quiz for the week of September 27th

  • 9-30 - Who wears shoes sized 29 EEE? Ronald McDonald!
  • 9/29 - the average American spends $1100 a year on what? Coffee!
  • 9/28 - What is the least favorite car color? Green!
  • 9-27 - The average person will own six of what in a lifetime? Laundry Baskets

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